Chapter 10- The Songs

"Hey, Mom! Edward and I are going up to my room." I called when we got to my place.

"How many have you done?"

"Two, Beautiful Eyes…" My cheeks went bright red, "And The Way I Loved you." I explained as I reached into the drawer and pulled out the papers that had my lyrics on them. "Okay, this one is Beautiful Eyes…" Why was I so nervous about letting him see this?

I watched as he read it over. As he was looking it over I couldn't believe how bright his eyes got, they were shining.

"Bella… Baby, this is really, really good." He whispered going over it again.

"Really? You like it?" I asked quietly.

"Like it? Babe this is fantastic, I love it!" He said looking up at me. "Lets see the other one, please?" He held his hand out and I passed him my second song.

"Is this about one person or two? When did you write these? Who was the first one about?" He rambled all at once.

"Slow down, one question at a time. This one's about two people the verses are about you," my face got even darker "but the chorus is about Jacob. I wrote the Beautiful Eyes right after Jake got me grounded and I was bored. This one," I gestured to the song in his hands "was written in anger right after he kissed me." My smile dropped as I remembered how upset I had been. "You know who the first one was about." He didn't say anything, so I looked down and whispered, "You." in embarrassment.

"Oh, Bella…" He leaned over, tilted my head up and placed a chaste kiss to my lips. "I love you, baby." He said softly against my mouth. He pulled back and whispered, withe wso much emotion it blew me away "They are beautiful."

"Thank you, but they really aren't much." I shook my head, "Just a way to burn of steam, I guess."

"But they can be. My uncle can help with that." He smiled, brightly.

"Help how?" I questioned, cautiously .

"He's a music producer." His smile kept getting wider.

"You want to take these to you' reUncle Steve?" I exclaimed. "They aren't worth that Edward!" I shook my head hard.

"I think they are."

"You aren't serious!" I felt my eyes get wider. "... Are you?"

"I am!" He nodded. "Think about it you could totally put music to these. And have you heard your voice. It's wonderful. Let's go to my place and see if we can put some music to it on the piano or guitar." It looked like his smile might crack his face open it was so big.

"Okay?" I said unsurely.

He drove us over and practically dragged me up to his room. "Guitar for the first one, for sure." He said. "Do you have a melody for it?" I nodded and hummed what I thought after I had first written it. "Perfect, can you do the first bit again, please." I hummed the first line and he played the notes on the instrument then wrote them down if I said it was right. We did this for a couple hours until we got the first verse and chorus done. Then we went downstairs and had something to eat. That was all we did for the next couple days. Work through the songs until we had the music down.

"I think we're ready to call Uncle Steve." He smiled at me." They aren't ready to be recorded or anything yet but we can see what he thinks."

He called his uncle and asked him if we could come up for a day next week; he lived in Seattle. And before I knew it we were knocking on his door with Edward's guitar slung over his back and me humming the songs to make sure that I knew the words. Even though we had done nothing but go over them for the last week I still didn't feel like I had them quite memorized. Not to mention i was so nervous i wasn't sure if i would be able to recal the lyrics when we were showing his uncle.

We did the songs in front of Uncle Steve and it went over pretty well. "So, who were you covering? I don't recognize the songs. And Ed, "Edward glared at him for the nickname, "you got a girl here with a damn sweet voice."

"See Bella, I told you, you can sing!" He grinned at me. And they weren't covered, Bells wrote them." Edward smiled proudly at me.

"So a sweet voice and she can write too? Well what about the music?" He asked.

"That was both of us. Well, with the first one she had already thought about music but for the other two we did together."

"Well we can all see that you to work well together. They are very nice pieces. When are we recording?" He looked at Edward and Edward smiled brilliantly at me.

"You really think they're good enough for that?" I spoke up?, quietly.

"I definitely think they are. They need a little work. Put in some more instrumental but we can work that out later. And we don't have to do it today or anything. Just let me know when you think your ready and we will get you all set up. What you say?"Uncle Steve looked to me then to Edward.

"I think I can talk her into it. I knew you'd think she was as good as I did!" Edward smiled, he seemed to be doing that lots. "Thanks, oh and mom sends her love."

"Send her mine back and you behave yourself." He winked at Edward as he lead us out the door.

"Sure, Sure. We'll see you later." Edward waved as he opened my door for me.

"What did I say Babe, they were great and he loved them. Great job Bells." He leaned over the consol and kissed me.

I smiled up at him. "He liked them." I blushed and we headed back to Forks.

"I'll see you later tonight. Love you." I called as I reached up and kissed him quickly

"Bye, Love you too." He called as he headed back to his car from my door step.

"How'd it go, Bella?" My mom called from the kitchen.

"Really well, he wants to record it." I told her.

"Oh! Really! That's great, Bells!" She exclaimed, coming over to hug me.

"What's great?" Dad asked coming in from work.

"Edward and Bella went down to Edward's uncle's today and he's a music producer. He wants to record a couple pieces Edward and Bells have done." Mom explained.

"Oh well, Congrats Bells." Dad said. "Maybe it can take you somewhere. If that's where you want to go in your life."

"Maybe, just maybe it can." I said back.


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