You Could Be Mine

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So, it wasn't the seeing her again that did him in that night. No, it was definitely not the seeing her again. You see, he enjoyed seeing her. And over the past year, his missions became easier if he could catch a glimpse of her. And he did. Often. She was almost constantly at his side and when she wasn't, she was nearby, defending him or providing backup he'd never asked for. Of course, they'd apparently decided that it was unnecessary to ask for help anymore.

However, the provided help wasn't what he looked forward to. No, he looked forward to seeing her. Whether she was in a stunning gown or a tactical uniform actually designed for the mission, he looked forward to seeing her. Many people would call him pathetic but he didn't care. Six years was long enough to wait. Now, he only had to wait a day to see her. Of course, that was thinking that she was single.

Idiot, he berated himself as he stood on the edge of the lake. You would never be so lucky.

Brushing his ash blond hair out of his face, he caught sight of himself in the foggy water of the lake. His reflection looked haggard and upset over something, reflecting both the physical and mental aspects of the real man. Leon laughed at the bitter irony of the situation, startling some birds that'd been resting nearby. The icy cold was beginning to get to him.

He heard the team calling his name, almost like children calling for their mother after a bully picks on them. But unlike a mother, Leon kept his mouth shut and looked back out over the lake. The mission had been shit since the beginning, when half of his team had been annihilated by the infected monsters of the town.

Should've known something like that would happen. Of course, I didn't look ahead. Never did, never will… he thought angrily, his ice blue eyes focused on a distant object from where he stood. A boat, he realized.

He glanced to his left, noticing a small path that followed the edge of the cliff that would take him to the boat. He decided that would be the easiest way to get over there. If he could just plant the damned bombs and get the team out of here, he could deal with his emotional problems at home.

Just can't accept the fact that little Miss Wong could settle down with somebody not you, can you Kennedy?

---3 Hours Ago---

The mission was going to hell and fast. Leon stopped and turned 180 degrees to shot at some of the attacking creatures. The creatures, some kind of lizard-like creature called a Hunter, had already taken down half of his team without even trying. And these were well trained men and women dedicated to destroying bio-weapons used to terrorize countries like the one they were in.

The agent pulled the trigger three times, catching one in the head and another in the shoulder and torso. Bright red blood sprayed from the wounds, taking the creatures down if only for a few minutes. Jeremy, the second in command of the operation, opened fire as well, his standard issue USP45CT popping off rounds as fast as possible.

"Shit, there's too many of them!" Elisa called from where she and two others stood. True, the Hunters had all but surrounded them. Leon and his team were pinned between the creatures and the featureless barn that had no windows or doors for some reason. It was almost like Fate was laughing at them by offering the safe haven with no way into it.

However, right before the creatures could kill the rest of them, the familiar sound of a rifle crack split the air and the Hunter closest to Leon collapsed, its head a mush of brain and bone. Several more cracks sounded off, taking down the monsters closest to the team. The rest of the Hunters ran off, deciding on the flight idea instead of staying and fighting their hidden attackers.

"Thought you guys could use some help," a male voice called out. Dark shapes exited the thin wood surrounding the houses and the barn that acted as the town. "Seemed like you were in a bit of a predicament. Thought you special forces types weren't supposed to be stopped or threatened by anything," the man cockily stated. He was clad in a black tactical uniform and he looked to be in his late twenties to early thirties. His dark brown hair was about an inch in length and cut in a army style crew cut.

"We ain't Special Forces, dipshit," Elisa snarled. Leon held up a hand, beconing for silence.

"And who do we have to thank?" the blond agent asked, watching the new man. He didn't trust anybody who just randomly walked out of the forest unless it was the woman who'd haunted his nightmares for six years.

The man held his hand out to Leon, apparently expecting a warm hello from the other team leader. Leon accepted the handshake as the brown haired man said, "Jehan Mik. I'm part of a special task force in the United States military. We were sent in by the President himself."

"We?" Jeremy asked glancing at the other forms. There were about six of them total. "You know, I've never heard of any special task force. And the President would've said something if he was sending somebody in other than us."

"Maybe he did and you just didn't listen carefully enough," Jehan said. Leon looked at him bitterly.

"Maybe he didn't and you're just not telling the truth," the agent snarled. Jehan looked surprised until two more people jogged up, one of which was extremely familiar to Leon.

Ada Wong looked as she always did, calm and in control. But her eyes landed on Leon and widened. Not really in shock though. In something else. Something Leon didn't think he wanted to know.

"Uh, Jehan, the area is clear. And it's getting colder out here. It's going to be dangerous to stay out here much longer," the man that had jogged up with Ada told the dark haired man that Leon had been speaking to.

"Then we should start back to the ship," Jehan said, before turning to look at Leon and his team. "You're all welcome to join us."

The "Special Task Force" started away and Leon felt his team crowding around. All they wanted to do was go home and be with their families. They'd seen their comrades torn to pieces today and Leon believed that was a pretty good reason to go home. But not with Jehan and his team. Not with somebody Leon didn't know or trust.

"Leon," Ada said, her sultry voice catching his attention immediately. Jeremy led the team in the opposite direction, taking them towards their own rendevous point. The blond man was grateful for his second-in-commands actions. "Don't be foolish just because you don't trust us," she continued after Leon's team had left.

"Don't trust you?" Leon scoffed, really glad nobody was around. "I've trusted you for the last year. What's going to change, Ada?"

Shock flickered across her face but it was gone before it made much of a difference. She said, "Nothing then. But you're going to be stubborn and not come with us. You'll get yourself and your team killed. Or worse."

"That's what we're here for. As long as the virus threat is stopped, we have been successful. Our lives do not matter," Leon replied automatically. He subconciously noticed that the Eurasian beauty before him wasn't wearing gloves, which was odd considering the weather.

Ada shook her head in disbelief and slid her left hand through her raven hair. And that's when he saw it. Even though the sun was going down, it managed to flash onto her left ring finger, showing off a small diamond attached to a metal band. And Leon felt like his entire world had just collapsed onto his head and was slowly crushing him.

Should've known! A woman like her would never stay single! And why would she want some idiot like me? Some rookie cop who followed her like an obedient puppy trying to please.

He snapped his gaze away from the ring as Jehan returned. The other man wrapped an arm around Ada's shoulders and spoke to her quietly. And Leon felt jealously and rage mixing in him, forming a deadly bundle of emotions that he wasn't certain he could control.

"You coming with us?" Jehan suddenly asked. Leon glanced at him, before he looked back at Ada, who apparently realized he'd seen her ring since she ducked her hand behind her back and stepped out of Jehan's grip. Or at least tried to. But Jehan gripped her tight enough that she couldn't move.



The boat was quite similar to the little thing he'd used to battle Del Lago in Spain so he almost felt at home with it when he climbed in. Of course, he also searched the lake for the creature, even though they weren't in Spain. It was one of his many paranoias.

Leon looked at where he'd be going in the boat, across the lake. There was a small cave that would take him underneath the village. He would plant the bombs he had with him underneath the village and send it to a watery grave. The human survivors of the village had been evactuated and Leon was to finish the job. Even if that meant going up in the flaming destruction that would soon encompass the village.

The agent had enough small packets of C4 on him to bring down a massive building. His superiors had ordered him to fill his vest pockets with C4 and blow up the village when his team evacuated the survivors.

He started the boat quickly with one swift movement and started across the lake, listening to the water lap against he wood that served as the boat's bottom. The bird's he'd scared earlier had settled into their previous positions and he wondered if they would escape. Probably. Only humans were stupid enough to face the ultimate destruction that was going to be formed by the C4 he carried on him.

The cliff that served as the cave's roof spread a shadow across the lake and Leon soon found himself in it. The water changed from a dull gray to a pitch black rather quickly and the agent couldn't help but feel unease at the sudden darkness. Darkness always made him feel uneasy and he always went on guard in darkness. And now was no different.

Leon entered the cave calmly, killling the engine about halfway through it. He was underneath the village now and he would be exacting his 'revenge' on those that had murdered his team.

For those who won't be returning home…

Placing the small pieces of white C4 into the cracks in the wall, Leon bitterly smiled to himself. Ada's apparent engagement had been the icing on the cake. Now he really didn't have anything to look forward to. Pipe dreams or not, Leon had looked forward to possibly being Ada's groom. Not some dumbshit from a made up special forces unit.

For Matthew Jennik, who will never see his wife and sister again. Good man. Loved his family and was utterly devoted.

He pulled the detonater out of his pocket. They were controlled by tiny microchips, so he could be out of the cave and a safe distance away before he had to blow it up. But Leon Kennedy didn't plan on leaving the cave.

For Emily Michaels, who will never go home to her grandmother and her mother. Poor kid. She was the youngest of us.

He double checked the C4 and snapped a couple grenades off his belt. He'd pull the pins of the grenades before he detonated the C4. Might as well have some type of assurance that the Hunters and whatever else roamed the village would be killed.

For Tyler Romfiel, who just got engaged to a lovely lady back home. Poor guy will never even get to see her in a wedding dress.

Leon sat back in the boat, satisfied with his work. With the way the explosives were set up, the village would plummet to a watery grave. Any of the creatures that survived would be crushed by the destroyed houses and other rubble caused by the explosion.

For Alec Paller, who raised his son all on his own after his wife succombed to cancer. Proper man. Treated us all like we were true heroes.

Leon lowered his gaze to the detonater in his hands. He would soon press the button on it. And then he, along with the village, would go up in an explosion that would be noticed by the surrounding villages. The ground would shake for a few minutes as the cave filled up with rubble and bodies and then everything would return to normal, as if he hadn't just destroyed what had once been a kind village.

And to me. For having nothing but pipe dreams. And for Ada, I guess.

He felt his thumb hover over the button but he couldn't press it. Because he kept seeing her face, pale and covered in blood as she whispered words that had kept him awake for years. Then he saw her, in a crimson cocktail dress, looking at him with concerned eyes after he attacked her. And finally he saw her when they met in the village, when he'd seen the ring.

…I can't do it…

He reached out and tugged the pins out of the grenades and pressed the button on the detonater before falling out of the boat and into the freezing lake. The world was black for about a minute and then an explosive light followed by a blackness Leon knew too well.

---Unknown Amount of Time Later---

"Be quiet Leon. I'll patch you up."

"Come on… You have to wake up."

"'ll be in danger if you stay with me. I know I've only known you for a short period of time, but I really enjoy being with you."

"Leon? Please wake up… We can't lose you too…"

"I know I'm not capable of caring about anyone, but I don't want to lose you."

"Shit, is he even breathing?!"

"Leon...please... Escape..."

"Give him some room! He needs room, you morons!"

"I'm just a woman who fell in love with you, nothing more."

"I think he's coming through!"

"Here, use this!"

Leon coughed violently, rolling onto his side in an attempt to lessen the pain that was running up and down his body. He felt several hands helping him stay on his side. His chest heaved as he inhaled the salty air. He guessed they were at sea, meaning he hadn't been killed in the explosion that had claimed the village.

"Thank God, Leon," Elisa said, looking at the blond agent. She looked panicked.

"You okay, sir?" Victor asked from Leon's side. The agent nodded weakly, hoping they would leave him alone now. He hated being cluttered by people.

"Can you sit up?" Jeremy asked. Leon lifted himself into a sitting position. Looking around, the blond realized they weren't on the ship they'd arrived on. He had a bad feeling that this was Jehan's ship.

"Oh, look, Sleeping Beauty is awake," the obnoxious voice of Jehan laughed suddenly. Leon clenched his jaw bitterly and looked up to see the other man walking up with a cocky grin on his lips. "We were beginning to fear that you wouldn't wake up and we'd have a body to throw overboard."

Ada just happened to walk onto the deck as she said that and Leon noticed the look of hatred that flashed across her face suddenly. He wanted to take comfort in the fact that she didn't like what her fiancee just said. But that was just it. Jehan was Ada's fiancee. Leon was just some guy.

"I'm fine," Leon coughed as he stood. His team followed suit but he shook his head at them. "Med-room?"

"Ada will take you there," Jehan offered. Ada's eyes landed on Leon's and he just nodded in response. She vanished into the ship and Leon followed, a fresh burst of pain running through him with each step.

They walked down a featureless hallway with grey walls and no doors. When they finally made it to a door, it was on the right side of the hall and it had a large red cross on it. Ada opened the door and entered the room, through which Leon followed of course. He shut the door behind him and leaned against the wall next to it. Ada started to grab items off of tables and when she turned to face him, he couldn't help but notice that she was wearing a crimson tank top and tight black jeans. He shook his head to clear his thoughts.

Ada stopped in front of Leon and looked up at him, almost as if she was examining him. That's when the agent realized something.

He and Ada were in a room. It was isolated from the deck and it was unlikely that anybody would come looking for them. They didn't know each other, after all. And it was just him and her. Together. In a room. Alone.