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I could feel all eyes staring at me, burning my back and ears. The crowd hadn't dispersed yet; they were all shocked by what just had happened. No one even attempted to follow them. No one was talking, just looking either, towards the forest or towards me, yet I couldn't bring myself to move. I was rooted into place.

I guessed I was numb with shock. The idea of Edward and Jacob fighting hadn't sunk in yet. I couldn't believe what had just happened!

"Okay, people, nothing to see here. Go back to class!" The Principle's booming voice barely reached my ears.

I had a vivid dead-Edward flash and later a dead-Jacob one. I shook my head fiercely and tried to clear those terrible images from my head. I sank into my knees and placed my head between my hands, feeling worst than ever.

"Bella! What just happened!?" a familiar voice made its way into my ears.

I looked up and walked into Alice's cold arms, grateful. She seemed tense and had her jaw clenched tight, her eyes cold and flat.

"Tell me what happened Bella. Where's Edward? I just saw his future and yours disappear. I guessed that the wolf was here but when I saw just yours reappear I got worried." Alice explained looking into my eyes and holding my dazed head in her strong hands.

"Th-they left for the forest." My voice barely a whisper. "They were going to fight and it's all my fault!" I shrieked and fell to the ground again.

Alice crouched next to me and started rubbing circles in my back to calm me down. My sobs echoed in the empty parking lot and hot tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Aren't you gonna do something?" I asked in amazement, barely recognizing her with my blurry, tearful vision. How could she possibly be standing here while Edward could be dying right at this very moment?

"Don't worry. When I saw you here I guessed enough and called Carlisle. They will go stop it." Somehow that didn't help me relax. I wanted to go, I wanted to feel them both in my arms again and know that they hadn't harmed each other, I wanted to know what had happened in these past 10 minutes, and I wanted to make sure they were alright. "Relax Bella! Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett won't let Jacob harm Edward." She saw my still worried expression and added, "Nor, Edward Jacob."

I sighed and got up. I hiccupped and wiped away my tears, which didn't help seeing as they just kept coming out again.

"Come on; let's get you a relaxing tea or something. Everything will be fine. There won't be any injured mythical creatures today." She said with a small smile and led me towards my truck. I could tell how worried she was herself but she was being strong for me.

She drove to the Cullen house, constantly saying things like: "Don't worry. Relax. Everything will be okay." But I had a feeling she was saying them for herself rather than me.

We entered the house. Esme received me with a sad hug. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Rosalie approach angrily.

"If anything happens to anyone. It's all your fault." I flinched at the venom in her words and because I knew how true they were. "Nobody would be fighting if they weren't fighting over you. You. Are. Not. Going. To. Be. The. Reason. For. The. Death. Of. My. husband." She threatened with a low, menacing voice, almost a hiss, emphasizing each word with particular hatred.

"Rosalie!" Esme exclaimed startled.

"She won't be!" She yelled, pointing a perfect finger at me that made me cringe in shame, "and if she is, I'll take care of her personally." She strode out of the house with a last loathing look at me.

"She didn't mean it Bella, honey, she's just nervous." Esme said comfortingly.

"No, she's right."

"No, she's not." Alice said and went sit down the stairs with glassy eyes.

I waited in the couch with my knees close to my chest and endless tears rolling down my cheeks, while vivid, horrible images filled my head with my worst nightmare.

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