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Teaser: The beautiful city of Tokyo lies in ruins. Ami says its
Lita and Nephrite's fault, they maintain that its Zoicite's fault
and Zoicite says that... Well to form your own opinions read on to
learn how a blind date and four little words destroyed a city.
'I double dare you...'

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*I Double Dare You~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

The red sun shone bleakly on what was left of Tokyo.
Buildings smoldered as they quietly burned while all once proud sky
scrappers fell crookedly into the still streets. The dust choked wind
swirled around the demolished city as residents emerged from their
homes. It should probably be noted that they were blue, bright blue,
a truly startling shade that caught the eye. The small groups warily
walked among the rubble. A stray dog ran by, making them all jump in
fear, and yes the dog was blue too.

A girl, barely a woman watched the activity that went on below
her on a picturesque hill that overlooked the decimated city. She sat
in the emerald tipped grass, her knee length school skirt tucked under
graceful legs as she typed on a small computer that was balanced
precariously on her lap. As the wind reached her it fluffed strands
of soft azure hair gently. She was beautiful, with huge sapphire eyes
that held unknown depths and stunning features. The only mar at all
was the pout that tugged at her full pink lips.

Ami typed furiously, determined to write down yesterdays
events while they were still fresh in her mind. Finally finishing she
glanced at Tokyo and sighed, exasperated, before turning her attention
back to the screen. 'The guys are going to kill me...' she thought to
herself as she scrolled back up to the top of the screen. She quietly
began to read her story to herself to make sure it was accurate, not
that anyone would ever believe it, but it was more for her own sanity
since she really didn't believe it herself.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~'My Blind Date'~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I, Ami Mizuno, would like it thoroughly documented and noted
that this is not my fault. The events which occurred over the last two
days are too fantastic to contribute to one person. Actually now that I
think about it its Lita fault. Blame her. After all she's the one
who set me up with that *man* on a blind date and Nephrite's the one who
told him about... never mind readers, I digress. We'll come to that part
soon enough and by then you will all agree that it really is Lita's
fault, Nephrite's, and maybe Zoicite's also.

He started it, I told him not to but did that insufferable
man listen, no! He didn't listen to one single thing I said which is
why the entire city is now rubble and its residents are blue. Opps, I
got off topic again. I have the tendency to do that when I'm angry
and most people are angry after accidentally destroying a city. Wait,
after Lita and Nephrite accidentally made me destroy the city, yeah
that's right.

Okay it all started like this...

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Chapter One~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I was running late, I believe that some of Ser-chan was
rubbing off on me, and was desperate to get to computer class, yes the
Albert Einstein school for geeks (face it people I'm a geek). It had
started ten minutes ago and I hadn't even realized it because my watch
had stopped. This was just not my day... Taking my eyes from the
sidewalk in front of me I glared balefully down at the Sailor Mercury
watch. 'Bet Sailor Moon watches don't stop...' I thought hatefully
as I continued my high-speed dash. Only to be stopped dead in my tracks,
almost literally here folks, as I smacked forehead first into a broad

With a wail that would have done Serena proud I landed with a
sound 'thunk' on my rear. And looked up into the handsome face of the
one person I would have given every point of my considerable IQ if he
would vanish off the face of the earth and go back to the Negaverse
where he belonged.

"Why Ami-chan, what a pleasant surprise! Have you shrunk or
is it just me?" Finding my voice I spat out a comeback, something
that I could never do and yet this oh so annoying man always had the
effect of bringing every negative comment I could muster to the

"Don't you dare call me Ami-chan you, you terrible man. And
if I seem smaller its only because your ego is inflating your head to
the size of a float!" Zoicite flushed as he glared at me, sculptured
lips forming a severe frown. By Mercury how I hated him.

"Watch it," he said softly, his voice dripping with venomous
promise. I clambered angrily to my feet, drawing my tattered shreds
of dignity around me (I didn't say I was turning into Serena, okay

"If you'll excuse me..." at this I put in several soft
mutterings that if he had actually heard might have got me blasted to
the Negaverse, "I have class and because of you I'm late." His
piercing green eyes narrowed as he bowed mockingly to me.

"It's my pleasure to assist you in any way possible."
Brushing past him I marched on by but as soon as I rounded the corner
I took off at a run. Did I mention did fact that I wasn't quite
around the corner when I started running? Did I also mention that
Zoicite's haughty laughter followed me all the rest of the way to
school? Did I also mention how much I hate that arrogant man?

Sitting at my desk I absently chewed at the end of my eraser
as I half way concentrated on what my teacher was saying. I didn't
feel like listening, I was already ten chapters ahead of what we were
discussing in class and this was suppose to be difficult material for
me mind you. Instead I finished the extra work I had been given
because of my tardiness after my teacher came to from fainting.
Apparently it had done something to her frail heart when I had come in
late. After all, it *had* broken one of the laws of nature...

Sighing I rested my head in my arms. Damn him. Damn him and
his little friends too. 'Great Ami,' I thought sarcastically to
myself... 'you can't even be original in your own head!' If only he
wasn't so, so proud! I didn't hold it against him that he was an ex
villain. It didn't bother me in the least that he had tried to kill
my friends and I on numerous occasions. But that he took the whole
I'm mightier than thou attitude royally pissed me off and as I rule I
don't get pissed off.

It didn't help that we were supposedly lovers, gag, in the
past. It helped less that the other three generals had paired off in
the here and now with the other scouts. Like there hadn't been
pressure enough before they had met their old 'true loves'. How could
my past Princess self like, let alone love that monstrosity?

I mentally ticked off his bad points to myself... 'Pig-headed,
vain, egotistical, presumptuous, overbearing, insolent, and all around
jerk.' Okay, okay he's a hottie also, I'll admit it, but it doesn't
change one thing. Now if he even thought about making up a nickname
for me like Darien did for Serena I'd definitely go postal. Moaning I
buried my head in my arms.

It had been a lot easier before Pluto had decided that the
generals needed to be reborn after our fight with Beryl. Yup, two
weeks and three days ago we had all died. Then we had been reborn
and Luna had performed her Luna Mind Meld on us, not because there
were monsters but because she couldn't stand limiting her conversation
to Artemis. One week, two days, glancing at my watch and cursing
before looking at the classroom clock, four hours, and ten minutes ago
Pluto had sent the generals back to be reborn along with their basic
memories. The two groups of four had been reintroduced by Pluto on
one of her rare visits to the time stream and my life had quickly gone
to pot as my friends remembered tidbits of their former lives with the
generals and started to play tonsil hockey.

Now I don't deny them their chance at happiness, hell I want
it too, but not with Zoicite, not if the galaxies themselves
threatened to rain down meteors and comets and debris. Not if the
very earth beneath us parted and the fires of the molten center of the
earth burst forth. Not if... well just not ever.


Looking up through the cloud of chalk dust I could barely make
out my teacher, a dark scowl across her features, as her foot tapped
impatiently. Sighing I touched my forehead and sure enough there was
a chalk outline of an eraser on it. That part of my body was
certainly taking a beating today...

"Miss Minuzo we do not sleep in class, is that understood."
With downcast eyes I murmured something appropriately submissive. My
teacher's eyes filled with huge tears as she sat at her desk and
proceeded to break down.

All the class could make out over her sobs was something about
how sad it was to see a good student turn bad. Sighing gustily once
more I let my forehead smack onto the desk. I figured one more
beating wouldn't hurt it and as I sat there in the small cramped class
full of geeks, chalk dust, and one hysterical teacher on Friday
afternoon I couldn't help but feel that it was all his fault. 'My

As I trudged out of class near dusk I heard my name being
frantically called by a familiar voice. Slowly turning around I
managed a small smile at Lita who was in the process of trying to
cross the busy street to reach me, as if I'd run away as soon as I saw
her. My smile slipped to one of suspicion.

Lita weaved in and out through the whizzing cars. An
occasional scream followed by an ear splitting screech floated through
the breeze as a car would stop inches from her. Finally reaching my
side she didn't say anything for a minute as she bent over, panting
heavily. Finally Lita stood straight and grinned eyes glinting in
what I later knew to be pure evil. This was going to be one of her
bright ideas and Mercury only knew what countries would fall if her
plans were actually put into motion.

"Guess what Ami, I have the greatest new! I got you a blind
date for Saturday night, tomorrow!!"


Author's Notes: Okay ya'll you might notice that I've taken liberties
with character's personalities. Ami is a little more vocal than her
normal quiet self but hay, it livens things up quite a bit!LOL Um this
is a humorous fic, or is trying to be one, and not really reality
based. This will probably be a few chapters long, not really sure yet,
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