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Naruto The Overlord

Chapter One: Through deception, a Overlord is born



Demon talk/Jutsu

Demon thought


Valley of the End

Naruto was charging up his Rasengan, his opponent, his friend, Sasuke Uchiha was charging his own signature jutsu up, the Chidori, the two leaped at each other, one ready to kill, one not. The two jutsus collided, creating a large vortex of varied bright lights and colors, the two jumped away from each other, canceling each others jutsus out as they landed on the ground below


Kakashi could feel the tremendous swell of power 'No!' he thought as he raced ahead of Pakkun, his tracking dog

"Hey Kakashi wait up!" he yelled to no avail as the silver haired man kept racing ahead of him

Back with Naruto and Sasuke

"Pant, you're pretty good teme, pant, but I'll get you back to the village, no matter what, I promised Sakura-chan!" Naruto said catching his breath

"You'll never learn will you dobe! She doesn't love you!" he said as he got into his combat stance, Naruto doing the same

"Hold it!" Kakashi yelled as he jumped down to Naruto and Sasuke


"Kuchiyose: Doton: Tsuiga no Jutsu! (Summoning: Earth Release: Tracking Fang Technique)" Kakashi yelled as several dogs erupted from the ground and clamped their jaws onto Naruto's chest, arms, and legs

Naruto screamed out in pain "K-Kakashi-sensei! Why!" he yelled as the dogs dug their fangs deeper into Naruto's flesh

Pakkun jumped down next to Kakashi in total shock "K-Kakashi!? What the hell are you doing!?" he yelled

"Shut up, you dumb mutt" Kakashi growled as he kicked Pakkun, the small dog yelping as he hit the rocky wall of the valley, poofing away seconds later

"Kakashi, what are you doing!" Sasuke roared

"Calm down Sasuke, I'm simply helping you kill this demon" Kakashi sneered at Naruto, causing Naruto's eyes to widen

"W-what?" Naruto asked scared

"You took everything from me! My sensei! Rin! Everything! And now it ends Kyuubi!" he yelled

"What are you talking about Kakashi?" Sasuke asked

"Sasuke, this demon is the human form of the Kyuubi that attacked the village twelve years ago! Become a hero Sasuke! KILL THE KYUUBI!!!" Kakashi roared

Sasuke stood, slightly intrigued, he would gain even more recognition, and the thought of that put a smirk on his face, and he turned to Naruto. "Time to die demon! CHIDORI!!!!" he yelled as lightning formed in his hand. He rushed to Naruto as alarming speeds and drove his hand into Naruto's heart.

'You escaped me once demon, but not this time' Kakashi thought as he walked over to Naruto and kicked him into the water, and a hidden smirk crossed his face as he watched Naruto sink into the depths.

Sasuke started grunting in pain as blood flowed from his eyes, Kakashi looked at Sasuke and smirked again, the ultimate Sharingan, the Mangekyou, was unlocked. He noticed Sasuke wobble and caught him as he passed out, he started back to Konoha. However, if he had looked into the water or the forest surrounding him, he would have seen several sets of glowing eyes, all fixated on Naruto.


Around fifty small goblin like creatures emerged from the forest, some were red and clad in worn leather armor and held knifes made out of glass. Others were green and clad in dull metal armor and held rusted swords. Around twenty others emerged from the water with Naruto in their arms, however these were blue and had bamboo blow gun tucked on their back, they hoisted Naruto out of the water and onto land as the other goblins huddled around Naruto

"Is this really the new master sire?" one of the reds asked as a gray long eared goblin wearing a robe that looked much older and wiser than the others walked through the crowd to Naruto

"Aye Giblet, the Master's power is unmistakable, this child must be his reincarnation" the goblin stated as he examined Naruto.

"What shall we do sire?"

"We wait"

"For what?"

"For the Master to wake up" the goblin finished as he noticed Naruto's power suddenly spike




"NARUTO!!!!!" a ghostly voice roared

"Huh?" Naruto said groggily

"Naruto, you are near death, put in this state by the traitorous Uchiha, and despicable Hatake. You will not survive without my help" Kyuubi answered

"What's the point Kyuubi...I can't go back home, they're all probably cheering, the demon is dead! Fuck em'" Naruto growled

"Ah, but who ever said I was bringing you back to return to your wretched village" Kyuubi responded


"I am turning you into a being of ultimate power, a ruler, loved by some, feared by the rest. A Overlord like I was, before I was forced into this wretched fox body, and then into you." Kyuubi finished

"Loved...feared?" Naruto asked himself, and when he reached his conclusion, a smile crossed his face "I'll do it!" he shouted, Kyuubi roared in response.

"Let us as one destroy all who oppose and defy us!" Kyuubi roared, extending his tails again and lowering them towards Naruto.

"And let the world tremble in fear at our reign!" Naruto roared back, extending his arms, letting Kyuubi's tails pierce through his body

"Let us rule this world and let nothing, not man nor demon stand in our way!" they said together, their voices becoming one, suddenly there was darkness.


Back in Konoha

Kakashi had walked through the gate with Sasuke in his arms, medic nins spotted him and grabbed Sasuke before shushining to the hospital

Tsunade walked up to Kakashi "Where's Naruto?" she asked with worry in her voice

"I'm terribly sorry Hokage-sama, but by the time I had reached Naruto...it was too late, Sasuke had murdered him, and I managed to subdue him while he started at Naruto's corpse" Kakashi lied, his training at ANBU had finally paid off

"I sense trickery in your words Hatake" the two heard from behind them. They turned to see Sabaku no Gaara and his two siblings Temari and Kankuro.

"What makes you say that?" Kakashi asked with a sneer, wishing this demon would just go and die as well

"I smell blood on you..Uzumaki's, some on your feet, and splatters on your chest" Gaara replied

"What are you talking about Gaara?" Kankuro asked his brother, who was glaring daggers at Kakashi

"I'm saying that this man, Naruto's sensei, killed him" Gaara stated

"And do you have any proof?" Kakashi said

"Kakashi, if you're so sure of yourself, then allow me to search your mind, just to prove your innocence" another voice said, when they looked, out stepped Inoichi Yamanaka, head of the Yamanakas and Ino's father.

Kakashi mentally paled 'Shit! One of the demon lovers just had to be a Yamanaka!' he mentally screamed "W-well I'd rather not, because w-well you should know that the jutsu puts such a strain on the body and-" he nervously said as he slinked backwards, only to smack into someone.

"What's your hurry Kakashi? You look awfully pale for a innocent man" a deep voice said, Kakashi turned to see Choza Akamichi, head of the Akamichi clan and father of Choji.

"U-umm, o-okay" Kakashi said as he stood still as Inoichi walked up to him "Shintenshin no Jutsu! (Mind Body Switch Technique)" he said as he put his hand on Kakashi's head, allowing him to see inside Kakashi's mind

As Temari stared at the ordeal, she still couldn't beleive Naruto was dead, she was thinking of making him her boyfriend, he was sweet and charming, and unlike the other boys in Suna, he wasn't scared of Gaara. Hell he even tamed his murderous wants. The village publically apoligized to Gaara after his change and even gave him the title of Kazekage.

"Hey Temari?" Kankuro said as she nudged his sister, breaking her out of her train of thought

"Hmm yeah?" Temari said as she looked at her brother

"You thinking of Naruto?" Kankuro asked

"Yeah, I can't beleive he was killed, he was such a nice guy" she said trying to hide her emotion, but Kankuro caught on

"Ohh, I get it" he said with a smirk "Naruto and Temari sitting in a tree K-I-S-S oof!" he said in a singsong voice before getting a fist in a place no man wants to have any physical harm done to, courtesy of a maddly blushing Temari.


Kakashi's Mind

Inoichi walked through the mindscape and he started looking through memories involving Naruto.

Four Years Earlier

Naruto was tied up in the center of town, a small crowd of people gathered around him, throwing rocks, glass bottles that shattered on Naruto, some ninja even threw rusty kunais at the poor eight year old.

Suddenly a ANBU shushined to the crowd, everyone's eyes filled with fear as Naruto's filled with releif. The ANBU then did some handsigns and shouted "Raikari!"the crowd got sickingly evil smiles as Naruto's eyes filled with dread again, the ANBU charged Naruto and thrusted his hand through his chest "This is for my sensei demon" the ANBU spat before shushining away as the ANBU started piling in and apprehending the mob.

back to present

Inoichi watched in horror at the memory, was Kakashi so sick that he would use a A-rank assassination jutsu on a eight year old, he looked through the rest of the memories in horror, Kakashi was hell bent on killing Naruto, he tired to get him killed on missions, making it look like a accident, he refused to train Naruto so he would be killed easier, and was angered when he learned Jiraya taught Naruto the Rasengan

Five hours earlier

Kakashi pulled Jiraya into a corner after leaving the roof where Naruto and Sasuke had their altercation

"You fool! Why did you train the demon my sensei's technique!" Kakashi yelled at Jiraya

"I'm sorry, who said it was your authority to say who gets taught the move you couldn't master?" Jiraya said


"Who are you to judge who learns the move! I am the master of the jutsu since Minato died, and when I die Naruto will become the master!"

"I'm not the one who decided this, it was the council, you have to teach the Uchiha everything or you'll be marked a traitor" Kakashi said with a smirk

"Well fuck you! Fuck you and this village! I'm out of here!" he yelled as he shushined away

'You're going to regret this, you old fart, how dare you refuse to give the Uchiha everything he deserves' Kakashi thought as he shushined away

back to present

And then he viewed the final two memories, one involving Kakashi being hired by Danzo and certain members of the council to kill Naruto, and him telling Sasuke to kill Naruto and not helping the injured Naruto.

back to real world

Inoichi, while still having his left hand on Kakashi, held his other hand out "Hokage-sama! Grab my hand, you must see this treachery!" Inoichi yelled, Tsunade nodded and grabbed Inoichi's hand

Kakashi's mind

Tsunade began watching all of the memories, and in doing so became increasingly saddened and angry, when she watched the video of Naruto getting killed, she exploded

end mindscape

As soon as Inoichi let go of Kakashi's head, Tsunade crashed a fist into the side of his face, shattering his jaw instantly "YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!" she screamed as she picked him up and started to throttle him "HOW DARE YOU TREAT OUR HERO LIKE THAT!!"

"Bhut hwes a demon!" Kakashi said through his broken jaw

"HOW DARE YOU!!" Tsunade screamed as she cocked her fist back, ready to hit Kakashi again until a yell of "Stop!" pierced the air. Tsunade and the crowd looked to see Danzo, and the members of the council that supported the demon bigotry.

"Danzo, what are you doing?" Tsunade asked

"I will not let you hurt the hero of this village any further" Danzo stated

"He's no hero! He caused the death of Naruto!" Inoichi yelled

"Watch your place Yamanaka, you don't have the right to speak against the council" Koharu stated

"The hell I don't!" Inoichi defiantly bellowed

"As for Kakashi, he will be regarded as a hero for training the Uchiha heir, and the Uchiha will be declared a hero for killing the demon. Now where is Jiraya, we must tell him he needs to train the Uchiha heir" Danzo replied.

"He's gone, Kakashi told him he had to train Sasuke by council ruling, so he left" Tsunade stated to the shocked faces of the council


Valley of the End with Naruto

Naruto roared a unholy roar that sounded like a mix of his voice and the Kyuubi, a tower of blue, black, and red chakra blasted up out of the water and into the sky, thus causing a massive blast of power that could be felt around all the Great Nations. The goblins were blown backwards straight into the trees from the force of the blast. The goblins got back up and saw Naruto glowing, when the light receded, the goblins were awe-struck, he was now more muscular built, not Arnold Schwarzenegger buff, but you know, average, he also now stood at 6'0, his clothes ripped completely and his headband ripped off his head, letting his now longer hair down that went down to his neck. His human ears were gone, replaced by pointed blonde fox ears on the top of his head. His once caring blue eyes were now hate filled red slitted eyes, his canines sharpened to a dangerous point, his hair now had red highlights and tips. His fingernails and toenails grew sharp and pointed. He also had 9 golden fox tails swaying behind him. He smirked evilly as the goblins cheered

"My brothers and sisters!! WELCOME OUR NEW OVERLORD!!!" the gray goblin yelled to the group who quickly started to cheer and whistle. The goblin turned to Naruto. "Come my master, we must get you to your castle" the goblin said

"Annd you are?" Naruto asked in his new deeper and mature voice which stunned him, but he quickly snapped out of his stupor when the goblin started talking again

"Ah, my name is Gnarl sire, and I have been the advisor for every Overlord through time" Gnarl responded "Now come, we have much to do" Gnarl said as he led Naruto to a portal. Gnarl went in first, then Naruto, followed by the goblins.


Back in Konoha

Tsunade, Inoichi and several of the Genin were arguing with Danzo over Naruto

"Sasuke will be put on trial for murdering a Leaf nin" Tsunade shouted

"Absolutely not! We need the Uchi-" Danzo started until he and the entire village felt the insane wave of power and heard the most earthshaking roar they had ever heard.

Everyone froze in fear as the roar pierced the air, even the stone cold Gaara felt his spine crawl as he heard the roar, and when the beam of pure chakra pierced the sky everyone stared in awe and fear. The beam eventually faded away and Tsunade was the first to break out of the shock "Everyone prepare for war! The Kyuubi has been released and now nothing can stop him!" she shouted as everyone ran around in a panic. Tsunade faced the council and Kakashi, who were in complete shock, and said "I hope you're proud, you've brought the end of days because you couldn't discard your hatred. Luckily I won't be paying for your mistakes"

"W-what do you mean?" Koharu yelled

"Shizune and I are evacuating, we're not going to die because of your ignorance" she said before shushining away.

As they watched everyone rush around panicked, with the roar and power wave fresh in their mind, they had one thought

'What have we done?'


Konoha Forest

"Mmm? Huh? I'm alive? Let me try to- AHH! FUCK!! Ah goddamn that fucking hurt! Fuck that bitch! And fuck that pineapple kid for doing this to me!" Tayuya screamed as she tried to get herself uncrushed by the trees, she finally passed out from pain.


Naruto was teleported to a mysterious tower

"Where are we?" Naruto asked

"We are in a castle on the border of the Fire Country sire, near the Water Country. Now there is no time to spare, we must hurry!" Gnarl said as he darted to a wooden door.

"What is so important?" Naruto asked

"Your training" Gnarl responded as he opened the door


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