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You Got Me

Chapter 1: New Home

I struggled to yank my big trunk out the back of the car that was parked in front of the big-let me rephrase that- HUGE dormitory that would serve as my new home for this year. You'd think I would be used to the size of this place after 2 years but its still unbelieving.

"Ahh...this is going to be great!"

I looked to my left to see my bright cousin standing gloriously in her skinny jeans, white tank, and short sleeved button up red plaid shirt that was worn open. Her slick, shiny black hair was pulled into a messy high bun that only brought more attention to her great complextion and shimmering dangling earings. Put it basic, Emily was beautiful. Everything I'm not.

Sure people used to call me beautiful when I actually smiled and my eyes showed some emotion. Now a days my eyes were dead though and there weren't many reasons to smile. I now chose loose faded jeans and comfy t's to wear instead of the nice clothes I used to adore. I was always in flip-flops or my worn out converse and never wore any make-up and my hair was always in its messy ponytail or thrown over my shoulders without being propperly brushed. I didn't see the reason to care anymore. Dad died 3 years ago when I was fourteen and I just stopped. Caring that is. I kept my grades high but that was it. What was the point? Dad was gone.

"Come on Leah, lets go!"

Emily always perky and ready to go. Did I happen to mention beautiful yet cause its true.

I hauled my trunk beside hers on the luggage cart and threw our other bags on top and then began to push the heavy cart towards the ginormous building.

The only reason I'm in this prison is because my mom thought I was briging the house down to much with my constant moping about dad's death. Well who wouldn't? Guess a year was too long to stil be moping in her opinion. She was afraid I would bring Seth down into depression with me if I stayed around for much longer, which is impossible because that boy is more optimistic than Ms. Beautiful in front of me.

That brings me to why I'm here with Emily. Mom thought that if anyone could pull me out of my depression stage it was Emily. She was right I wasn't depressed anymore. Happy? Hell no. But not suicidal. Though Emily is nice and all she's just too perfect its annoying. Best grades, looks, happy-dee-doo-dah personality. Its annoying as hell to have her as the only person I know so she's the main person people compare me too. Basically I look like a load of shit next to her.

We make it the elevator at the bottom of the dorm and ride it up three floors and then get off, take a right passing four doors until we get to our room 309. Emily slides her key into the key whole and swung the door open to reveal what I've seen for the past two years.

My New Cell. Exactly the same. Two beds, two desks each on the other side of the room with a nightstand dividing the two beds. A huge walk it closet on the left wall and a big window in between the beds with a view of the front of the dorm that was littered with students on the dark green grass. There was a conjoined bathroom to the right and a a big dresser on the left of the door. Same white walls and beige carpet. Boring.

"Ugh. You'd think the school board would learn to add some color into these rooms by now. Or at least change the furniture. Right Leah?"

"Sure, sure."'

I really wasn't listening to a word she just said. I was already working on unpacking my stuff. jackets, t-shirts, faded jeans, flip flops, tanks,underwear, bras, pajamas, toothbrush, deodorant, bush, comb, shampoo, red, black, and dark blue nailpolish, and the few necklaces and bracelets. Looked like it was all there. I quickly threw my clothes on the floor on my side of the closet not caring to actually hang up my stuff. I put my toiletries on the dresser and I was done unpacking my clothes. Emily at first complained about me not putting my stuff up propperly and I told her to go to hell. End of that conversation.

I got out my sheets and comforter out and began to make the bed on the right side with the black sheets. I then threw the black comforter that had red and white accents on it over the sheet and threw my two pillows on the bed finishing the job. I then went to the bag that had all my school supplies and pulled out the stuff and placed it onto my desk. I was extremely careful with my new lap top but threw my new messenger bag in the chair. I then took out my ipod and flopped back on the bed listening to Flyleaf.

I casted a glance in Emily's direction to see her neatly taking out her clothes and organizing things. Her underclothes and tanks where going in her draws while everything else would be filed neatly into the closet. A total waste of time. Her bright orange comforter and sheets were placed on her bed waiting to be arranged. She had a whole bag for products still to unpack and I already knew it would take and hour just for that and shen there were her accesories still.

"I'm going to the lounge for a soda." I announced hopping off my bed and exiting our room before Emily had time to even respond.

There was a lounge in every dorm and it was on the main floor. There was a t.v, air hockey, ping pong table, state of the art stereo, gaming systems, and the only one I cared for soda and snack machines. I rounded the corner and passed few doors until I made it to the lounge. There were already a ton of kids filling the room up and making it extremely humid with their stink breath. THe lounge was also the only place that guys were allowed and there were a lot i here. Already looking for their next victim to cause heartbroken probably.

I hurried to the corner where the soda machine was located and put in my 75 cents change and pressed the root beer button and waited for the cold drink to clunk at the bottom. It never came. I shook the machine just a bit. nothing. I shook it a little harder. Zip. I punched it. Zolch. I began to shake the machine even harder and still didn't hear the clunk I wanted. What the hell was wrong with this thng. I just wanted my damn drink! I began to angrily kick the machine. Nothing. I was pissed off now.

"Give me my DAMN DRINK!" I yelled out at the thing while putting my all into what seemed to me a bone crushing kick.

"Well isn't someone an emo psycho?"

I snapped my head towards where the comment was made and narrowed my eyes at the tall-well extremely tall, 6.3ish boy. He was pretty cute though not that I'm one to give complimnets though especially to someone who just insulted me. Who did he think he was? He should mind his own buiness.

"Excuse me?" I said in a daring tone

"Oh, I'm sorry I just said what about everyone in this room must be thinking. I mean yelling at a soda machine?"

Everyone...in...the....room? Shit. I was now aware of the many eyes of teens on me as if I were crazy. I felt the blood rush to my face but hid my embarassment with anger.

"Who the hell do you think you are!? I don't give a damn about that I just want my stupid drink so you can go screw yourself!"

"No need to get fiesty."

"Well I am."

"Well you might want to quiet it down. You are attracting quite an audience."

The smug look in his face made me want to punch him dead in the face. See him grab his bleeding nose in pain. That would be satisfying. I almost did it when I was interupted.

"Leave her alone Jake." a deep husky voice broke in stepping in between jake and me.

He was tall-taller than Jake- muscled, deeply tanned, and....hot. Can't believe I actually thought that but.....damn!

"You need some help with that?" He asked me motioning the machine and I felt the blood rush again as I realized I was gawking.


"Aw, come on Sam. Just let her keep hitting it until she gets tired. The last thing you need is another fan girl."

Sam, huh.

Sam just ignored the arrogant, loudmouth, idiot, jerk and tapped the side of the machine and I heard a clunk announcing my root beer had finally arrived. He then bent down a picked it up to hand it to me.


"No problem." He answered flashing a bright smiled in my direction and I could feel my body jolt to life for the first time in life with something other than extreme anger.

Sam then turned and headed out he door.

"Might want to close your mouth." Jake said with a smug smile as he walked past me with his fist shoved into his pockets. "Might catch a fly."

I shut my mouth automatically with and audible clink and he let out a loud laugh.

Damn him. Ooooh just one shot. Thats all I need. I'll knock him flat on his face and make him eat dirt.

I left the lounge with evil thoughts but one person remained on my mind as I sipped my soda.

Sooooo.........his name is Sam.