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Waking Up To The Kokiri

Rain fell in the field. A small boy and girl stood there watching as the bridge came down towards them and the thunder crashed above them. A white horse emerged with a small girl and an older woman on it. The girl looked at the kids as the horse galloped out of sight. Soon a black horse emerged and stopped near the kids. The man riding looked at them and smirked as he raised his right palm at them. As a light began to come from his palm everything went black.

In a small clearing, a large, old, half-way dead looking tree stood alone.

"Navi....Navi where art thou? Come hither...."

A small blue orb flew up to the tree and hovered in front of it.

"Oh, Navi the fairy....Listen to my words, the words of the Deku Tree....Dost thou sense it? The climate of evil descending upon this realm....Malevolent forces even now are mustering to attack our land of Hyrule...

For so long, the Kokiri Forest, the source of life, has stood as a barrier deterring outsiders and maintaining the order of the world....But...before this tremendous evil power, even my power is as nothing.

It seems time has come for the boy and girls without fairies to begin their journey....The youths whose destinies it is to lead Hyrule to the path of justice and truth...Navi, find the purple fairy and go now! Find our young friends and guide them to me...I do not have much time left. Fly, Navi, fly! The fate of the forest, nay the world, depends up thee!"

The blue orb flew off out of the clearing and into a small looking village. Navi flew as fast as her wings would carry her, almost missing the small flower patch because of it. She spotted a purple glow beneath the petals and rapidly approached it.

Tara groaned as sunlight hit her quickly. How long had she been out? All she remembered was a bright light and now here she was. Asleep in some flowers... She noticed a purple glow around here and tried to find the cause. It took her a few moments to realize that it was her. Her eyes widened as she sat there trying to figure everything out. Before a single thought could process in her mind a blue light approached her.

"Tara, get up quickly! We have to go! Now!"

Tara only starred at the girl, stunned. How did she know her name? She was about to ask when the girl pulled her up and through the air. Tara wanted to ask where she was or if the blue girl had seen her friends, but the girl was flying so fast she couldn't. Wait....flying?! Tara looked towards the ground and saw that her feet were nowhere near it. She gulped as they kept flying. After being pulled over heads getting hers hit by a fence, they stopped inside a tree house with two sleeping bodies. One was a boy, who was asleep on a small bed, and a girl, who was asleep on the floor and awoke with a start as they starred at her.

Jessica awoke with a short scream. Her dream, or nightmare, had terrified her greatly. Though it seemed familiar which might have had a little to do with it. She looked at her surrounds which consisted of wood, wood and....floating orbs? She stared at the blue and purple lights before rubbing her eyes to make sure they were real. She watched as the blue one floated over to the boy sleeping on the bed. The purple one came closer and her gaze switched to it.

"Jess, you okay?"

Jess only starred at the orb as it spoke to her and tried to figure out who it was was. She blinked a few times before giving a confused glance.


Her voice sounded raspy from sleep. She watched as the small orb bobbed up and down, Jess took it as yes and her eyes widened like she witnessed a murder. Right in front of her face, Tara floated as a little purple orb and they sure as hell weren't in the band room anymore. She rubbed the back of her head and froze when her hand brushed against something. It was pointed and she looked at Tara as if asking, "Is that my ear?" Tara only bobbed up and down again. Jess had to grab onto a nearby table to keep herself from collapsing. She would have probably thought it was cool if she had been expecting to have them before she blacked out. She shook her head and looked back at Tara who had directed her attention to the blue orb and the boy.

"Hello, Link! Wake up! The Great Deku tree wants to talk to you! Link, get up!"

Jess starred at the orb and raised an eyebrow before looking at the boy. Link? The name she knew, but the boy looked nothing like the Link she was used to.

"Hey! C'mon! Can Hyrule's destiny really depend on such a lazy boy?"

Navi sighed before going on,

"At least Julia is up."

Both Tara and Jess gave the blue light a confused look. Julia? Was she referring to Jess? They remained quiet as the boy stirred and both girls gasped as he sat up.

"You finally woke up! I'm Navi the fairy! That's Tara,"

She pointed at the purple light before continuing,

"The Great Deku Tree asked us to be your partners from now on! Nice to meet you both!"

Navi flew to the door and looked at all of them,

"The Great Deku tree has summoned you! So, let's get going, right now!"

Jess and Tara looked from the fairy to the boy. Jess couldn't believe it. Right there in front of her was one of her best friends. Jeremy. She shook her head to make sure it wasn't a dream, but he was still there when she finished. They both looked ten years old and Tara was floating by her head. Yeah, she was having just a rather normal day. Though something still confused her. Why did Navi call Jeremy Link? Sure the boy could act like him when they were all bored, but with his brown hair and eyes he looked nothing like the blond haired blue eyed hero.

Jess stood there for a few more moments before something slammed into her head. Her eyes met Tara's tiny ones and noticed that Navi and Jeremy were gone. Jess quickly walked outside, with Tara flying behind her, and noticed Jeremy talking to a green haired girl. Who reminded her of Saria.

"Hey, Julia!"

Jess noticed Saria looking at her and gave a confused wave.

There's that name again! Why is everyone and their grandma calling me that!

Her thoughts swam away as she climbed down the ladder and stepped up to Saria and Jeremy.

"Wow! You got a fairy too, Julia! This is great news! I'm so happy for the both of you! Now you're both true Kokiri!"

Jeremy gave a confused look at the smiling girl as he called Jess, Julia. He looked over at the girl beside him and saw that she was apparently hiding the fact that not being called by Jess annoyed her.

"Is it true? The Great Deku Tree summoned you both? It's quite an honor to talk to the Great Deku tree! Just a warning though, Mido won't let anyone past without a sword and shield,"

She turned towards Jeremy and starred at him blankly,

"Link, you should go look for a sword. Julia already seems to have a hand up on you!"

Both kids' eyes widened at the laughing girl's words. A hand up? Jess reached back and gasped. Saria was right. She felt a handle and started to pull the blade out.

How had I not felt this before? It's rather heavy now...Did it just appear there?

She held the blade in front of her ten year old self. The handle was gold with emerald green gem in the middle where the handle split into different directions. The blade itself looked to be recently polished since she had to move it to make the sun get out of her eyes. She put the sword up and crossed her arms, sending a apologetic look to Jeremy in the process.

"I think I know where to find one. So, I'll be back soon."

Jeremy walked past them both and headed up the small hill to the left.

"Seems he figured it out already..."

Jess raised at eyebrow at her fairy friend's words. The little fairy seemed to turn blue for a second before going back to purple. Tara met her gaze before flying ahead with Jess close behind her.

"Tara....what do you mean?"

Jess stopped as the fairy in front of her did and watched as her friend turned and glared at her.

"You can't tell? Jess, look around! This has to ring a bell! I'm a flipping fairy! Though I'm not complaining. Anyway, what place uses fairies and has green haired girls?"

Jess starred at the little creature in front of her and took the information in. Yeah, she had already figured it out. She just didn't want to admit that she was in a video game. She thought if she did it would mean she was crazy. She closed her eyes and sighed before running her hands through her hair. She looked back up at Tara and gave her an apologetic look.

"Look, calm down. We'll have to make the best of it till we can get home, but Tara....I really don't like admitting that we're here....I feel like I need to be in a psycho hospital when I do.....but I guess I have no choice, huh?"

She gave a small laugh before looking at Tara with a serious expression,

"Listen....you better have more faith in Jeremy than me......I can't remember anything past the Deku Tree. It's weird since I've played this like a hundred times."

Tara smiled softly at her and nodded before Jess started walking in front of her. Starting her little quest for rupees.

Jeremy dusted himself off as he stood from the hole he had just crawled through. His eyes roamed as he stepped forward, seeing the boulder out of the corner of his eye. He knew the pattern well, even if he had not played in a long time. He quickly followed the boulder as it passed again and took a right when it came up. He came to the chest and slowly opened it, having to jump to throw the top out of the way. He pulled out the sword with its brown handle and red gem, the Kokiri Sword. Jeremy starred at it for a few moments before sheathing it on his back and heading towards the hole he had come through. As he dodged the boulder again he made sure to grab the two blue rupees laying by themselves.

After crawling back through the hole, Jeremy leaned against the rock wall behind him. He tried to remember how he got there and why everyone was calling him Link. All he remembered was talking tp Kristen and then a light from his hand...then...nothing. Then there was the Link thing. Sure he could act like the guy if he wanted to, but there was no way he could pass for him. He looked up when he heard laughing and saw Jess and Tara. The pointed ears were what caught his attention. He moved his hand back and sure enough there they were. Pointed ears. The same point he had seen on Jess's. Jeremy let his hand fall before pushing himself off the wall.

"Might as well make the best of this. Not everyday I'm in Hyrule."

His voice filled with small laughter as he made his way through the fences.

Tara huffed as she kept up with her best friend. The girl had to much energy for being sucked into a game....okay maybe that was why she had so much energy but that's not the point! She watched as Jess found rupee after rupee, piling them in who knew where in that green outfit.

Jess sighed happily with a smile on her face to match and she picked up the blue rupee.

"There! That should be just enough."

She turned at the sound of foot steps. Her green eyes met brown ones and she smiled softly at her friend. Jeremy met her smile with one of his own.

"You have enough?"

He asked, refering to the rupee in her hands.

"Yeah, just finished. How about you?"

She questioned as she put the rupee away.

"I got them on my way to find the sword. More rupees than I remember around here."

He started walking towards the small shop, Jess falling into step beside him.

Jess only nodded at his statement and placed her arms behind her back. Tara and Navi floated behind them. Tara watched as Navi put a mischevious smile on as she looked at the two kids in front of her. She was about to tell Navi off, but then she remembered. Navi didn't see them as Jess and Jeremy. She saw them as Link and Julia, whoever that was. She let her thoughts idle as they entered the shop.

"Give me your rupees. Buying two at once is faster."

Jess nodded and handed the handful of rupees to Jeremy and walked back outside. Looking around she took in the scenery for the first real time. Though she accepted the fact that she was in Hyrule, it didn't really hit her till then. She waved to the girl sitting on the shop before walking to the water.

Bending down to it she gazed at her reflection. A gasp escaped her lips as crimson eyes starred back at her. Sunny blonde hair sat a top her head looked as if it fell past her waist and framed her round face. She was so distracted that she didn't hear the foot steps behind her.


The girl gave a squeak as she lost her balanceand fell flat onto her bottom. Jeremy laughed at her reaction and bent down to her.

"I think you'll need this."

He said as he held out the sheild out to her. She gladly accepted it and held it to her before looking him in the eye.

"Jeremy, what do I look like?"

He raised an eyebrow at her. What she looked like? Was she going crazy?

"You look like a ten year old version of yourself."

He watched as she turned away from him and bent over the water. Her next words confused him even more.

"Then.....why do I look like that?"

He walked up beside her and stared down into the water at her reflection. His eyes widened. She didn't look like herself. Crimson eyes replaced her green ones and her hair was a lighter blond....He stared at it for a few more minutes before he heard Jess gasp. He followed her gaze and he nearly fainted from shock. Well, it made sense why everyone was calling him Link. His brown hair was replaced with blond and his brown eyes were now an ocean bluw. They looked at each other with wide eyes and Jeremy sat down beside her. He closed his eyes and ran a hand through his hair. He looked at Jess, who was holding the sheild close to her and seemed to be starring off....thinking maybe?

Jeremy decided to give her a few minutes and laid back on onto the grass. They sat there in silence for what seemed like ages until Navi landed hard on Jeremy's stomach. He jumped and glared the little fairy before standing up and helping Jess up. She gladly took his hand and strapped the sheild to her. They hopped across the water and came face to face with a little red haired boy. His eyes scanned them both before landing on Jess.

"Julia, you finally got a fairy! Now I can accept you as one of us!"

He gave a smile to the girl before glaring at Jeremy.

"Hey 'Mr. No Fairy!' What's your business with the Great Deku Tree? Without a fairy, you're not even a real man!"

Navi, sensing she was needed, flew out from under Jeremy's hat and floated where the boy could see her perfectly.

"What?! You've got a fairy?!"

He paused as Jeremy nodded and Navi explained the situation.

"Say what? The Great Deku Tree actually summoned you both? I can understand Julia, but why would he summon you and not the great Mido? This isn't funny..."

His gaze went from Jeremy to Jess then back again.

"Well, if you want to pass through here, you should atleast equip a sword and a sheild!"

Jess and Jeremy looked at each other before pulling the swords and sheilds from their backs and staring at Mido.

"Eh, what's that?! Oh, you both have Deku Sheilds...And what's that?! Is that the Kokiri Sword?!"

Jeremy let a small smirk grace his lips as Mido turned to Jess's sword.

"Don't tell me that's the Forest Blade?! GOOD GRIEF!!"

Mido turned back to Jeremy and glared at him again.

"Well, even with all that stuff, a wimp is still a wimp, huh? I, the Great Mido, will never accept you as one of us!"

A wave dissapointment flashed across Jeremy's face. Jess caught it for a second and became confused.

He knew that was going to happen....so why does he look sad?

Her ears perked and she turned her attention to Mido who was walking out of the way.

"Shoot! How did he get to be the favorite of Saria and the Great Deku Tree? Huh?!"

A small frown graced Jess's lips as she heard the boy mumble. She quickly followed Jeremy as he walked past Mido.

Jeremy made quick work of the Deku Baba's as Navi floated by Jess's head.

"Julia...how did you stand him acting like that towards you all the time?"

Jess only shrugged her shoulders as they stepped into the meadow. She starred in awe at the big tree in front of her. She watched as Navi flew by them and up close to the tree.

"Great Deku Tree...I'm back!"

The tree seemed to acknowledge the fairy's pressence before speaking to her.

"Oh...Navi...Thou hast returned..."

Whether they knew it or not, the Deku Tree looked from Navi to them.

"Link...Julia....Welcome....Listen carefully to what I, the Deku Tree, am about to tell thee...Thy slumber these past moons must have been restless and full of nightmares....As servants of evil gain strength, a vile climate prevades the land and causes nightmares to those sensitive to it....Verily, thou hast felt it....

Link...Julia...The time has come to test thy courage....I have been cursed....I need you both to break the curse with your wisdom and courage. Dost thou have courage enough to undertake this task?"

Both kids nodded without looking at each other and the Deku Tree lowered part of his trunk, as if opening his mouth.

"Then enter, brave Link and Julia, and thou too, Navi and Tara...

Navi the fairy and Tara too...Thou must aid Link and Julia....and Link...when Navi speaks, listen to her words of wisdom...that goes for you when Tara speaks Julia."

Jess looked at tara who still had an emotionless grin on her face. She shook her head and followed Jeremy and Navi inside. They entered into the familiar yet unexpecting tree and just hopped that their game knowledge would be enough to help them through it.

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