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The Heros Awaken

Darkness covered the field, the only light was the full moon above in the sky. The only noise that dared to be heard was the grass crunching under to pairs of brown boots. The boots ran, where they didn't know themselves. The moon shone as though it was a spotlight and landed on the two figures in the boots. One was a boy that looked around seventeen. Tall and lean while standing at roughly six feet and two inches. His short dirty blonde hair framed his heart shaped face and would seem to cover his ocean blue eyes if he were standing still. Beside him ran a girl who looked to be in her prime of sixteen and stood five inches shorter than the boy making her five feet and nine inches. Her brownish blonde hair flowed behind her, swishing back and forth as she ran. Tears stained her crimson eyes as they ran farther away from the town she once called home. A hollow laugh sounded behind them and they wanted nothing more than to turn and fight, but a small voice echoed in their minds,

"Please.....don't look the man in the face until you have the tools needed. You'll be doomed if you try....so please....don't...."

A squeak came from the girl's lips as she tripped on a small rock and hit the ground with a thud. The boy quickly turned and looked at her, shock etched on his face as he darted back to her. He tried to lift her off the ground before the shadow loomed over, but to no avail. The boy held the girl to his chest as they both squeezed their eyes shut as to not see the man's face. The boy felt the girl getting tugged away from him and fought to keep his grip, but he soon lost and the girl was pulled up off the ground into a standing position. She didn't dare open her eyes, no matter how hard the man gripped her arms. It wasn't until she felt herself being shaken that her eyes forced themselves open.

With a hand on her shoulder and a concerned look in her friend's eyes, green eyes opened to stared into chocolate brown ones. With a slow reaction time from just waking up, it took the girl a few moments to react to the face that was so close to hers. The chocolate eyes closed as a laugh escaped their owner's lips and gave a smile.

"Jess, you did it again."

Jess, starred up at the figure infront of her and only shook her head.

With dark strawberry blonde hair that reached alittle past her shoulders and grassy green eyes, Jess was a fifteen year old sophmore that stood at five feet and eight inches. She pulled at the bottom of her Bullet for My Valentine shirt and raised an eyebrow at her friend.

"Did the bell ring already, Alysa?"

Jess questioned with a yawn as she accepted the hand that Aylsa offered her.

Alysa, with her blonde streaked brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, was an eighteen year old senior that stood around six inches shorter than the sophmore infront of her. She raised the sleeves of her softball hoodie up, revealing her semi muscular arms and allowing cool air to reach them, and put her fists on her hips.

"Nah, you still have about five minutes. Just be glad I was here to wake you, because we both know these guys wouldn't."

Alysa's eyes signaled to Jess's that she ment the row of boys behind them. The row included: Frankie, a fifteen year old blacked haired mixed alto playing sophmore -who was a good friend of jess and Alysa; Tylor, a blonde haired fourteen year old trumpet playing freshman -one of Jess's best friends; Noah, a rather stout blackish brown haired trumpet playing junior; Corey, a cute looking brownish black haired sixteen year old alto playing junior; Austin, a tanned brown haired sixteen year old tenor playing junior -Another one of Jess's best friends; Jeremy, a cute looking brown haired sixteen year old alto playing junior -the older brother of Tylor, yet another one of Jess's best friends; Zach or Zatch, a big curly blonde haired seventeen year old bari playing senior -one of Alysa and Jess's best friends; Kristen, the brown haired fourteen year old alto playing freshman -yet another one of Jess's best friends; and Seaira, the blonde haired fourteen year old flute playing colorguard member -Jess's daughter as she is sometimes called since they act so silly.

A laugh was shared between the girls as Jess's slender arms bent down and grabbed her books before heading down the hallway, knowing she would be late if she didn't leave early.

"Did she have the dream again, Alysa?"

A male voice reached the senior's ears and she quickly turned to look at him.

"I think so. She squeaked around the same time after falling asleep as yesterday....I really want to know what it means O.J....I want to help help her get over it...."

She sighed as a hand grasped her shoulder.

"I'm sure it doesn't mean anything, but if she keeps having it; then we'll keep worrying about it, alright?"

The man known as O.J. replied as he turned to walk back into the band room.

The man was actually named Martin, Marty as he was known. He was the highschool's band director and everyone's, who had him, favorite teacher.

Alysa sighed knowing he was right and rushed to her locker right as the bell rang.

Jess closed her locker with a bang and started making her way to C-hall for her Geometry class. She looked to her left when something hit her shoulder.

"Hey, Austin,"

She said smiling at the older boy.

"Hey, Jess,"

Was all he replied back to her, but not without adding a smile.

Austin stood four inches taller than Jess which made him six foot even. He was section leader for the saxes and first chair tenor; Jess was second seat, first after he switched to alto for concert season.

"You staying after to play Brawl? Corey said he brought his Wii."

He said as he dodgeed people so he could stay beside the girl.

"Yeah, but I swear we need to play some Ocarina of Time! I just have this giant urge to play it, ya know?"

Jess stated with a laugh and a smile. Austin joined in on the laugh and nodded before speaking again,

"I know just what you mean. I've had the urge to, so I might run home and get my sixty-four after school. I'll see you seventh."

They waved to each other as Austin entered his fifth period. Jess only laughed again before speed walking, just barely making it to Geometry before the tardy bell rang.

A small pool of water layed in the middle of a snow white room. Three figures stood around it and gazed at each other. The blue haired one waved her hand over the water and the ripples revealed a blonde haired girl and a brown haired boy.

"Sisters, I bet you're wondering who these two are."

The other two women nodded as they looked from their sister back down into the water.

"The brown haired one is the Hero of Time. He may not give it off, but he has the courage needed inside of him. Just look at his right hand if you do not believe me, Farore."

The last part was said because the blue haired woman noticed her green haired sister, Farore, giving her a strange look. Farore did as her sister said and gazed down at the boy's hand which layed flat on the desk he sat at. She had to look rather close to see the faint outline of the triforce on the boy's left hand. The goddess of courage looked at her sister of wisdom with another strange look.

"Are you positive it's him? I thought we only made it possible for desendants of the original hero could pocess the Triforce of Courage and be the Hero of Time. This boy looks nothing like the hero, Nayru."

Nayru only shook her head as she ran her hand over the water again. As the ripples died,it brought the boy's face into view, revealing it to be Jeremy.

"Though he may not look like the hero Farore, he has the courage needed to take on the task. His eyes also reveal the same amount of determination the previous hero had, maybe more."

Farore gave a look into the boy's eyes when her sister finished speaking. Nayru had been correct. A fire burnt in Jeremy's eyes that Farore hadn't seen in years. She slowly lifted her gaze with a slow nod to her sisters. The red haired woman sighed and looked at the boy for the second time herself.

"Fine, he's the Hero of Time. Now who was the girl you showed us?"

Nayru looked at her red headed sister and ran her hand over the water again. When the ripples died, Austin was left in Jeremy's place.

"Patience Din. Before you know about her, you should know about this boy. He's role is also important to the time ahead."

Nayru pointed at Austin's right hand as she finished speaking; revealing a triforce outline that was clearer than Jeremy's. Din's eyes widened and slammed her hands on the side of the pool.

"That's wisdom! Now I know this is wrong! Only members of the Royal Family can pocess your power Nayru!"

Din looked back down to Austin's hand when she finished. She couldn't understand....how did this boy pocess wisdom.....he wasn't royalty.... Nayru answered her sister's confusion before the goddess of power could become angrier.

"Though what you say is true, Din, this boy is a member of the Hyrule Royal Family. If I'm not mistaken, he is Princess Zelda's desendant."

The goddesses of courage and power only starred at their sister of wisdom. Nayru merely closed her eyes as she yet again ran her hand across the water. As the ripples died down, the blonde head came back into view and the head raised up as if to look at someone that shouted their name revealing that it was Jess.

"Now, Nayru, just what is so special about this girl? She doesn't have a triforce; nor does she seem to be a desendant of any sort."

Nayru looked at the green haired Farore before answering with a simple question,

"Farore, do you remember the extra defence we made for the Master Sword?"

Farore simply starred at her sister again. Did she think she was dumb?

"Of course I remember. We made a layer of elements around the Master Sword that would protect it from any evil that managed to get through the Door of Time. Only we or the one destined to control them can remove it."

The room stayed quiet as the goddess of courage took the information in. Her eyes widened when it came to her.

"You can't mean that...."

"Yes, Farore. This girl is the Elemental Heroine. The one destined to be the eighth sage and the most powerful of them all. The one destined to help the Hero of Time defeat the Dark King."

The three goddesses starred down into the water at Jess for a few moments before Din finally broke the silence.

"So, when do we bring them here?"

Surprisingly, Farore was the one to answer instead of Din.

"We have to wait till they're all together. Along with the others, correct Nayru?"

The goddess of wisdom smiled at her sister of courage before answering the confused look on her sister of power's face.

"By others, she means the ones essential to the Hero of Time and the Elemental Heroine's journey. Though some of them may not be of much help, some of them will really just be needed to bring out their hidden strength before they take on the Dark King."

Din seemed to understand and slowly nodded her head. They all stood still again as Farore ran her hand across the water, making Jess's image dissappear.

The bell rang signaling the end of the school day. Jess gave a small squeal in delight, since it also meant the weekend. She quickly put up her silver Kessler Custom before going to help Corey hook up his Wii.

"Guys, I'm going to run home real quick. I'll be back in a few."

Austin gave a wave as he headed out the door. Jess simply starred after him.

"I didn't think he was serious about going to get his sixty-four...."

Corey raised an eyebrow at the younger girl before standing up.

"Is that where he's going? Run and get him, Jess. I brought the gamecube Collector Edition of Zelda 'cause I had a feeling we'd need it."

Jess took about five steps towards the door before stopping and turning to Corey.

"How'd you know he was getting the sixty-four for Zelda?"

She raised an eyebrow to the older boy who merely gave a shocked look.

"Didn't you mention it when you said he was getting the sixty-four?"

Jess shook her head meaning no. Corey only shrugged before turning back to the system.

"Whatever. It doesn't matter. Just go get him."

Jess stuck out her tounge at him before rushing to the door. She felt the sunlight hit her and she instantly felt at peace. A twinkle distracted her for a split second before she realised it was the butterfly shapped ring on her right hand. She looked and quickly spotted Austin, who was going amazingly slow since he was usually long gone by now.


Said boy turned his head at the sound of his name. Jess gave him a signal to come back which he did, quickly. She quickly explained the situation and he only laughed at her fast talking. They walked back inside and were both surprised to find that a few more people had joined into the group. Along with the normal group of band kids were a few unexpected faces, which included: Gabbie, one of Jess's friends outside of band; Bailey, an Alumni of the school and of the band; Lora and Michael, marty's wife and son; and Tara, which surprised Jess the most since she was from a rival school and was rarely seen. She quickly rushed the rival school senior and gave her a bear hug.

"Tara! What are you doing here?!"

Said shorter girl laughed before backing up and looking up at her.

"Bailey came and rescued me from band class early. So we came here since we knew you guys were doing this."

The girls shared a smile as Corey cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

"Okay, now that everyone's here, what are we doing? Brawl or Zelda?"

To Jess's complete surprise, everyone chose the one player game over the four player. Corey only nodded as he placed the disk inside and waited. Everyone had already slipped into conversations.

The goddesses stood around the water watching. They all looked at each other before nodding and grasping each other's hands. They closed their eyes as Austin's and Jeremy's hands began to glow and Jess's ring began to shine. All the heads in the water turned towards the screen as it began to turn a pure snow white. The light grew as it passed over all of them, engulphing them as if eating, then it vanished as quick as it came. No one was left in the room.

The goddesses let go and opened their eyes. Farore waved her hand over the water turning the water into its regular mirror like state. They watched their reflections for a moment before starring at each other again. They had done what they were supposed to, now all they could was play the waiting game until they were needed again. They had to put all their faith and hope into the young people, whose destinies had just been changed for good.

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