Remember that time with the amusement park? Yeah, well, this was just like it. As you probably have known, I HATE winter. Sorry father winter, but I truly despise you. So some of you think that hate is a little too strong for my description, but I truly, undoubtedly, HATE IT! Though, I won't go in to the details for exactly why I hate it, I haven't felt the same about winter ever since my grandpa died, or actually, it started way before that. Let's just say that I wasn't the snow type, okay? Anyway, school started after the *ahem* make-out *ahem* scene and everything changed after that.

People knew that Inu and me were already going out and Inu's rabid fan girls disappeared entirely. To my shock and amazement, Kikyo also gave up on Inu, and rumor has it, that she's seen Naraku or something.

Yes, you heard me right, she's seen Naraku, that same psycho who tried to kill Kagura.

Anyway, everything here happened during autumn, or the love season, as I call it. But usually I though of autumn as a warning season for that harsh cold season.

And without me realizing, winter had crawled up on me without my realizations, and sky sprinkled down with those small bits of ice that, in my opinion, looks like small snowboards for those fallen angels.

Just great………


Thou Shall Not Hate Winter

The Finale Ch.15 Winter Secret

By: Snowgirl A.K.A Sasali


Just great, I tell you, just great.

Winter, winter, winter, oh, how I hate, the season of blizzard, the season of ice.

Oh, how I hate the season of coldness, how I hate winter.

I shall melt the season with my anger, with my flames, la, la, la!

Okay, so now you get the idea, right?


Anyway, let's get back to the important subject, shall we?


I sighed depressingly; making the cold window in front of me hazed with my warm breath.

I watched silently as the little ice snows starting to fall from the dark black sky.

It was Christmas, and I was alone on my dorm bed. Anything wrong with that?

All the other girls were too busy in the closet or the bathroom putting on their make-ups, or getting in to their dresses for the ball.

Yes, it was that time of year, not that I don't like balls, mind you. It's just that it just so happened to be set in the ice season. Who made the schedule for goodness sake!

"Kagome, you okay?"

I looked away from the depressing sight in front of me and turned to look at Rin, who was wearing a pink silk dress with spaghetti straps that was thinner than a piece of paper. I felt a little uncomfortable with that as an image of her dress falling crawled in to my head. I SO didn't need that.

"Yeah, by the way, you look really cute!" I lied. I still felt a little hesitant to have some good time in the winter, and the fact that Rin looked more mature and beautiful, instead of small and cute was also the truth. Sesshomaru would have been crying in joy if he was here and saw his little Rin all grown up and going to the winter ball with Kohaku.

Rin giggled in response and went back to helping Souten with her scarlet dress that complemented her bloody-red eyes that was also glittering in the dim light. She looked a little grumpy, since you know that she was a tomboy. Hehehe………

I looked back through the window, to find that the dark sky had gotten even darker, if that was possible, and the window was now halfway covered with more snow.

A depressing sigh escaped from my mouth. 'Fun' still wasn't the word I would like to mix with the season, winter, but Inu wouldn't dare go to the ball alone.

Something about that made me smile as a picture of his rabid fan girls chasing him through the dance floor creeped in to my head. Guess I had no choice. Besides, whom else do you think Inu will go with? Kikyo? Please insert my unladylike snort here.

Walking, I picked up my blue silk dress with the clear blue shawl, which my uncle bought for me, pervert, and walked in to the bathroom.

Ayame was wearing her white dress with a light green shawl that complemented her eyes and was helping Sango put on her hot pink mascara.

Sango was wearing her midnight blue dress with a single gold dragon snaking around her dress that made it especially stand out.

"Hey Ayame, you okay?" I asked worriedly.

Word had spread that Ayame was bulimic, not that I really believe some idiotic rumors, but she does act weird and all………

"Yeah, just trying to add this pink mascara on Sango" Ayame replied, though I highly suspected that she had understood what I meant and was only acting dumb.


The hallway was clattered with students and the place was completely decorated with colorful streams and the light was especially dim for romantic purposes.

"Where is he?" I thought out loud looking at the school clock, though the dim lights made it hard to see.

"Right here" A husky voice whispered in my ear as two warm arms snaked around my stomach and he started nibbling on my neck.

Let me tell you, I was especially glad that all the other girls were already in the gym and didn't see Inu's embarrassing romantic side.

I had to use all my well power to make him stop making another hickey on my neck like after the make-out scene which was one of the reasons why people found out that me and Inu were going out.

"Don't, it's bad enough I have to keep wearing turtle necks!" I screeched in Inu's ear.

He only chuckled and led me in to the gym with this arrogant smirk that wanted to make me punch him. Grrr.

But all that thought disappeared as we made our entrance in the gym and saw the decoration cover the volley ball nets and even the trophies, to the boy's distress, and how the white confetti made this place look as if it was just hit by a blizzard. Some one needed to change the designer.

Than something else caught my view.

In all of the western style clothes, there was one dress that stood out more. It was a purple kimono with very cute frillings and the wearer of the kimono was dancing with Sesshomaru. She also had her hare down and her scarlet eyes shined with laughter and she looked suspiciously like………wait a second………


Woah, that was something unexpected.

"You want to go to the refreshments table?" Inu asked putting an arm around my shoulder.

I tried to clear out my head with the picture of the completely different Kagura who was now, obviously, officially with Sesshomaru.

"Y-yeah, sure"

But I couldn't help but think about the couple as Inu led me to the refreshment table.

We passed Miroku and Sango who were dancing, Souten and Shippou who were both too shy to dance and were eating, and Rin and Kohaku who were flirting with each other next to the trophy stands.

For some reason I couldn't stop but think-

-'5 down, 1 to go'-

-for some reason………

~*o This is Not in Kagome's Point of View o*~

The green-eyed girl looked herself up and down in front of the gym doors.

It wasn't unusual for her to want to see herself again and again. It was like a habit now. Ever since Kouga found out that she had been knowingly throwing herself up, she had been watched over by Nurse Kaede like a mouse trapped in a cage with a starving cat. She only wanted to-

"What are you doing?" a gruff voice asked from behind Ayame.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" She screamed as she snapped back to see Kouga covering his ears with his hand.

"Do you really have to scream?!" Kouga asked irritably.

"When someone is behind me unnoticed, YES!" Ayame said, still panic in her voice.

Kouga snorted.

"Don't get all scared, I only wanted to ask one thing"

Ayame's heart sped up before she actually understood the situation. Was he really going to-?

"Why were you throwing up half of your lunch everyday?"

Oh, never mind.

Ayame groaned in frustration.

"Do you really want to know?" Ayame said a little snippily.

Kouga nodded in response.

"I guess I can't lie………I wanted to be skinny" She said, not meeting his eyes.

Kouga snorted again.

"That's not what I mean, I knew you wanted to be skinny, but why?" He explained as if it was obvious.

Ayame definitely didn't meet his eyes this time.

"Well-" She stuttered out.



"Hurry up!"

"………oh, right already, I wanted to be skinny, because-"


"FOR YOU!" She literally shouted.

That was totally unexpected for Kouga as he took a step back from the shaking Ayame, who was desperately trying to hold her self from collapsing and crying her eyes out.

"F-for me? B-but why?" He asked completely dumbfounded.

A single tear ran down her cheek which made him wince, only slightly though.

"Because, I wanted to at least have a happy marriage" Her little tears were now the size of eggs as more and more tears flowed down her cheek.

Without any thought about what he was doing, Kouga was now right in front of Ayame and hugging her in pure instinct. These words kept on ringing in his head-

~ What am I doing? ~

"What do you mean?" He asked softly, changing the words from his head.

"I-I mean, that my parents never loved me, they never lost their money, they just wanted to sell me off, THEY NEVER LOVED ME!" She cried out the last part as her sobs got louder and louder.

Kouga was too shocked and speechless.

Her parents never loved her? He couldn't help but feel like an idiot right now, for trying to push her away for so many times. He didn't want to think about what was going to happen to her if he sent her back to France. Well she be sold off again? Or even worse, will she be sent to a whorehouse? He shivered at those thoughts.

"Ayame" he whispered.

She looked up, her make-up now all blotchy all over her face.

"I love you"

She gasped.

"You do?" She asked, her face totally doubtful and her face was totally covered with uncertainty.

Kouga searched in his mind if he really did want her around. If he really did want to be with her for the rest of his life. If he really did love her.

He didn't say anything for a while and every minute that passed, Ayame's heart started to sink again.

~ He was only trying to make me feel better ~

She though bitterly.

Then she felt his embrace loosen, and she felt like crying again, but then a warm hand grabbed her wrest and before she realized what was going on, she was pulled in to a passionate kiss.

That's when she realized, that's when she knew, that some one in this world, had the heart, to love her.

And she thanked him by responding to the kiss as she put her arms around Kouga's neck.


I some how knew that the crying had meant something out side the gym doors. I was probably the only one who heard what was going on out side, and knew that some how; their marriage was going to be just fine.

I couldn't help but smile against Inu as I leaned down on his shoulder as we kept on dancing with the slow music.

That's when I realized something. I was having a good time. A damn good time too. What with Inu always nibbling on my neck and flirting very heavily on me. Oh god no. I was having a good time when they were gone. When they were dead. When it was winter. No.

"No" I whispered as a single tear slowly streaked down my flushed cheek from the dance.

Inu who heard my whisper looked down to see my eyes now fully watered up.


"NO!!!" I cried out, and ran towards the exit, fully aware that every one was watching, that it was still snowing out side, that it was winter.


I don't know what made me go there, why I was here, or why I was standing in front of the school tree, but I was.

I ran and ran through the snow and for some god-forsaken reason, into the forest.

I was now in front of the school tree, where Inu and I first kissed.

But I didn't want to think about that. I didn't want to think about anything that would make me smile. It would be betraying my family. My dead-


I looked behind me, or more like above me, to see that Inu had somehow sneaked up from behind, without me knowing. He was always good at sneaking up.

But I didn't want to talk about it. I didn't want to see anyone's face right now. Not now.

"No" I whispered silently, though Inu must have heard me, because before I could take a step back, he was right in front of me with his intense violet eyes glaring in to my hazel eyes. His eyes were more menacing than I could have ever imagined and I winced at his tight grip.

"Tell me"

That did it.

I couldn't hold it anymore. I had to tell someone. It was already eating me alive with the truth.

Breathlessly, I took a step and collapsed in to his embrace, just noticing the freezing temperature, and blacked out, just like that.


"You have to talk now" Inu said quietly as he leaned in on the couch and he looked over at me on the opposite side of the couch.

I would have looked pretty pathetic if I had a mirror to see myself. I was wrapped around in a pink towel and my eyes were probably all puffy and red and my hair was probably all messed up.

I sniffed a couple of times. At least he was the only person with me in the fireplace, but then I felt a little uncomfortable with that, all the same.

"Y-you know Tatemono?" I asked, still stuttering from the cold.

"You mean the famous dead soccer player? Of course, why?" He asked, insert my wince to the word 'dead', though I was a little shocked that he wasn't advancing on me or anything. Probably doesn't want to catch my flu.

"He was my father" I said plainly expecting for him to yell or shout that I was lying or something, but again to my shock, he only stared at me with amazement obviously featured on his face. At least he trusts me.

"I know what the rumors says, that he was driving too fast because he was late for the championship game and drove off the road with his friend and his wife and killed them all." I sighed back a tear.

"So you mean that's-"

"Bogus" I cut in, too much into telling him the truth.

"He wasn't the driver, he's limbo driver was. But it wasn't Onigumo's fault either. Some drunk driver crashed them off the cliff and my mom, dad and my unborn brother died." I was crying non-stop by now.


"They weren't driving to the game, they were having my mom's baby, Souta. They were driving to the hospital, and Onigumo was thrown out of the car before it drove off, he's still alive, just horribly burned"

"So, it was a lie?"

"Some news reporter must have stretched the truth a little too much" I said, my face totally blank now, my eyes all swelled up.

I was a bit surprised when Inu put his hand on my shoulder.

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier, to anyone?" He asked in a whisper, barely audible.

I looked away from his intense gaze.

"I didn't want to butt in to anyone's life with my pathetic problems" I whispered the truth.

"NO!" Inu yelled as he abruptly stood up and glared down at me.

That surprised me a bit. He wasn't the type to yell or make a fuss over anything.


"I said no!" Then he leaned down in front of me, his face with no hint of anything but seriousness. That was very different for him.

"You know that the secret you held for so long could eat you alive?! You have to tell someone!" Before I knew what he meant, he was on top of me on the couch, kissing me wildly.

He cared. He did care. He loved me.

That's when something that I distinctly remembered popped back in to my mind.

~ I only wanted to make you stronger………until you got your protector ~

Inu was my protector.


~* 8 years later *~

"Congratulations!" The whole crowd yelled, as the couple kissed passionately in front of the snowing church.

The bride opened her green eyes, with her long brown ponytail, in the snow as she hugged her already blushing blue-eyed husband who had a short black hair.

"Go Ayame! Way to go Kouga!" A brown-haired man with a long ponytail held up with a blue ribbon yelled particularly out as his girlfriend, a red-eyed girl with two long braids, slapped him playfully on the shoulder.

"Shippou!" She hissed playfully.

"What Souten?" Shippou looked at her with his best innocent face.

Kouga and Ayame smiled brilliantly as they all approached in to the reception room, where every else was.

They were greeted by a huge bang from the reception room as a baby crying was heard from the corner of the room.

"Oy, you didn't feel her up, did you Miroku?" Kouga asked, immediately noticing the huge boomerang.

"No! My wife just saw a mice that's all!" A man with a long low ponytail replied as he held a shorthaired woman in his arms, bride style.

"Mice?! That was a RAT!" Sango screamed as she grabbed her boomerang again.

"Please, would you stop yelling? My baby's sleeping" A woman with a long ponytail held up by a single slender hair spoke up quietly with a 2month old baby in her arms. Beside her was a man with a short cropped silver hair with his arm around his wife.

"Sorry, Kagura" Sango replied as she got down from her husband's arms.

"Forgot about Kanna."

Kagura and Sesshomaru's baby was named after Kagura's sister, who had disappeared after her beat up and was never seen again.

Kagura nodded in understatement and stroked the baby's short silver hair. She was already looking like her father.

"Ayame!" A girl with a long ponytail sticking out of her head with her boyfriend right behind her, who had short-cropped hair, shouted.

"Rin!" Ayame yelled in happiness and waved as Rin and her boyfriend, Kohaku, ran up to them.

"Oh my god, it has been such a long time!" The girls both yelled in joy.

Kohaku and Kouga just sighed in unison.

Then the door opened up as a hard blast of cold wind came in with some snow and two figures came in.

One was a man with a short-cropped hair, excluding his long forelock, with intense violet eyes and beside him was a woman with two buns on her head and her eyes shined with hazel.

"Inu! Kagome! You made it!" Souten yelled as they gathered around the couple.

"Eek! Souten! You changed so much!" Kagome shrieked.

"Speak for your self! Look at you!" Souten shrieked back.

All the girls made their own little group as they kept on shrieking back to each other on how they all change. Especially Kagura.

"So, little brother, how have you been" Sesshomaru greeted formally as he shook Inu's hand.

"Not bad at all, Sesshy, or should I say, Doctor Sesshy?" Inu teased as he looked at Sesshomaru's glasses comically.

He only nodded in acknowledgement.

"It's been a long time, eh Inu?" Shippou cheered, not quite as tall as Inu.

"I'm going to have to give you a ticket on that" Miroku said as he whipped out a ticket book.

"WHAT?! You maybe the chief of Tokyo police, but you can't just give me a ticket!" The young astronaut retorted.

"He got you there" Kohaku, or the young marine biologist, sided.

"Hey, help me out here!" Miroku grabbed the detective's, Kouga's, sleeve as the two boys slowly advanced on them.

"Feh, you guys never learn do you?" Inu, or the start soccer player, asked as he watched the comical sight, while fumbling something in his pocket.

"Brother, is that-?" Sesshomaru eyed him suspiciously.

Inu smirked.

Sesshomaru only smirked back.


The reception went pretty well, if you count the girls having a catfight for the bouquet and some clumsy fumbling with the garter, to Ayame's and Kouga's embarrassment, well, then yes, the reception did go pretty well.

It was almost to the end of the reception, when, to everyone's surprise, Kouga took the microphone, since he was always the shy one and all.

"I would like to announce something for a friend of mine" The room went deadly quiet as the people wondered what he was talking about.

"Inu, it's time!" He yelled as the room went to total darkness and the only light was now all focused on Kagome, to her confusion.

"W-what?" She stuttered out.

Then she saw Inu, sitting beside her, stand up and kneel right in front of her as he started fumbling something in his pocket. She gasped. Could he be-?

"Kagome" he started "I know that we knew each other for a long time. I know that we shared a lot of secrets that no one else in this room knows-" Kagome knew that he was talking about her past, since he distinctly winked at her and made her red face. "-and that we put a lot of trust in each other. But there was one question I never asked you. Something that'll change our lives, so if you refuse, I'll understand, but Kagome-" Then he suddenly pulled our a black box and opened it in front of her.

Kagome gasped as she saw that it was a blue sapphire ring. His mother's, as she recognized it when she visited his parent's house before.

"Will you marry me?"

Kagome slowly looked up from the black box and up to Inu's face, all in slow motion. At the same speed, her shocked face subsided and was replaced by a smile. Everyone held their breath as she opened her mouth to answer-


The whole place shook as they clapped and whistled as Inu hugged her and Kagome hugged him back.

But he whispered something in her ear that only she heard and understood.

"I hope you like winter now," Inu whispered huskily.

Kagome's thought's of the freezing winter was slowly been replaced by the sweet snow as she flashback to just a few moments ago, when he finally asked the question she had been waiting for so long.

"Yes," She repeated.

"I love winter."

The End

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