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Chapter 1 – Just One Chance and Making it Official

Bella's POV

Oh my gosh, can you believe Edward Cullen, how can he act like he owns the school, just because he can play football? …..Okay, so he's the best football player Forks high has ever seen. But that still doesn't give him the right to walk around the school like the most important person in it. Well I'm lying he doesn't act like that. I just don't really like him because he seems to hate me. It has something to do with my ex-boyfriend Jacob Black. They hate each other and Jake won't tell me why. But the problem is Edward hates me, he's one of my best friends' brothers, but I still kinda have a crush on him. That's an understatement I've had a crush on Edward since like third grade but have never actually talked to him. He's absolute perfection, lanky, but still muscled. His bronze hair is always messy, like he just got out of bed, and his face has no room for improvement. His eyes are like melted green emeralds and it seems like every time I see them I melt into them. Absolute perfection. But I would never tell any one I like him, because I act like I hate him to.

And everything just got even more confusing though because now all my friends are telling me to date him. And as much as I want to say ok I can't because I have to pretend I don't like him.

Why do they think I should date him? That would be because I'm the cheerleading captain –don't ask how I got that position, because I don't know, with me being so clumsy and all– and he's the star football player.

So If I'm pretending to hate him, then why am I just sitting here while all his friends are pushing him towards me? Because all my friends are telling me not to go any where because he's coming over. That's when Alice thinks about what I'm going to say and thinks that because I "hate" him so much I'm gong too tell him no. "Bella, am I going to have to answer him for you? Don't mess this up. Just give him a chance!" She whispered and when I looked at her she had a pleading look on her face.

I had to keep up my act. "Fine but he's only going to get one … just one chance. Then when I catch him with some other girl I'm going to dump him. Okay? He's only getting one." How do I keep up this lie I suck at lying I don't understand it. Anyone can catch me, when I'm lying!

"Deal, but Bella he's not going to be with some other girl he's not that low." She defended her brother. She was smiling at someone behind me and when I turned around to see who it was her boyfriend Jasper smiling right back usually he and Emmett, sat with us too. Emmett's Alice's older brother as well and he's also Rosalie, another best friend and cheerleader, boyfriend. Emmett's the oldest then Edward then Alice. So I saw Jasper then I saw Edward coming, spun forward in my chair and waited.

"Umm, Bella…….?" I felt him tap me on the shoulder and his touch sent a jolt of electricity through my shoulder and down my arm.

I turned to him, saw the warning glare from Alice, to se him looking disgusted by what he was about to do. "Bella do you want …….. To …… um, come for a for a walk outside with me?" he asked ….. Nervously?

"Umm," I suddenly got really nervous and thought about dining him. Then I felt Alice poking me in the ribs, and saw all my other friends glaring at me. So I sighed, nodded my head yes and got up. He almost smiled; I think he got really nervous that someone was going to reject him. I followed him out the door, trying to ignore all the students staring at me I the cafeteria.

We got outside; he headed straight to a bench under a shady tree, and sat down. I walked over to the bench and sat down, too. He took a deep breath and stared at me. I stared right back, waiting for him to start.

"Umm, Bella?….." He started but paused looking really nervous. Where did the all too confident Edward Cullen go? Was he that nervous I was going to deny him? "Okay, I'm just going to come right out and say it…….Bella do you want to go on a date with me? ……. maybe to a movie? ........ Bella, will you …….be my girlfriend?" Wow he really is that scared!

I smiled up at him and answered with, "uh, okay, Edward I'll do what ever you want me to do……. Or be whatever you want me to be." I kept calm but I really wanted to jump up and down and freak out with all my friends.

He returned my smile with a stunning crooked one that knocked my breath away. He stood up and thanked me. He paused then pulled me into a hug, which sent butterflies to my stomach. He hugged me for a good five minutes and I really didn't want him to pull away when he did. "We should really get back now, don't you think?" He asked and I nodded.

He brought his hand to the top of my back and let it slide down my back until his hand was at waist level, and then he wrapped his arm around me. As his fingers slid down my back they only skimmed, it tickled and sent shivers down my spine. He chuckled at this, and then pulled me close.

We walked back into the café, we were both smiling, and his smile blew me away again. When we got inside the whole cafeteria was staring at us and we where staring at each other. He smiled and whispered "Are you ready for this?" I nodded and he kissed me on the cheek. I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs. I know I like Edward but can it possible to fall in love with someone in ten minutes?

"Bells!" All my friends called. I ripped my eyes off Edward to look at them. The Jock and cheerleader's tables had been pushed together. And both of our friends were waving and calling us over.

Edward led me over to the table, sat down and pulled me onto his lap. Just like all the other couples sitting at the table. Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale, Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale, Angela Weber and Ben Cheney and Edward and I were the couples. Oh yeah and Jessica Stanly and Mike Newton are on and off. Rose, Angela, Alice and I are all best friends and Japer and Rose are brother and sister too. Oh yeah, Ben Cheney is another jock he also plays football. All my friends –and now, my– boyfriends are in the "jock" group. All of the guys are on the football teem. There games are really fun to watch if all the girlfriends go because the always argue about which boyfriend is the best player.

Edward and I are sitting beside Alice and Jasper on one side and Rose and Emmett on the other. Edward got props from both, Emmett and Jasper. And I got hugs from Alice, Rose and Angela. "Sooooo?..... Are you to together now?!?!?!?!?!" Angela, Alice and Rosalie asked, rushing to get it out, in unison. But the whole table waited for the answer to make it official.

I looked at him, he looked at me and then I looked back at my three best friends. "Are you guys actually asking that?" I said giving them an ashamed look.

"YES! ANSWER THE QUESTION BELLA!" They all said at once….. Had they rehearsed?

I rolled my eyes at them and they all sighed at the same time. 'Stop that!" I told them.

"Stop what?" they said together again.

"That!.... stop doing stuff at the same time!" I explained

"Thank you!" Emmett thanked me for noticing and Rose slapped him upside the head for it.

"Answer the question! Then we'll stop!" the girls pushed, still being annoying.

"Yes….we are ……now stop!"

Edward squeezed my waist, trying to get me to calm down a little bit. I leaned into him a little and waited for my friends' responses. "OMG really Bella you finally listened to me!" Alice squeaked in her high pitched musical voice.

"That's great Bells I'm so happy for you." Angela congratulated me.

"You finally joined the club, Bella. Took ya long enough!" Rose said then kissed Emmett.

"EWWW! Rose can you please not do that. I mean he's my brother." Alice said hiding her face in Jasper's chest.

"Oh, shut up Alice." Emmett told her then kissed Rose again. The rest of the table and I all laughed at them.

The Bell rang and everyone got up. Edward stood up as I did and he still hadn't let go of my waist. Maybe he didn't hate me as much as I thought he did. "Bella, we have…." He thought about it then finished his sentence. "Trigonometry together next. So, I'll see you in there." He said squeezing my waist then walking in the direction of his locker.

I got my stuff and walked to class earlier that all the other students. I walked in and headed to my normal spot but was stopped by someone's overpowering grasp around my waist and one of the person's hands was covering my eyes. I jumped not expecting it. "Guess who?" Edward whispered in my ear, turned me around and pulling me into him. "I know you don't like me very much, Bella. But I'm going to do everything in my power to change that." I looked up and into his eyes and I knew that it was not going to be hard for him to break my little act, I have going on here because I knew the second that he looked into my eyes he would not see any hate in them. As a madder of fact I'm looking into his eyes and not seeing any hate in his either. "Bella, did you know you are very beautiful?" His eyes are smoldering as he looks at me. He started to lean in towards me. He paused right in front of my lips and I saw question in his eyes. I nodded slightly telling him it was alright to proceed. He wrapped his arms around me and closed the distance between our lips. He pulled back to fast for us to actually kiss. "How do you feel about me now?" he asked with a smirk. I answered with a shrug. "That's not good enough." He said then leaned in again, without pausing this time. He let our lips move together and it seemed like I fit into him perfectly, like two puzzle pieces. I pulled away this time. He looked at me with an emotion in his eyes that I've seen before but am not quite sure what it was. "How about now?" he asked.

I reached up pecked him on the lips, then took his hand a led him to two seats in the back of the room, as the other students started to come in. He was looking at me expectant. "Well, Bella are you going to answer my question?" He asked when I wouldn't look at him. I shook my head and smiled up at him. "That's very frustrating." He said as the teacher, Mr. Varner came in.

"Okay class today we are going to work on a handout….." Mr. Varner started class but I can't really pay attention my mind was on what Edward just did to me. My heart is still pounding, fast and hard in my chest. All I can think about is how it felt so right to kiss Edward. Almost like we were made for each other.

Jacob is not going to be happy with me next time I see him. It's not going to be easy to explain this to him. If I even get a chance to explain. He's been overprotective lately. He won't take this well.

"Miss. Swan and Mr. Cullen are you two going work on the sheet together?" Mr. Varner asked.

Edward answered "Yes we will."

We took the rest of the class to work on the sheet. It was simple review but we weren't in my best class so whenever I got stuck Edward would help. Another thing to like about Edward, he's intelligent and a pretty face to look at.

We finished the sheet, handed it in, then the bell rang and he walked me to my locker. He gave me a hug and said "I'll be right here after school so you can answer my question, Bella."

"And what if I decide not to tell you my answer, Edward?" I Asked.

"Oh I will get it out of you." He said then walked away before I could retaliate.

I got my P.E. stuff out of my locker and went to class thinking about how I was supposed to explain to Edward that I never actually hated him and that I was very far from it now. Then I thought about how I was going to explain it to Jake. If Edward's going to be hard, then Jacob is going to be impossible. But I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it a secret because secrecy is not an option with Jake.

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