Cynthia x Galatea Epilogue to Your Holiness

It had only been three days and three nights since I had met Galatea, a former Number Three of the Organization. As a Number Three, she had been amongst the most formidable of our generation. After having abandoned the Organization, she had become a Sister at a church in Rabona, hiding from her pursuers and trying to live a normal life. And it was there, at the footsteps of her damaged church, where I fell in love with her.

Everything happened rather quickly – from my healing her arm to her blessing me in her church. From our impropriety there to our midnight embrace. From our tribulations against Dante to…


I can't keep track completely of how my healing her arm would lead to our lovemaking out in the middle of a lake, where we had been bathing in. I blush even when I think about it now. Worse still, we were seen; caught by my best friend Tabitha. I had snapped at her, and although I regretted what I had done in the heat of the moment, the indignation of having Galatea's warmth stolen from my body because of her interruption remained.

Within a week, I had given my heart to a woman I hadn't known for years.

Three days and three nights huh, Cynthia? You really didn't hold back, did you?


It was, by anyone's guess, past midnight, and dead quiet. Stumbling around the forest near the campfire and the loch, I had been trying to find Galatea, after she had left the lake coldly, without even speaking to me.

I only wanted Galatea; I only wanted to stay with her.

It had taken me a long while to catch up with her. My clothes were still damp from my hurriedly pulling them on after emerging from the lake. After several minutes of anxious searching, I finally found her sitting underneath a large tree. She had wiped herself dry and was in a fresh batch of her sacred garments, silently toying with the pendant that lay on her chest.

I smiled and sat beside her. She didn't even acknowledge me, as if she were too busy sulking. "Sister?" I inquired, hiding my nervousness and putting on a humourous front, hoping to tempt her into replying with something witty. I sidled up to her, until I was comfortably snug against her body. "Won't you talk to me?"

But she merely sneered. "A curious-minded friend you have there," she muttered. "Were I not a good clean nun, I would have called her an interfering little brat…"

"I'm sorry," I mumbled, taking her hand. It felt freezing. Wasn't she cold? "I don't want anyone else to know either…"

"I didn't mean that," she interrupted. I stopped, inviting her continue. "I… " For a few seconds, Galatea had closed her eyes, her voice frustrated and disappointed. "I didn't want it… to stop." A wistful smile appeared on her face. "It had been so splendid…"

I blushed, the incident with Tabitha receding slightly from my thoughts. "It was wonderful for me, too…" I suddenly grinned, the fresh memory of the sensations I shared with her passing through me again. The tender, passionate, hotly moist feel of our wet bodies against each other. Our fiery passions meeting amidst the coolness of a tranquil loch. It was seared into my memory, like her lover's bite that still remained on my shoulder. Despite Galatea having nearly lost her life earlier during this tiring day, our bond had only strengthened beyond my wildest fantasies, and for that, I wondered if I should start praying to the god Galatea worshipped too.

I was now lying on the ground, the grassblades wet from morning dew. I had my head on her lap, and she was stroking my hair, playing with my two tails as I made myself comfortable. I wasn't sure if she was the kind of person to admit these things, but I felt that her hands were doting, adoring, and above all, grateful. And I felt grateful too. I felt so safe with her, so utterly contented.

I wouldn't want for anything else in this difficult world.

"You haven't left my side for three days now. Despite these scars of mine, and these unseeing eyes, you continue to stay… to stay with me," said Galatea softly. Her grip on my hand tightened slightly. "You know I am not optimistic about our campaign against the Organization. But I followed Miria because I wanted to keep you with me."

"I wanted you to come," I replied, smiling up at her. "So when you asked me to take care of you this morning, I took that to heart. Because… I've always admired you, ever since I met you." I felt my eyelids were growing heavy as her soft, comforting fingers began to work its lullaby magic. "It wasn't lust that overtook me at your church… I believe it was something stronger."

I was unable to keep my eyes open, although I could still hear her warm voice. "I'm glad you came to me, that day in Rabona. For all that you have done for me, I thank you. Thank you… so very much."

"…I love you, dearest Galatea." And with that sleepy, honest confession, I fell asleep on her lap, and she against the tree.

Despite everything that had happened, I felt as if a dead weight had been lifted off me. I slumbered dreamlessly that night.

I knew that whatever tribulations my friends and I would endure in the future, I would gladly risk my life for my great love.

Her Holiness, my Galatea.


The sunlight of the fresh morning greeted me as I heard the singing of larks. My eyes slowly opened. I stirred, and opened my eyes to see Galatea's smiling countenance gazing down at me, her long, flowing hair brushing by my face. "Hey," came her quiet voice. "The others will be going soon. We should follow."

"Mmm," I mumbled incoherently, smiling mischievously and refusing to budge.

"Oi. My legs are getting cramped because of you. They are going to a city, down south. Will you not follow them?"

"Of course I will." I raised my hands and rubbed my eyes. "How did you know?"

"They paid a visit to us just a short while ago, while you were still snoring away. I had to deal with them, you know."

I started out of my grogginess, suddenly nervous. I raised myself off her lap. "Who came?"

Galatea smiled wryly, as if she expected me to react like that. "Helen."

I felt my insides shrivel.

"Don't worry about that," said Galatea gently, helping my sleepy body up while standing herself. As I steadied myself, she took hold of me by my waist, pulling me close. "You should worry about that later. Helen told me that we're going to a city called Darene. So – "

"Darene?" I blinked, remembering from the memory of old friends' information that it was a large city. "How far is it from this forest?"

"An hour. Miria needs us to be ready immediately. Don't worry," she reassured me, reading my mind. "We'll find some way to deal with Helen and Tabitha. But we have far more important things to worry about." Her face turned serious. "I foresee great danger in the near future, and I don't think I need to remind you of the Awakened Ones, as well as the Organization's agents, that are pursuing us. We must take care, not just for ourselves, but for your friends. Heed my words, Cynthia; don't forget them."

I nodded obediently, sharing an affirming kiss with her.

Galatea looked out between the trees, towards the radiant morning star. "I think it's about time," she concluded, her voice a sigh. "Let's go."

To be Continued (in another story =P)