I always wanted this to happen, but Stephanie Meyer never made it possible, so I decided to make it myself. This will be a short story, well, I mean, few chapters, probably just 3 maximum.

How could they do this to me? After all this time of Edward saying that he knew how much hurting Jacob would hurt me. How could he actually do it? At school! Will they really fight? Seems like it. Please don't, please don't.

This was one of the times when I wished Edward could read my thoughts; my voice didn't seem to work. Where are the rest of the Cullens when you need them the most?! Alice wouldn't know; Jacob was here. But, is that really the only way they can find out! I mean, we're at school! Everyone knows everything in a few seconds. I began hyperventilating. Maybe it would be a right time to faint. They would get worried and problem solved.

No! Don't do it. What if they began blaming each other and the fight becomes even more brutal! A little voice said in my head and I got what little control was left. The fight wouldn't just hurt them. It could hurt everyone around them, not to mention, revealing this other world to the almost 400 students in forks high. They didn't need a visit from the Volturi too. I started thinking other plans that could stop this catastrophe from happening. My train of thought was lost when Edwards's voice came.

"Good idea." Edward said in a flat, icy voice I made me shudder. His expression was murdering. They turned and walked awkwardly toward the forest, hardly resisting to kill each other at the moment, Jacob's body already shaking from head to toe. I stared at them in shock. Watching as they disappeared into the woods. Seconds later, the frightening snarls came from a distance.

Liked it hate it? In the next chapter I'll explain why the fight began, don't worry. Well, that is if I get at least 5 reviews.