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Rated PG-13 for some mild language

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Double Dare Epilogue~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

"Boxers of briefs, boxers of briefs..." I bit my lip but
couldn't help but snicker as I bailed Zoicite out of jail. He turned
his baleful stare on me. "You know what this is going to do to my
reputation?" My grin grew as I patted his arm and tried to act sorry
but the temptation was too much.

"Well considering the reputation you brag about to the other
generals probably wonders." His glare turned icy as we went to the
pick up window and retrieved all his valuables.

"Think of it this way," I tried to console. "You only got
your jacket off before the cops came in and its not like it was a
felony. Just a charge of attempted stripping in an unlicensed
establishment. It's not like murder or anything." The gaze turned

"Not yet," he muttered. I sniggered again and pretended not
to hear. "Do you know how embarrassing that whole experience was?"
Eyes dancing I confronted him.

"How?" I asked eagerly. The storm clouds gathering in his
face threatened to burst.

"I was searched by a five hundred pound female officer named
Butch. She gave me her phone number." My glee intensified.

"Well, see the evening wasn't a total waste!" Zoicite growled
as I chuckled.

"Where did you get the bail money anyway?" I coughed,

"Well even though you just started you'd be amazed at how much
money already had found its way to the stage..."

"You are an evil evil person Ami." I stopped to look at him.

"Remind me again who spent his second lifetime employed by the
Negaverse?" Zoicite stopped too but his gaze was curious now.

"I just don't get you," he murmured. Suddenly annoyed I

"What's to get?"

"Well you're so quiet and, geesh, nice and I think I have you
all figured out. You're fun to annoy and easy to get mad but after
tonight everything just seems different. You're gutsy! Who ever knew
you had it in you." My grin came back and, not able to resist it
Zoicite smiled also, even if it was a little strained.

"Yeah we sure painted the town red huh?" I said softly.
Zoicite's smile grew warmer and I shivered a bit but he abruptly
sobered as if he remembered who he was with. He snorted.

"I hate that saying." I nodded in agreement, for once.

"Me too. I hate the color red. I've never really told anyone
cause Rei would pound me but it so, so..."

"Gaudy?" he finished for me. I nodded.

"Yes! That's it." Eyes twinkling Zoicite laughed.

"I just thought up a dare I know you'll never win!" Piqued I
crossed my arms across my chest.

"And what might that be oh unsurpassed genius?" He bent down
until his nose touched mine.

"Paint the town blue, literally."


"Isn't this breaking and entering?" I asked plaintively as we
climbed through the open window of the chemistry lab in my high

"Well they left the window unlocked so I think it would just
be entering but I don't think that's a crime."

"What would it matter to you?" I snapped, irritated, "You
already have a record unlike some of us." Zoicite sniffed.

"Oh yes you, the perfect angel."

"Well at least you have the perfect part down." We finally
clambered through and hit the floor with two thuds.

"I'm not responding to that. Come on get to work, let's see
how good you really are."

An hour later I thought I was nearing a breakthrough when
Zoicite broke my concentration.

"Are you almost done yet?" Without looking up I answered him.

"Anyone ever tell you you're wretched?" He laughed as he sat
on an empty table.

"You tell me all the time." I sighed and went back to work.
A moment later I spoke again.

"Zoicite for Mercury's sake quit messing with the helium!"

"Why should I?" squeaked a voice several octaves higher than

"Do men ever grow up?" I snapped. Zoicite giggled.

"Not that I'm aware of, why should we? *Most* women are
content to love us the way we are." He said pointedly. I ignored him
and looked back to my work. Had I put three or four drops in
already? With a shrug I added a few more for good measure.

"I think I'm done." Zoicite swung off the table to peer at
the jar of blue powder I held.

"You really think this stuff will work?"

"How should I know? There hasn't really been a lot of studies
done in painting the town blue," I replied acidly. Zoicite peered at

"Is it that time of the month?" I looked at him shocked for a
moment before finding my wits, or more exactly my fist. Okay, okay I
know violence doesn't solve anything but darn it felt good to punch
him. Later he told me I had a wicked right hook. At the time though
he fell over and hit the switch for the high powered ventilator which
was used to suck up dangerous vapors if any accidents should happen in
the lab. From there things went wrong.

As the thing powered up Zoicite reached out and grabbed my
ankle in retaliation. He yanked. As I fell the unsealed beaker with
the powder flew up. The ventilator sucked up every speck of powder in
an instant before the beaker fell and crashed to the floor.

"Oh no," I gasped. Zoicite looked at me from his spot
underneath me.

"What do you mean oh no?" he wheezed. I looked nervously

"Well I wanted to test the stuff first. I'm not really sure
what it will do." Zoicite's eyes bulged.

"What do you mean you don't know what it will do?"

I stammered nervously. "Well I kind of im... improvised on a
couple of parts." I said weakly. He pushed me off of him and offered
me a hand up. We both stood unsteadily and looked at each other, faces

"Hay Zoicite," I finally said, breaking the silence. "I
double dare you to be the first to go outside."


Well I guess those couple of drops made a lot of difference.
The concoction was *suppose* to turn all stone work a temporary blue
that would last about a week. Instead it turned all organic things
within a radius that happened to span Tokyo a brilliant blue instead.
Now that in itself wasn't too bad, what was truly awful was the effect
it had on stones which wasn't quite as harmless. Somehow it changed
the composition of the stone itself and weakened the chemical bonds.
In other words, you know the song London Bridge is Falling Down? Well
the city of Tokyo fell down.

It was mostly the high rises and huge office buildings and
what not and since it was so late no one got more than a few bruises
or a broken bone or two since only the janitors and a few work-aholics
were still there. The houses and smaller buildings weren't strained
as much cause they were only a few stories so we didn't really destroy
the entire city. Needless to say we were mortified though and highly
afraid of what our friends were going to do to us. After all who else
could have caused such mayhem?

Although as a side note I never thought the senshi looked so
nice. Sapphire really suites them. Of course Zoicite and I
discussed it and decided to lay low since we were the only people in
the city not blue because the powder never really entered the school
but was expelled from it. Zoicite drove me home and said he'd call
me. He hasn't. At this point I could cheerfully strangle him. I
know, I know it's only been a day but still...

I never thought I'd actually have fun with that pompous air
bag but every time I close me eyes I see him, kissing a duck,
stripping, ahem attempting to strip, blushing when we said good night
at my apartment. Did he kiss me you ask dear readers? Nope, he was a
perfect gentleman. Didn't I tell you he was wretched? He can kiss
some stupid fowl but he can't even give me a peck on the cheek.

Well I think that's all. I told you it wasn't my fault. Not
really, I mean Lita and Nephrite started it and then Zoicite kept
pushing. Lita set up the date, Nephrite told Zoicite my weakness and
Zoicite... did I tell you he called me a wussie? Me! Anyway, I'm
planning on going home and watching a chick flick with my stuffed blue
platypus named Snickerdoodles. And I won't cry, I won't.


The woman frowned severely and closed her laptop as tears
began to form. She brushed them angrily away as she stood and with
her computer under her arm and trudged home. She fumbled for a moment
with the key and went inside, glad that her mother was at the
hospital, studying the effects the blue dye was having on people.

Glad to have the house to herself the girl slammed her laptop
on the counter, flung her shoes off, and stalked to her room, furious
with herself. "Don't be such a baby," she whispered stiffly to
herself, "this is the second time he's made you cry and he's not worth
it. He's not."

She opened the door to her room and stopped, cerulean eyes
wide. Her floor, her bed was drowned in a sea of blue roses and on
the middle of her bed lay a beautiful red dress. Shocked she waded to
the dress and found her answering machine on top of it, its green
light flashing insistently. With a trembling finger she pressed the
play button.

"Ami... this is Rei,"

"And Mina,"

"And Lita,"

"And Serena," Rei's voice continued...

"Now we want every *detail* of last night from you. I mean
really, turning the town blue? I'm ashamed of you!" Mina's voice
broke in.

"Me too! You haven't even called to tell us if... you
know..." Rei became exasperated.

"Mina she can't see your eyebrows wiggle over the phone!"

"Um... oh yeah..."

"Anyway Ami call us later or else!" She smiled and scratched
her head, not sure what the connection was between the room of roses
and that message. Then another voice came over the machine.

"Hello... is this thing working? Oh Ami-chan I left you a
present in your room, hope you don't mind, I know it's your *favorite*
color." She smiled through her suddenly present tears.


"Now," his wonderful voice continued, "I know that our last
date was great and all but I think we can top it, I know we can. So
I'll pick you up at eight okay? Bye." Then there was silence. Her
joy lasted all of thirty seconds before she became angry again.

How dare he assume that she'd accept? How dare he act like
she was his to command? How dare he! She'd show him, oh yes she
would. Suddenly the voice continued.

"And Ami-chan, I double dare you to come." Abruptly her rage
melted away and she chuckled, shaking her head.

She bit her lip and whirled around the room in her dress
before a thought occured to her. She dashed back to the machine
and replayed his message. A fake frown pulled at her lips and she
shook her head ruefully to banish it. She hadn't even noticed that he
called her Ami-chan. What more she didn't mind at all.

She bit her lip and dug through a pile of roses to find her
abandoned purse. She laughed gleefully as she pulled out her other
pictures, the ones the nice cops at the station had given her. She
stared at Zoicite's mug shots and her grin grew. It always paid to
have black mail fodder.

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