So Inuyasha's over and I realized the powers that be didn't re-delete my Get A Life! fic after I reuploaded it. So...let's take a chance and reupload this EXTREMELY old fic!

Written: WAY before Inuyasha made it on Adult Swim. Let's say 2002, finished on 2003, and reuploaded on 2008. It's been a while, huh?

---Trip back to nostalgia-land!---

Disclaimer: Oh, c, mon! This is a prologue! Do I have to?....fine...I'm only saying it once though...*takes in breathe*...I DON'T OWN INUYASHA!!! HAPPY?! could only dream...*sniff*...


Thou Shall Not Hate Winter


By: Snowgirl A.K.A Sasali


'Almost their ... almost there' that thought kept ringing in my head as I walked through the deserted street. The unforgivable cold wind of late winter swept against my knees, which made my shivering worse. Damn forecast. If they meant that this was how hot it was gonna be all summer, I'd like to see how cold it was gonna be next winter. A depressing sigh escaped my mouth, which came out as a puff of smoke. I hate winter. I 'd hated winter ever since that horrible day...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

It was bad enough that I was only wearing my school uniform, which included my mini-skirt mind you, and my yellow scarf that I constantly snuggled against to, but the fact that today has been one of my most horrible day was not helping either.

You know Hojo? That sweet, sensitive, gift giving, slightly naïve guy? Bogus. That little smart-ass dumped me. Yes people, he dumped me. I don't even remember why I agreed to be his girlfriend, probably thought that I shatter his poor heart if I refused. I was the one who was naïve. For a whole year he was just toying with my heart. Then he leaves me saying that he was cheating on me from the start, that I was just his experiment. I swear that my reputation totally shattered, like my poor heart, when he walked off with his chesty blonde. Now even Yumi and my other so-called loyal friends won't even talk to me. At least this day couldn't get worse...

You notice that I just jinxed my self, right? Well I didn't realize that until after I saw an ambulance car parked outside my grandpa's shrine home, and after I saw policemen looking at me in a sad way, and after I saw men in white clothes pull a cover over a old men with pale, wrinkly skin in the kitchen floor...

" ... No ... " that was the only thing I could say before I collapsed on the floor, crying my eyes out...

A/N: *dodges rotten tomatoes* GAK! Hey! Stop that! Think of it this way! If Kagome's grandfather didn't die, then she won't meet the gang! *People stop throwing tomatoes* *Snowgirl quietly escapes*