Chapter 1: Sophomore Year

All is quiet in Tokyo City. Today, school starts. In North High School, as kids are rushing through the hallways. Among those kids was Momoko. She walked through the hallway, tangerine-orange hair sweeping side to side. The hair was grown up to her knees, and it followed her through the hallways. She clutched her pink binder- decorated with hearts and pictures of her two best friends, Miyako and Kaoru. No one noticed the tall girl walk up to the left doors of the cafeteria and stop abruptly.

Where is Miyako? And Kaoru? She thought to herself. After waiting for about a minute, she reached down to fix the cuffs of her neon-pink boots.

"Oi, Momoko!" a familiar voice shouted from the hallway. Momoko looked up, her strawberry-pink eyes peeking from behind her orange bangs. Kaoru raced towards her, her blue-black hair in its messy, usual self. Kaoru had grown taller-- to the height of Momoko. Kaoru was wearing an all-new college soccer sweatshirt, grey with a green and white soccer ball on it. She had deep blue skinny jeans on, with green converses. All in all, the outfit matched her emerald eyes. "What's up Momoko? Where's Miyako?"

Momoko was shocked at how gorgeous her friend looked, while still being tomboyish and sporty. "Wow Kaoru! You're so tall now!" she said.

"Yeah, yeah." Kaoru said indifferently. "You sound like my grandmother. It's only been two months, not two years, since we last saw each other. You're pretty tall yourself, though."

"Thanks Kaoru." Momoko smiled at the compliment. "But it has been two years since we first met." Before Kaoru could respond, a gentle voice called from the end of the hallway.

"Momoko! Kaoru!" Miyako ran towards the girls, almost tripping over her new boots over clumsiness. Her blonde curls, up to her shoulders, bounced up and down as she ran. As Miyako approached Momoko and Kaoru, the PowerPuff Girls Z were reunited again.

Momoko was overjoyed that they had the same homeroom. The three girls walked into a room with students communicating with each other, and a smiling teacher at the chalkboard. On the chalkboard it said,

Ms. Beane


Room 284

The three girls ran to three adjacent seats in the back.

"Let's sit here." Miyako said cheerfully. Over her short blue dress she wore her PPGZ belt as a fashion accessory.

"Yeah," said Momoko. "We need to make sure no one sees out belts flash." She looked down at her belt, which was turned around backwards to look like a real belt.

"Ha. I don't need to worry about that," said Kaoru. "Mine is hidden by my sweatshirt." Momoko stuck out her tongue at Kaoru and Miyako laughed. The girls took their seats as their teacher walked in the room.

"Class, today we have new students. They just transferred today, and were not here last year. Please welcome them to our school." The teacher said, with a gentle, yet high-pitched voice. The new students, three boys walked in. One with a red cap on backwards, with tufts of orange hair peeking out. One was blonde, his hair resembling Miyako's. And one had midnight blue hair behind his head in a short ponytail. As they walked in, Momoko, Kaoru, and Miyako made eye contact and gasped.

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