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"Bella get the door!" Charlie commanded as he rushed off to get his badge on.

I groaned. Of course, the "War Hero's" were here. The whole town had been going crazy over the return of Emmett and Edward Cullen and Jasper Hale. I hadn't. I'd gotten just about my fill of the girl's in the town going on about their little fantasies about the supposedly stunningly handsome men. I didn't get why they were all so obsessive, as far as I knew Emmett and Jasper had been taken by the same girls since before they left for war ten months ago and Edward just didn't date.

I wasn't the type of girl who was going to fluff her hair and check her makeup before opening the door to three handsome strangers. I planned to show up as is – without any makeup– and tell them where the food was then turn and trop over my feet as I went back to the kitchen. Sometimes I hated Charlie's job for putting me up to this kind of torture.

I casually pulled the door open the moment Charlie swung around so he was across from the door. He stood with such a ridiculous look on his face that my cheeks reddened immediately. I tried not to think about him as I turned back to welcome the three man and stopped short.

They all wore black pants and long sleeved white dress shirts, the outfit complimenting their snowy white complections beautifully. I was too baffled to wonder why they hadn't worn their dress blues. The one to my left had dark brown curly hair, light blue eyes and an extremely muscular build, I could have mistaken him for a body builder. Standing next to him was a beautiful blonde girl who looked through me with sharp eyes. The next man was tall and lanky, though still very muscular, with curvy scars all along his arms and neck and shaggy blonde hair. A petite girl with the same pale complection and short black spiky hair beamed back at me from his side. My eyes met the exotic emeralds of the pale man at the end and I looked down. I'd never seen green eyes so clear and rich before, they had always seemed so foggy.

I could feel the blood coloring my face as I motioned for them to enter. Charlie quickly took over for me as I tried to make my escape to the kitchen. "Welcome to the Swan Residence!" Charlie greeted them heartedly, shaking everyone's hand with both of his. "This is my daughter, Bella. She was the one who cooked for us tonight."

I suppressed a groan as I reluctantly turned to be introduced. I'd told Charlie not to bother with introducing me. The only reason they'd care to know my name is if they'd ever end up driving me to the ER because I feel in front of them. I waved halfheartedly, fresh blood burning my cheeks. "Hi."

"Emmett," the muscular brunette pointed to himself. He didn't bother being formal as he pointed to the rest and announced their names. "Rosalie," the beautiful blonde girl. "Jasper," the tall blonde man. "Alice," the small, spiky haired girl. "Edward." I nodded at each of them politely, carefully avoiding meeting Edward's gaze again. I already had enough color in my cheeks.

"Well," Charlie said, clapping his hands dismissively. "Let's dig in, shall we?" The group of five murmured in agreement and they followed Charlie into the living room, the only room in the house that could comfortably fit more then three people at once. I brought them dinner, managing to do so without stumbling only to trip on my way back towards the kitchen. Emmett burst out laughing as I blushed deep scarlet, but otherwise no one cared.

I ate alone in the kitchen, a thing I'd done often over the past year I'd lived here in Forks with Charlie. The senior class had just been let out and my college semester didn't started until the 25th of September. I was pleased to have over a good three months of relaxation. This was until I heard that the wonderful "War Heros" were returning home and Charlie, as Deputy Chief, had half willingly volunteered to put himself in charge of everything that had to do with hospitality. By doing so, I'd been unwillingly dragged into it all.

I pulled from my reverie as I heard someone walking into the kitchen. I looked up from the food I'd been prodding at to see Edward's pale face across the island from mine. He only paused for a second before his face was replaced with bronze hair as he turned his head and continued walking until he reached the sink where he dropped the dishes he'd been carrying.

"You can just leave em, I got it." I assured him, dumping my own neglected food into the garbage and, filling the sink with hot soupy water, I added them to the growing pile. He hesitated a second before simply leaving. I turned and watched him leave. He walked with a straight, dignified posture and lengthened strides. My face pulled into a scowl in response to his rudeness. Apparently I didn't even deserve an "okay".