Epilogue- New Beginnings

~Eight Years later~

There was a knock on the door.

Yugi stood up and walked to the door, opening it and finding Heba standing on the doorstep.

Heba held his nine-month-old son, Hiro. "Hey, Yugi. Can we come in?" Heba asked.

"Sure." Yugi replied, stepping aside and letting his brother and nephew in.

Heba walked into the living room.

Yugi was eight and a half months pregnant with his and Yami's first child.

Heba set Hiro down on the floor so he could play. "How are you doing, Yugi?" Heba asked.

Yugi sighed as they sat on the couch. "As well as can be expected. Yami is about to drive me crazy though." Yugi said.

"Let me guess. He won't let you do anything, constantly asks if you need anything, and calls you a hundred times when he's not home with you," Heba said.

"You know this how?" Yugi asked.

"Atemu did the exact same thing to me when I was pregnant. It's just nervousness from becoming a new father and worry over you." Heba said.

"He's close to having me hit him over the head just so I can have a few moments of peace." Yugi said.

Heba laughed.

Over the past eight years, things had changed for everyone.

Atemu had become a doctor and worked at Domino Community Hospital. He and Heba had bought a two-story house and lived only two blocks form the Game Shop.

Yugi and Yami lived only one more block over. Yami worked at KaibaCorp as a game designer for Seto and was one of Seto's best employees along with being the most well paid.

Seto and Joey still lived in the mansion with their adopted daughter, Suri. Mokuba lived there, too, when he came home from college. He was attending Oxford.

Tea had gone to America to follow her dancing dream, and Tristan followed her. They had married five years earlier.

Bakura and Ryou had moved to Egypt, but kept in touch. They had an adopted daughter, Mika, and an adopted son, Riku.

Marik and Malik were also living in Egypt and had an adopted son, Myran.

"How much longer do you have, Yugi?" Heba asked.

"A few weeks. Yami's getting more and more anxious the closer the time gets here." Yugi said.

Heba smiled. "Trust me. The fawning will go from you to the baby." Heba said.

"I doubt that Atemu completely stopped fussing over you." Yugi said.

"Nope. He's still driving me nuts, but it's less now." Heba said.

"Until the next one." Yugi supplied.

"Not for a little while. I'd like Hiro to be a few years old before we have a second one." Heba replied.

"How's Atemu's job going?" Yugi asked.

"Good. He's up for promotion. He could become the head of the surgical staff." Heba said.

"Wow. He's only twenty-five. I thought that was young for a person to be head of a surgical staff." Yugi said.

"It is. It's between Atemu and an older doctor. Atemu thinks it'll be the other doctor." Heba said.

"You never know." Yugi said.

"That's what I told him, but you know Atemu. He never tries to get excited over anything. He's just honored to be nominated." Heba said.

Hiro crawled over and tugged and Yugi's pants.

Yugi leaned down and picked Hiro up. "What is it, Hiro?" Yugi asked.

"He certainly likes you." Heba said.

"Well, since his Papa is over here almost everyday, I get to see him almost everyday." Yugi replied.

Heba laughed. "Yeah. I guess so." Heba agreed.

There was another knock on the door.

"I'll get it." Heba said.

Yugi nodded and stayed where he was.

Heba left the room and returned a moment later with Grandpa behind him.

"Hey, Grandpa." Yugi said.

"Hello, my boy. I thought I'd come see how you're doing." Grandpa said. He glanced at Heba. "I should have known that Heba and Hiro would be here." he added,

Yugi laughed. "You should know by now that Heba's over here almost everyday." Yugi said.

"Who's watching the shop?" Heba asked.

"Joey came over and offered to watch the shop so that I could come over here." Grandpa replied. He sat down and Hiro went over to him. "Hello, Hiro." Grandpa said.

"Atemu and Yami are the only ones left, and the entire family would be here." Yugi said.

"You know that they won't be here because Yami doesn't get off work until five, and Atemu won't get off until six." Heba said.

"Yeah, but Yami will be calling soon." Yugi said.

As if on cue, the phone rang.

"Speak of the devil." Yugi said. He picked up the phone and said, "Yes, Yami."

"How did you know that-" Yami started.

Heba mouthed 'Yami', and Yugi nodded.

"Yami, you call me everyday around this time." Yugi explained.

"Oh. I guess I do." Yami agreed.

"Yes, you do, and before you ask, I'm fine." Yugi said.

"Are you sure?" Yami asked.

"Yes, and I'm fine. Grandpa and Heba are over here, so you don't have to worry about me." Yugi said.

"Okay. Okay. I'm sorry." Yami said.

"It's okay. Just try not to worry so much." Yugi said.

"All right. I'll see you when I get home." Yami said.

"Okay. Bye. I love you." Yugi said.

"Love you, too." Yami replied.

Yugi hung up and sighed. "That man is calling me constantly." Yugi said.

"He's just worried about you, my boy. I was very concerned about your grandmother when she was pregnant." Grandpa said.

"So, I guess it's a normal thing for new fathers to act like this." Yugi said.

"Pretty much." Grandpa said.

"After the way Atemu acted, I'll believe that." Heba said.

Yugi grimaced as he was kicked again.

"You okay?" Heba asked.

"Yeah. The baby's been really active today." Yugi said.

"Yeah. Hiro could really dish out the kidney shots." Heba said.

"This one can, too. They must take after their fathers." Yugi said.

Grandpa laughed. "That is not necessarily a bad thing, boys." Grandpa said.

"Never said it was." Yugi said.

Hiro started crying.

"It's time for you to eat, isn't it?" Heba said, picking up his son.

"Speaking of which, I'm hungry." Yugi said.

"Then I'll fix us some lunch while Heba feeds Hiro." Grandpa said.

All three went into the kitchen.

That night, Seto and Joey threw a party to celebrate their eighth anniversary.

"Yugi, if you get too tired, just tell me and we'll leave." Yami said.

"Yami, you have told me this a thousand different times. I will tell you. Stop worrying." Yugi said.

"All right." Yami finally agreed and went to mingle.


Yugi turned to find Tea and Tristan behind him. "Tea. Tristan. What are you doing in Japan?" Yugi asked as they both hugged him.

"We received an invitation to the party and didn't want to refuse." Tea explained.

"Man. You're as big as a house, Yugi." Tristan said.

"Tristan!" Tea scolded,

Yugi laughed. "It's okay, Tea. He's right. I am." Yugi said.

"How much longer do you have?" Tea asked.

"A few weeks until my due date, but the doctor said that I could have the baby anytime." Yugi said.

"Glad to hear it." Tristan said.

"Tea. Tristan. Nice to see you two again." Heba said.

"HI, Heba." Tea said.

"How've you been?" Tristan asked.

"Fine." Heba replied.

"I thought you had a baby." Tea said.

"I do. Hiro's nine months old. Grandpa's keeping him tonight." Heba said.

"How's he doing?" Tristan asked.

"Fine. He's still in good health although he does need help in the Game Shop now. Heba and I help out a lot. Joey does, too." Yugi said.

"Sounds like he's as determined as ever never to have to depend on anyone." Tristan said.

"He is." Heba and Yugi said at the same time.

"Hey. Tristan. Tea. You made it." Joey said, coming over and hugging them.

"Of course. We wouldn't miss this for anything." Tea said.

"By the way, happy anniversary, Joey." Yugi said.

"Thanks. I thought for sure Yami wouldn't let you come." Joey said.

Yugi laughed. "He tried to convince me to stay home, but I wouldn't." Yugi replied.

"Did Mokuba make it back for it?' Tristan asked.

"Sure did. Seto's was glad about that." Joey replied.

"Did Leo, Yuesei, Kyla, and Sayora make it?" Heba asked.

"Yes, we did." a voice said.

They looked to see Leo and Yuesei.

"Sorry we're late. Kyla and Sayora couldn't make it, though." Yuesei said.

"It's okay. They said that they were working." Joey said.

"They are. Being models make things tough on them." Leo said.

The group slowly started to disperse and mingle.

The party when on.

After about an hour, Yugi could feel himself getting tired. He found a place to sit down.

"Yugi, are you all right?"

Yugi looked up at Atemu, who looked worried. "I'm okay. Just a little tired. Could you find Yami and tell him I think we should go home." Yugi said.

"Sure. I'll find him. You just sit here." Atemu said.

Yugi nodded.

Atemu left to find Yami.

Yugi grimaced as the baby kicked him again.

"Yugi, are you all right?" Yami asked, worriedly taking Yugi's hands in his.

"I'm fine. I just need to go home and rest." Yugi assured him.

"All right. Atemu will tell everyone we left." Yami said.

"I'd like to at least tell Joey and Seto bye. It is hierarchy after all." Yugi said.

Yami sighed, knowing that it was pointless to try and talk Yugi out of it. "All right, but only them." Yami agreed.

Yugi nodded, and the two quickly found Seto and Joey.

"Seto. Joey. Thanks for inviting us, but we're going on home." Yugi said.

"Sure thing. Thanks for coming." Joey said, hugging Yugi.

"Bye. I'll see you tomorrow, Yami." Seto said.

"All right. Bye." Yami said.

Yami and Yugi left and went straight home. They went up to their room and changed into nightclothes.

"Yugi, are you sure that you're all right?" Yami asked.

"Yes, Yami. I'm just tired and need to rest. The baby's been active today." Yugi said.

"Well, all right. What time was your doctor appointment tomorrow?" Yami asked.

"Eleven. I take it you'll be there." Yugi said.

"I have for all the others, and I'm not missing this one." Yami replied.

"Okay. Let's get some sleep." Yugi said.

The two climbed into bed to go to sleep.

"Yami kissed Yugi and said, "Night, aibou. I love you."

"Love you, too. Good night." Yugi replied.

The two went to sleep.

Yugi was the first one to wake up the next morning. He saw that Yami was still asleep. Yugi climbed out of bed so that he didn't disturb Yami and went downstairs to start breakfast. Yugi sighed. He was still tired despite the fact that he had slept well last night. 'I can always ask the doctor today.' Yugi thought. He had just set all the food on the table when He felt a sharp pain in his stomach and something wet running down his legs. Yugi gripped the side of the table and shouted, "YAMI! GET DOWN HERE!"

Yami, who had, just finished getting ready for work, heard Yugi's scream and ran downstairs to find Yugi sitting in the floor. He raced over and knelt down beside Yugi. "Yugi, what's wrong?" Yami asked.

"Yami, I think-the baby's-coming." Yugi gasped out.

Yami's eyes widened. He quickly helped Yugi up, grabbed his bag, and headed out with Yugi. "We'll go to the hospital." Yami told him.

Yugi nodded.

Yami started driving to the hospital. He pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

"Hello? Seto Kaiba speaking." Seto said.

"Seto, it's Yami." Yami said.

"Yami, what's wrong?" Seto asked.

"I'm taking Yugi to the hospital. He's in labor." Yami said.

"He is?! Joey and I are coming. I'll call Heba, Grandpa, Tea, and Tristan for you." Seto said.

"Thanks." Yami said and hung up.

The two arrived at the hospital, and Yami helped Yugi inside.

Atemu was startled to find them there.

"What are you two doing here?" Atemu asked.

"Yugi's in labor." Yami said.

Atemu started giving orders.

Yugi was soon in a room. He'd been given something for the pain.

"I guess you're not going to work." Yugi said.

"Not a chance. I'd rather lose my job than not be here. Of course, Joey would see to it that that never happens." Yami said.

Yugi nodded. "What about Heba and Grandpa?" Yugi asked.

"Seto called them. They should be here soon." Yami replied.

As if on cue, the door opened and Heba, Grandpa, Joey, Seto, Mokuba, Tristan, and Tea entered.

"Yugi, you okay?" Heba asked.

"I'm fine, Heba. I'm having a baby. Not dying." Yugi said.

"All right. Some of you need to get out." Atemu said.

"Why?" Joey asked.

"Only three people in here with him at a time. A hospital rule." Atemu said.

Knowing Atemu wouldn't bend, Joey, Seto, Tristan, Tea, and Mokuba left.

Yami and Grandpa walked out to give Yugi and Heba a little time alone.

"So, how are you doing?" Heba asked.

"I'm fine. It was a little painful at first, but I'll be okay." Yugi said.

"Are you excited?" Heba asked.

"Yeah, I am. I can tell Yami is, too." Yugi said.

"Atemu was, although he is very strict with the hospital rules." Heba said.

"It's his job. Can't blame him for that." Yugi said.

Heba nodded.

"Did he get the promotion?" Yugi asked.

"I don't know. He won't know until later today, although I'm more excited about this." Heba said.

Yugi nodded. He understood.

Four hours later, Yugi had given birth to twins, a boy and a girl.

"Wow. Twins." Yami said.

"Yeah. Didn't expect that one." Yugi agreed.

"What are you going to name them?" Mokuba asked.

"Well, the boy's name is Sunni Rein." Yugi said.

"The girl's name is Sakura May." Yami said.

"Those are such cute names." Tea said.

"Well, that makes two more to the list of kids our circle of friends have." Joey said.

Slowly, Joey, Seto, Mokuba, Tristan, and Tea left the room, leaving only the family there.

"This is truly a joyous day." Grandpa said.

"Yeah. Now you've got two great-grandsons and a great-granddaughter." Heba said.

"I don't mind. I love the idea." Grandpa said.

Heba, Atemu, Yugi, and Yami all could see that Grandpa was as excited as he was when Hiro was born.

"Atemu, did you ever hear about that job promotion?" Yugi asked.

"Yes. I got it." Atemu replied.

"Really? That's great." Yami said.

"I honestly thought that they'd give it to Dr. Singe." Atemu said.

"You deserve it, Atemu. You're a great doctor." Yugi said.

"I appreciate that." Atemu said.

Soon, Atemu, Heba, and Grandpa left, leaving Yugi and Yami alone.

"Are you going home, Yami?" Yugi asked.

"No. I'm staying here until you get home." Yami said.

"Sounds familiar." Yugi said.

"I would have stayed the entire time you were in the coma eight years ago if I could have." Yami said.

"I have no doubt about that." Yugi said.

"I can't wait to get our kids home." Yami said, holding Sakura.

"I agree. They'll have a great home." Yugi said.

"Yeah, and I know that we can get advice from Atemu and Heba." Yami said.

"They'll be over there a lot." Yugi said.

"I'm just glad that Hiro's not much older than them. They'll make great playmates." Yami said.

"I know. Heba was happy when I told him I was pregnant." Yugi said.

A few days later, Yugi was able to go home with the twins.

Their friends threw them a party to welcome them home.

The party lasted for a few hours before everyone went home.

That night, Yugi and Yami put their kids down to sleep and couldn't be happier.

Yami wrapped his arms around Yugi and said, "I love you."

"I love you, too, Yami." Yugi said. He turned around and kissed Yami.

They knew that being parents would be new, different, and hard, but they were prepared to face it together.

It was a good start to new chapter in their lives.


That's the end of Misunderstandings and Mistakes.

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