Title: One Shining Moment
Author: Kate's Master, aka Emma
Summery: Rose, Jack, Martha, Sarah Jane and Donna during and after Journey's End, because they all deserved more. A "missing moments" collection. Last up: of Donna and Brilliance
Disclaimer: BBC Bristol isn't anywhere near as exciting as BBC Cardiff, and even then I only get to walk past the front entrance every day. Nothing you recognise is mine.

Authors Notes: Hahahaha. Opps. I've actually had this finished for a while, but I just never quite got round to updating it. To give you an idea of how long this has been sitting on my hard drive, this completely ignores both the three most recent Doctor Who specials and the entire of Children of Earth. So Ianto's still alive, Jack's not all mopey and depressed, the Doctor's not on some crazed power spree, and Martha and Mickey aren't married.

"D'you think he'll come?"

Jack glanced down at the dark haired woman standing beside him. Martha was scanning the street around them, looking for the familiar flash of brown, a mixture of hope and resignation on her face.

"He better. I told him. Place, date, and if he didn't turn up then there will be hell to pay."

"Yeah, but this is the Doctor. He can be aiming for twenty-first centaury London and end up in thirty-first centaury New York."

Jack grinned. "I wouldn't blame him. Great place to be. Fantastic people."

Martha shook her head fondly. "I'm not going to ask you the expand on that."

"You should! It's a good story."

Martha was saved from having to reply by a tall figure appearing among the crowds, looking up and down the busy street.

"Doctor!" she cried, running from Jacks side, dodging people and traffic and throwing her arms around the Time Lord. "You came!"

The Doctor hugged her back, lifting the shorter woman off her feet before setting her back on the pavement and taking a step back.

"Martha Jones." He smiled fondly. "I should have known."

Martha laughed. "Milligan, now, Doctor, you know that."

"Yeees, I suppose…" he agreed slowly. "But Martha Milligan just doesn't have the same ring to it. You'll always be Martha Jones to me."

Martha shook her head in fond amusement, looping one arm though his and leading him over to where Jack was waiting.

"Hey, Doc, you came!" Jack drawled with a grin.

"Why does everyone seem so surprised to see me? You told me to be here."

"Yeah, but your track record sort of speaks for itself. Right time and right place, Doctor? That's got to be a first."

"Oi! I'd like to see you try and fly a Tardis on your own. But what was so urgent, anyway? I'm assuming the lack of saluting UNIT soldiers and Jack's collection of Welsh nationals means there's not some sort of invasion going on?"

"Not that we know of." agreed Martha, still smiling.

"So what?"

"Come off the road." said Jack, a touch of anxiety in his voice as he glanced at his watch. "We need to be out of sight. And then you'll see."

"Because you see, Doctor," explained Martha, "after you told us about Donna, we decided…well, someone should keep an eye on her. Just in case."

The Doctor had frozen at the mention of Donnas name, staring straight ahead with an unpleasant expression on his face.

"And before you start shouting," added Jack quickly, "Just think for a moment. We're not stupid. None of us have had direct contact with her, not even with her family. Ianto set up a computer system in the Hub, just to keep track of what she's up to, and that super-computer of Sarah-Jane's has been doing the same."

The Doctor swallowed hard.

"Thank you," he said at last. "That's…you shouldn't…"

"Yes, we should." countered Jack. "Donna Noble saved the world. The least we can do is make sure she's safe and happy."

"Which brings us back to here." finished Martha with a wide smile.

"Which is what, exactly?"

"Patience, Doctor." grinned Jack. "It'll do you good."

Luckily, they didn't have long to wait. Barely a minute had passed before the doors of the large building on the opposite side of the road burst open, and a crowd of smartly dressed people poured out.

And then, in the middle of them all, he saw her. Loud and laughing, the sun glinting off red hair and white dress as she clung to the arm of dark-haired, beaming man standing next to her.

"His name's Lee." said Jack quietly. "He's a librarian. It was a bit odd, really. We tried to do a background check when they first started going out. He just appeared in the middle of Chiswick one day about eighteen months ago. And according to every record we could get our hands on – and believe me, there aren't any we can't – he didn't exist before then. I'd have said he fell through the rift, but we checked. No rift energy, and no spikes on the day he turned up."

"But he's a good man." interrupted Martha, the conversation getting too technical for her liking. "I went in and had a chat to him. Just opening a library account, you know, friendly customer. He doesn't speak much – bit of a stutter – but he thinks the world of Donna. And she loves him."

The Doctors eyes were fixed Donna.

"Her perfect man," he said softly with a smile. "Gorgeous. Adores her. Can hardly ever speak a word."

"Doctor?" Jack frowned, concern in his voice, and, after another moments silent staring, the Time Lord turned to grin at him, all traces of melancholy reminiscence gone from his face.

"Nothing. Just…nothing. But this…this is wonderful."

"He's been good for her." nodded Jack. "Persuaded her to do an Open University course. She's not a temp anymore. And he helps her remember there's a world going on around her. He saw the same brilliance in her that you did. Not the same, of course, but…"

"But enough." finished the Doctor. "It's enough. She's happy and safe and brilliant. That'll do."

They didn't speak again; just stood in the shadows and watched the group outside the registry office, laughing chaos and shining happiness. For some things, there are not words.

When you run with the Doctor, it feels like it'll never end. But however hard you try you can't run forever. Everybody knows that everybody dies and nobody knows it like the Doctor. But I do think that all the skies of all the worlds might just turn dark if he ever for one moment, accepts it.

Everybody knows that everybody dies. But not every day. Some days are special. Some days are so, so blessed. Some days, nobody dies at all. Now and then, Every once in a very long while, every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair and the Doctor comes to call, everybody lives.

There. Finished. A year and a half after the episode aired, but never mind.

The man Donna was marrying, Lee, was the guy from the Library two-parter with River Song – the one she married in her dream. My theory has always been that when, at the end, he was standing on the teleport and tried to shout "Donna", the teleport interperated that as his intended destination. So it sent him to where Donna would be. (If you listen carefully during the episdoe, you can hear the machine saying "please step onto the teleport and state your intended destination", or words to that effect).

The the last two paragraphs, in italics, were from the same episode, and therefore obviously no writen by me. It seemed a fitting summary of this chapter, the story as a whole and, indeed, the entirity of David Tennents reign as Doctor. It's also one of my favourite quotes from the series. So there we go.