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The End

By: Joz-yyh

Link was tired. His breaths come in labored gusts and his body moves at the speed of lead. The Master Sword feels incredibly heavy in his hands, so much so that not even his chosen strength can bear to lift the burden it places upon his shoulders. Link looks at the area surrounding him, takes in the broken patterns and colors of the mosaics walls lining the castle because there are scarce other tasks he is capable of accomplishing in his tattered state. The world was beautiful once, filled with light and color just like the stained glass windows he finds himself gazing into from beneath his bruised eyelids. But that world has fallen to ruin and decay just as this chamber now cripples from the clash of two great forces of nature, power against courage. There is a burning emotion inside of the hero, one that comes from not having enough and he silently pleads for the Master Sword to answer his call because he cannot fail now, not at the moment of truth.

The answer he seeks lies no further than inside his own heart. Within his chest all hope is dying, hardening into a statue of its former self. He fears, he hurts and he finds no salvation here.

Link has always felt Death close by, hiding in the shadows of his boots, but now he can feel black thorns of dread coil along his spine, can hear grotesque whispers tangle in his thoughts.

Link falls quickly into despair. He feels foolish for giving pledge to Zelda's words of prophecy, words that made him believe that he could save the world, but he was wrong, they both were. Link admits to himself that he never wanted to become the hero of this tale and that thought disgusts him because it has always been the truth he has tried to outrun.

Link finds himself wanting to go back in time so he can find whatever event is responsible for erupting this goddess forsaken war and cut off its metaphorical head. Link manages a lopsided smirk because he knows there isn't just one solitary event or two or three chaining him to this fate. There are an infinite amount of lifetimes and events spread across the dimensions that are all linked together to create this epic, and he cannot possibly edit all the chapters in time for the closing scene. The curse on his existence spans far greater than his hand can reach and whether he raises a sword out against the tyranny or not, the black hole of Ganondorf's soul has already consumed them all.

From out of the veil of darkness emerges a nobel face with a molten red mane. The hero tenses, accepting that these are his last few moments of life.

The energy to dodge wasn't there. Even if his stagnance meant his death, Link cannot stand without the crutch of his sword. His forehead sinks down on top of his gauntlets, his posture resembling the straight lines of a 'T.' Sweat trickles off of the hero's brow, his body already starting to feel cold after the wearing of adrenaline and yet his mind is alight with warm vague thoughts. Thoughts of simply falling to his knees with one last smile before his eye grow lifeless and the floor cradles his corpse. The forest boy laughs, but cuts it short. His voice sounds like a product of exhaustion. The last thing he wants to do is have Ganondorf believe that he thinks this vendetta between them is funny.

Link hears Navi calling out to him from the outskirts of the battleground. The Hylian cannot tell if her voice is slightly warped because of the barrier withholding her from his aid or if it was because Ganondorf's magic struck him so hard that his ears had not yet recovered from the sound. The fairy screeches in distress as sacred metal grinds against unrelenting energy.

Navi can see her partner give under the paralyzing volts of electricity. She is desperate and frightened and as such will try anything to keep the hero from falling. The murder of his best friend Saria and vain sacrifice of the Great Deku Tree are just a few of the sprite's infuriating remarks.

Just as Link's strength is approaching its end, Ganondorf disappears into the dark cavities of the room. It takes everything Link has left not to cease animation right then.

"Giving up, already?" Ganondorf asks.

Link feels himself jump inside his skin. He did not expect Ganondorf's next move to involve a dialogue. The hero had no breath to spare for a reply, but he forces his eyes to stay vigilant which is a predisposed notion because the source of the deep voice seems to emanate from every direction. If nothing else, he would die with his eyes open.

The Dark Lord did not say any more. Instead he strips off his cloak of invisibility and reveals himself. The Gerudo's magic seems to have a consciousness all its own, however; and persisted, knowing that a sword and shield were strongest when paired together.

Ganondorf had no trouble breaking free of his minion and silencing its selfish demands. The Dark Lord took strides towards Link, his boots echoing like a count down to the hero's demise.

His executioner was beautiful. It was a crazy thought, yes, but one that was sick with inertia and refused to stop. Perhaps it was the cause of his exhaustion, but he cannot resist the allure of confidence in every bend and twist of Ganondorf's muscles. A bold declaration of omnipotence as impervious and unyielding as the resolution that frames his face. Link supposes that overthrowing countless kingdoms would give any man such a presence, but the hero was no less impressed.

As the Evil King approaches the squatting hero, Link could finally admire the man more closely. The Hylian realizes that his enemy wears nary any armor, that his shape needs no more protection than thebrute muscle he is composed of. Din crafted her champion from a mountain, sent molten fire to mold his rigid form and to serve as his passion, his fury. Storms of Lightning welded all the materials together, infused Ganondorf with his endless power and eternal life. Dying by this man's hand would be an honor.

Even as the hero thought that, he tries to back away. Not that he could, for his legs had failed him some time ago.

Ganondorf takes possession of the hero's chin and Link can feel the power circulating within those fingers. As the blonde boy is forced to look up, he cannot stop his eyes from quivering.

"You, do not need to do this," The man says gently. Ganondorf's hand remains comfortably on the boy's jaw, never seeking to cause him harm. The finest gold eyes gaze down at Link and from this distance Link feels as though he's staring straight into the sun.

Navi lets out an explosive cry because her partner has been captured. She must free the hero from his self-induced submission and so she recites the many forgotten promises Link has made throughout his journey.

Ganondorf raises a hand towards the fairy, his hand outstretched in opposition. Link is slow to react, his gasp at the sudden haste in movement so far behind the normal progression of time that it is no longer worth mentioning.

"Mindless sprite, I forbid you from forcing anymore of your deluded righteousness on him. You dare hold yourself so highly over me when you deny him the one thing he wants."

Link heard the fairy squeal as dark flames rope her to the nearest wall. Link feels rage invigorate him and thusly attempts to stand up to his full height.

Ganondorf turns to confront the threat and in doing so, daunts any further intentions of mutiny the hero might have had.

"I will not harm you," Ganondorf tells him.

Ganondorf might as well have handed him a parchment with word 'deceit' written on it in big bold letters because Link was not convinced. The hope within his chest breaks free of its stone prison, white light shinning through the cracks. Navi has reassured the blond that there is peace, if only fleeting, in Ganondorf's death.

Ganondorf's hands move to Link's shoulders, rolling over them softly. Link scowls, trying to avoid the man's touch. The hero hears the squeak of leather, the rustle of fabric as the Evil King bows his heads towards him, their foreheads nearly touching.

"I want you to forget this crusade."

Link's feral expression takes on the appearance of surprise at that statement. Like a flock of birds, the Evil King releases a magnitude of possibilities into the clear sky of Link's mind. The king watches as the birds sputter around inside their cage, each trying to deliver a letter of importance but none able to reach their destination.

"Stay here with me," Ganondorf said, "I will allow you the freedom to go anywhere you wish. You may do as you please. My only requirement is that you come to my side when I call. I, nor anyone else will ask anything more of you."

Minutes pass. Silence and then the Master Sword clatters to the ground. Link allows himself to fall into the sanctuary of the taller man's chest.

"It's alright. In my arms nothing can harm you." The Dark Lord says, wrapping his cape around the boy and holding him close.

Link cries because he is lost inside a forest where only shadows exist among the unknown and his compass is broken. The needle spins on endlessly, revisiting the same cardinal points over and over again, but everything is going to be ok now because there is a beast here in the dark with him and he promises to show the little boy in the green hood the way out.

Link wasn't sure what happened next. When he finally recovers from the blur in memory he finds the Master Sword sheathed inside Ganondorf's abdomen. Link slides the edge in deeper, coaxing more crimson to stain the blade.

Link was crying again, sobbing to himself because he killed the beast who could have saved him from walking in circles forever.

"I knew this would be you're answer." He heard the Dark One choke, blood beginning to well inside the taller man's throat. There was no malice in his voice, only understanding.

Link gasps in terror. His knuckles grip the sword tighter because the hero is under the delusion that it will somehow prolong the Gerudo's life.

Ganondorf's hands return to Link, one hand placed on the boy's shoulder and the other visiting Link's chin as it had done so before.

Ganondorf tries to speak around his ragged breathes as he says, "Know, know that I still love you."

The King leans forward, lips falling just short of their intent. Link's eyes widen, knowing what the Lord had meant to do, but not knowing what brought him to such a conclusion.

Ganondorf cannot keep himself upright and so keels around the sword, fresh splashes of blood soiling the hero's knees.

Link withdrew the blade in one fine motion, tossing the sword aside to rot as he caught the King before he flattened to the ground. The Gerudo is heavy and Link focuses the last of his energy into easing the man down to rest on his lap.

"Link ..."

The Dark One's hand twitches as it reaches out for the hero and Link takes it up into his hands and places it upon his cheek. The blond boy nudges his nose into the large palm, closing his eyes around the sorrow that rips at his heart. How despicable he is to mourn the death of the Evil King and how easy and loathsome it is for him say that he would gladly trade every soul in the kingdom to make this man whole again.

"Do not fret. Everything is as it should be," Ganondorf smiles. The sight is so charming Link manages to smile back.

Ganondorf's voice is weak, but he has more to say. "I do wish that I-I could have spent more time with you, not just as your enemy."

Ganondorf heaves, but tries to belittle the wet sounds originating from his throat if only to retract from the hero's worried looks. The blade is purifying the malice in his blood and the divine poison has reached the vessels of his heart. He cannot protest when his hand falls out of the hero's care.

"No," Link objects.

Link leans down, his hands gripping the tribal fabric adorning the taller man's armor. Tears descend from the blond's lashes and come to dot the Gerudo's features.

"No, you can't! You're stronger than the light," Link screams.

The blonde can smell traces of incense, but the smell turns acrid with blood.

"Take me with you!" Link shouts at the Gerudo, hoping he said the words before the last traces of warmth, of life inside the man shrivel up like blackened rose petals. A distinct chill passes through the blonde as the body in his hands become abandoned. He sobs grow harder and Link tries to see through his tears if the King has born anew from the ashes, but no such miracle happens.

"Why didn't you stop me! You should have taken me with you! I would have done anything you wanted!"

As if in response to the hero's grief, the massive fortress begins to shake, macabre pieces of architecture snapping under the tremendous weight of its Master's death.

"Wait for me," Link cooes to the cold remains in his arms.

Navi, now free of her shackles, pleads with the hero to leave with her, but the boy will not listen. He merely asks his fairy to escort the princess safely out of the tower and then waves her away, pushes her back with callous commands.

It is only when the ceiling nearly crushes her translucent wing on its plummet to the floor, potentially grounding her forever, that Navi flees in search of Zelda. The princess and the fairy have no time for words as they descend down the tiers of hypnotic stairs. They escape with minimal injuries, raising the barred doors that will lead them over the rainbow bridge. When every last spike and gargoyle is swallowed up by the volcano, Navi tells Zelda of the unfortunate news.


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