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You Got Me

Chapter 14: Showstopper


I walked into the boys dorm that Jake stayed in and was about to head upstairs to his room, that is, until I saw him in the lounge playing video games with a bunch of other guys and pigging out on vending machine snacks. As it turns out, Jake actually has a few friends besides me and wasn't suffering as much as I was with our separation.

I really need to make some more friends.

Jake hopped up from the couch when he spotted me watching him and he ambled over to me with that stupid, goofy smile on his face.

"Hey, String Bean," I greeted when he came to a stop in front of me.

"You just couldn't stay away from me, could you?" I scowled, pretending to be annoyed, and Jake just grinned at me. "Admit it, you missed me."

"It was either spend my time with you or commit homicide." Jake raised his brows and looked down at my messenger bag that was fat from the clothes I had stuffed in there. "It's just for the weekend."

"You must need a lot of time to calm down." I just shrugged, not really wanting to talk about it. "Was it about Sam?"

"No," I snapped. I'm not that shallow. "It was…" Nope. I'm not about to talk about this.

Jake seemed to understand. "So, do you want to meet the guys now or later?" He was already leading me to the couch of shouting boys when he added, "Or never?"

"I'm not that antisocial," I mumbled, though I wasn't really all that up for a meet and greet. "Are they all as annoying as you?"

"Yeah, but that just means you'll like them, too."

I guess there are worse things in life than meeting a few more guys like Jake.

Jake introduced me to his friends Quil and Embry, who shared the dorm next to him, and Jared, who he met in his English class. Jared, as Jake explained, was really more of Sam's friend, but he still would hang out with them when Sam wasn't around. They were all tall with short black hair and they all sported russet colored skin like my own (I seriously underestimated the diversity at this school). If I was an idiot, I'd think they were all part of some tribal cult.

"You see, the trick is to actually know the combos," Jared was explaining to me as he, Jake, Embry, and Quil all played Dead or Alive. I really just wanted to head up to Jake's room so I could be surrounded by the proper amount of silence to truly calm down and actually process what the hell happened in my dorm. The fact that I constantly keep tossing all rationality to the side is starting to worry me. "If you know the combos then you can—"

"That's a load of BS," Quil cut Jared off. "All you have to do is press a bunch of buttons. Fighting games like these are all about chance. You need to know combos and shit for when you're playing UFC."

"Considering Jared and Embry are winning, I think I'll stick with Jared's strategy," I said. Embry laughed as he watched Quil's character die and Jake took his place. "Isn't the point of a tag team battle to switch out before your character dies?"

Quil frowned. "I don't know the button for that…"

"You see," Jared laughed as he and Embry performed some tag team combo that instantly knocked Jake's character out, "it's all about knowing the combos."

"Shouldn't you be good at this game?" I asked Jake. "With your photographic memory and all, shouldn't you know all the combos?"

"I can only do so much when I get stuck with Quil as my partner."

They all laughed and I forced myself to smirk. To be honest, I'm not in the mood to sit here while a bunch of fools got pumped up over digital fights. I could care less about the proper strategy to win, but I figure I can sit here with Jake for a while as my own form of a thank you, since it's already been determined that I have issues showing gratitude verbally. Besides, Jake's friends weren't that bad.

"You guys have been hogging the TV all day." A new voice had been added to the mix of Jake, Jared, Quil, Embry, and I. I looked up from the pack of M&Ms I was picking through—I was leaving all the browns for Jake to eat since he didn't like them—and another tribal member was standing in front of the TV.

"Move, Paul!" Embry shouted, leaning to the side in an attempt to see around him. "I'm trying to win a game here!"

Shit. I stared at the guy standing in front of the TV; he had a cocky and arrogant air around him. I knew he looked familiar.

"There's a show I want to watch on TV so you guys are going to have to move."

"First come, first serve," Quil recited, leaning to see around Paul and Paul turned around it hit the power button on the Xbox. Quil stared at the blank screen for a second in disbelief. "Asshole."

"Leah, this is Paul," Jake introduced me. "Paul, this is—"

"Leah." Paul turned and smirked at me and I just rolled my eyes. "Long time no see. Surprised to see you're not wearing all black."

"Surprised to see you're still alive," I shot back. "I was sure you would piss someone off to the point they'd kill you."

"I can say the same to you." Paul smiled at me, but it didn't hold an ounce of kindness. "Do you still play with razors?"

"Fuck off," I hissed. I could feel Jake's gaze on the side of my face, but I pretended not to notice him.

"You know, you're nothing like your cousin."

"I take that as a compliment. Emily Young is—"

"Wait, wait, wait." Quil turned to give me his full attention for the first time since I sat down. "You mean Emily Young, as in the Emily Young, is your cousin?"

Yet another one of Emily's adoring fans. Joy.


"Unfortunately?" Embry looked at me like I was crazy. "Emily has to be amazing. She was in my math class to take some test and she just—"

"Emily is hot," Quil cut Embry off. "And she's nice, so…"

And just when I thought Jake was capable of making tolerable friends that asshole has to mention Emily and the fantasy was shattered. Within seconds they all turned into her potential lapdogs. Their complete idolization of her just pisses me off.

"You can't see this, but your eyebrow has started twitching," Jake whispered in my ear and I turned to glare at him. "I think it's time for us to go."

"You think?" I rolled my eyes and stood up from the couch, grabbing my bag and draping it over my shoulder. "Let's—"

"Wait!" I looked at Quil, having lost all respect—not that there was much—that I had for him. "What's Emily really like?"

"She's a bitch."

They all stared at me like I was crazy. Of course they'd think I was crazy for calling the perfect princess a bitch. I looked more like the angry raging bitch. Just the thought of her annoyed the hell out of me all over again. She's an angel in everyone else's eyes and I'm the jealous cousin every time I call her out. The world's a fucked up place.

Paul snorted. "Well that's the pot calling the kettle black."

"Shut up, asshole," I snapped at Paul. He just smirked and it made me want to rip his face off. "You can go—"

"Alright," Jake cut me off, standing up and draping his arm over my shoulders. "I think it's time we got to work on our math homework."

I was tempted to stay and tell Paul off, but Jake was already leading me away from the lounge and my original reason for coming here was to be alone with Jake so I could dump my shitload of issues on him, so I let him take me away. I glared at Paul over my shoulder and he just smiled at me, waving. Asshole.

"So, how do you know Paul?"

I looked up at Jake to see him looking down at me expectantly and I turned away, giving my attention to the elevators in front of me. "Why are we getting on the elevator? You live on the first floor."

"I have some business to take care of," Jake shrugged, pressing the up button and I glared at his evasive answer. "I left my bag in Jared's room so I need to get that. And I left my laptop there." The elevator opened and we stepped in and I pressed the closed doors button three times. "You really need to stop doing that."

"I don't see anything wrong with wanting to be alone in an elevator."

"All alone with me?" Jake raised his brows suggestively and I hit him in his arm. "Your sense of humor hasn't improved in our time apart I see."

"No, your jokes just suck."

Jake hummed in response, looking up as we rode up in the elevator to the fourth floor. "So, you and Paul?"

I was hoping Jake would actually forget. "He's an asshole and I hate assholes," I shrugged. "It's pretty basic."

"How'd you meet, I mean. I'm not stupid, I can sense the history between you two." Jake's eyes widened. "Did you two—"

"Bite your tongue," I snapped and Jake shut up. "And you said you weren't stupid. I would never date that douche-bag."

"Then how do you know him?" The elevator came to a stop and the doors opened, we stepped off and I hurried ahead of him. "It's the other way, genius."

I turned around on my heel and started marching down the hall in the other direction, glaring at the smirk on Jake's face as he caught up to me. "I met Paul my first year here."

"And how'd you come to hate him?" Jake grabbed my arm when I walked past the correct dorm, pulling me back.

"It's not really important."

"I see." Jake knocked on the door and waited for Jared's roommate to open it. "You know, I'm letting you get away with all these vague answers now, but you're going to have to confess to all your secrets eventually as our friendship grows."

I looked Jake in the eyes. "I can say the same to you."

Jake hesitated for a second before smiling. "Alright, deal." Jake held his hand out for me to take and I shook it.


Jared's roommate opened the door looking half asleep and Jake went in to grab his book things before coming back out and walking to the elevators again.

"Oh, I forgot to ask," Jake started as the doors opened and we stepped in. I reached for the closed doors button, but Jake stopped my hand by grabbing my wrist. "You don't have to be in a rush all the time."

"It has nothing to do with that," I rolled my eyes as the doors closed. "You were going to ask me something."

"Right." Jake smiled at me, almost giddy. "What happened with Emily that almost caused you to commit murder?"

"Most people aren't so happy about homicide."

"I'm not happy," Jake denied. "I'm… curious."

"Right." I looked at the small bulletin board that hung on the right side of the elevator, displaying flyers for events happening in town, around the school, and requests for tutors, drummers, singers, or whatever the hell people decided to put on the board. "Emily came in being Emily and she said some stuff that pissed me off and the next thing I knew I was dumping her clothes out the window. And they were the new clothes her parents sent her to replace the ones we cut up."

Jake stared at me in disbelief. "You're crazy."

"I know. I'm looking to see if there are any kickboxing or Tae-Kwon-do classes available nearby," I said, moving around the layers of paper on the bulletin board. "Those are supposed to be good ways to get rid of frustration and anger."

"Anger management also helps," Jake muttered under his breath and I punched his arm. "Then again, you're a very physical person."

"And therapy is annoying." A lavender flyer caught my eye as the elevator stopped and I ripped it off the board. Poetry Slam…

"How would you know?" Jake stepped off the elevator and I followed him. "If you're just going off what they show on TV that's not really reliable."

"I know from personal experience," I shrugged as we started our way towards Jake's room. "I went to therapy before."

I glanced over my shoulder at Jake and he was looking at me thoughtfully for a long time before finally deciding it was best to just give me a half smile. "Figures. Nutcases like you would have to go through therapy."

"Yeah." I was expecting Jake to do the Jake-thing and ask why I went to therapy, but he didn't and I was relieved. "We should go to this some time."

"Go to what?" We stopped in front of Jake's dorm and Jake dug in his pocket for his key, glancing over his shoulder to look at me.

"This." I held up the flyer I had taken off the wall in the elevator. "It's a poetry jam."

Jake opened the door and shook his head. "No. Let's not go to it."

"Why not?" In my mind, poetry jams were full of creative individuals and brooding people who found their release in writing dark poetry. They had to be sarcastic and somewhat cynical which made them my kind of people. That was the stereotype at least, but stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.

"Because poetry is boring and I don't like it," Jake said as he tossed his bag on his bed and went over to his desk to plug his laptop in. "Most of the poetry they make us read in school is confusing and I'm not going to willingly put myself through that kind of torture."

"It'll be different if we go to a poetry jam," I insisted, walking over to sit down on Jake's bed. "It's all done by people our age so it won't be as confusing."

"You don't know that."

"I know everything."

"Only God knows everything." Jake fell into his spinny chair and logged on to his laptop. "I think you just committed blasphemy."

"No I didn't." I reached over to grab the tennis ball off Jake's nightstand and crossed my legs, tossing the ball back and forth between my hands while reading the flyer I had smoothed out on the bed. "And it says it's next Saturday at the coffee shop on campus."

"The same day as the dance," Jake said. "So this poetry jam is just a place for all the people without dates to gather."

"So you'll fit right in. It's not like you have a date."

"I do." I'm shocked. Jake turned around in his chair to face me, grinning. "Leah, will you do me the great honor in being my date to the dance."


"Really?" Jake wore a very convincing surprised face. "Sam talked to me before he left and he made it sound like you and me going to the dance together was a done deal. You know, for the double date and everything."

"One, I would never go on a date with you. Ever."

"No really, tell me how you really feel."

"And there is no way in hell I'd ever go on a double date with Emily and Sam, are you stupid?" Jake rolled his eyes and turned his back to me and went back to typing away on his laptop. "So let's just go to the poetry slam."

"I thought it was a poetry jam."

"Same thing," I waved off. "We could even compete," I added. "You're good at writing poetry and I've got enough stuff to pull from that could lead to a good poem."

"I'm just not a poetry kind of guy." I groaned. "I know, let's go to the dance Saturday and upstage Emily and Sam. Let's go costume shopping and find really good costumes."

"I'm not a dancing kind of girl." I laid back on the bed, tossing the tennis ball up and down. Thinking it over, outdoing Emily at a school dance would be nice, but everything that came with it—the shopping, the make-up, the attention—was something I could do without. "Oh, I saved you some of my M&Ms." I rolled over and reached into the front pocket of my bag, fishing out the already open packet of M&Ms and tossed them in Jake's direction "Here."

Jake turned around and caught the M&Ms. He opened the pack up and frowned. "All brown. Thanks."

"I do try to be generous." Jake shook his head. "Why don't you like the brown ones? They taste just like the rest."

"But they look like hamster pellets and I don't like the thought of popping crap into my mouth."

"Your imagination is overactive." Jake just shrugged and I tilted my head back a bit to try to see what he was doing on the computer. "What are you doing?"

"I'm glad you finally asked." Jake turned around and grinned at me, gesturing me over. I rolled off the bed and grabbed the chair from Sam's desk, dragging it over to sit beside Jake. "I would like to introduce you to the world of Netflix."

"You're just now finding out about this?"

"I'm just now getting to use it. Embry's mom signed up for a membership so now Embry gets to watch all the movies he wants online and he shared the login information with me so now I get to watch all the movies I want, too." Jake turned and smiled at me. "Now we can watch TV in my room too."

"Just your room," I corrected him. "Emily locked all the channels on her TV so I can't watch it."

"So you toss all her clothes out the window."


Jake laughed to himself. "You're crazy, but I love it." I smiled, but then I caught myself and changed it into a smirk. "You don't have to stop yourself from smiling, Leah."

"Bittersweet," I corrected him. I let the first few times slip because, admittedly, I did want to see Jake, but now he was starting to get too comfortable with my name. "And it is my choice whether I smile or not."

"Whatever you say." Jake started scrolling down the page when he stopped. "You want to watch this?"


"Chocolate." Jake ran the cursor over the image to read the summary. "Acclaimed Thai acting director… something," Jake said, not able to pronounce the directors name, "helms this martial arts drama, which follows Zen, a young autistic woman who discovers she has the uncanny ability to absorb precision fighting skills just by watching martial arts movies. When her cancer-ridden mother's creditors come calling, Zen—"

"Yeah, let's watch it," I cut Jake off. The summary sounded good and I like martial arts movie. "But it's a Thai movie so there'll probably be subtitles."

"Well, I can read." Jake unplugged his laptop and moved towards his bed and I followed him, sitting down beside him and crossing my legs. "And in these movies there's usually more fighting than talking. And it has four stars."

"Uh-huh." I tilted the screen of the laptop so there wasn't a glare on the screen. "Just start the movie."




"That girl is badass."

"They were fighting on the side of a building and on street signs." I looked at Jake. "That's beyond badass."

"And when she was fighting the kid with Tourettes? That ending kick, like when she did a flip over him, and her foot came up under and got him?" Jake shook his head as the credits started, showing all the outtakes for the movie because of injuries. "This movie is the shit." He climbed off the bed and stood in the middle of the room, getting in a fighting position. "Just watching that makes me want to take martial arts."

"So you can get the shit beat out of you?"

"So I can defend myself against your everyday attacks on me." Jake started hopping around like he was Bruce Lee. "My reflexes will be so fast I'll be able to stop your hand before it even moves an inch. And I'll learn some of those high kick things." Jake did a side kick up in the air, aiming for the ceiling, and his face scrunched together for a second before he dropped his leg back down. "Fuck!"


"Damnit, that hurt." Jake was rubbing the inside of his thighs as he staggered back to the bed, falling on his back beside me. "This is why you stretch before working out. I think I pulled a muscle."

I laughed at him. "I guess you're not a martial arts kind of guy either."

"You find too much joy in my pain."

I laughed at him again before directing my attention back to the laptop. "Let's watch another one," I suggested, scrolling down the screen to find movies like Chocolate. "Let's watch Raging Pheonix. Jeeja Yanin's in that one too."


"The girl who was just kicking ass in that movie." I looked at the summary for Raging Pheonix. "After she's rescued from a gang of Thai thugs, who specialize in the trafficking of women, sexy Deu endures a grueling regimen of drunken-style, break dancing-inspired combat training and sets out to get her revenge on her would-be victimizers," I read. "And then there's mention of a love interest with—"

"Love's not important," Jake waved off, moving my hand aside to push play. "Drunken-style is bad ass."

"There'll be more subtitles."

"I made it through the first movie." Jake moved to expand the movie to full screen but he stopped. "Shit. We missed dinner again."

"No we didn't." I looked at the time in the corner of the screen. We did. "Technically we still have five minutes before they close the kitchen."

"We'll get nothing but the scraps so it's not even worth getting up for." Jake put the video on full screen. "We can go into town and grab some food later."

"You don't have any money."

"You do. And since I'm sharing Embry's Netflix membership with you the least you can get me is one burger."

I rolled my eyes. "You're just lucky I want to watch this movie."

We were only five minutes into the movie when the door to the dorm opened and Sam stepped inside, holding a bag from the costume store nearby in his hand. He stopped when he saw me and Jake sitting next to each other on the bed, the door still open behind him.

"Um… Hi?"


"'Sup' Sam," Jake said without looking up from the screen. "You know, Leah—"

"Bittersweet," I corrected him.

"—we should probably turn the lights off to get that movie theater effect." Jake looked away from the screen and at me for confirmation. "Movies are always better in the dark."

"Let's not." I turned my attention back to Sam, who was looking back and forth between me and Jake, seeming a bit thrown off. "Do you think you can close the door? Girls aren't really supposed to be in the guys' dorm rooms after dinner."

"Right." Sam closed the door behind him and stepped further into the room, walking over to place his bag down on his bed. "So… I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

The way he asked the question told me exactly what he thought of me and Jake being alone in the dorm and on his bed meant. For God's sake, Sam thought we were together too? The world is a seriously fucked up place.

"Just a really good movie," Jake answered, finally pausing the movie when he realized he would actually have to engage Sam in a legit conversation. "Oh, and Leah's going to be rooming with us over the weekend." Sam's eyes widened. "Yeah, she and Emily really aren't getting along at the moment so she's bunking with us again."

"I'm using Jake's sleeping bag so you don't have to give up your bed or got sleep in another dorm." The last time I stayed in Jake's room, Sam was gone. Now that Sam was actually staying in the dorm room with us, sleeping here didn't feel like such a good idea anymore. I still wanted to punch him in the head for asking Emily out after our first date went bad. Do people these days just say to hell with second chances?


"The first time you were sleeping over at Jared's," Jake explained, deciding not to care about the look of disbelief and shock written all over Sam's face. "Bad week with Emily then too. So what's in the bag?"

"Halloween costume," Sam answered easily before looking at me. "Do you and Emily really fight that much?"

"As of recently, yes."

"I was just with her and she seemed perfectly fine."

"She's very good at faking stuff," I mumbled under my breath and Jake jabbed his elbow in my side. When I glared at him he pointed at his eyebrow and I got it as the message to stop my eyebrow from twitching.

"Why were you with Emily?" Jake asked.

"We were doing our costume shopping together since we're—"

"—going to the dance together," I finished for him, moving my lips into a tight lipped smile. "As a couple, right?" The need to punch him in the head started to creep back up.

Sam seemed to have sensed my frustration and looked away from me. "Um… Well, technically since we're going together as two people we would make—"

"Yeah, I get it." I turned to look at Jake. "We should get costume shopping, too. You know, before all the good stuff's gone."

"But the movie…" Jake trailed off when I glared at him. "Does this mean I don't have to go to the poetry thing?'

"Not next week's." Jake's brows furrowed. "It's every Saturday."


"So I'm guessing you said yes when Jake asked you to the dance for the double date."

"No," I said.


"No," Jake confirmed for me. "She would never ever go on a date with me. We're just going as friends without the double date part."


"Yeah, so we need to go." I slid off the bed and jammed my feet into my shoes then reached into one of the pockets of my baggy cargos to make sure I had my keys and wallet. All good. Sam watched me open their window in what seemed to be a daze. "Hurry up, Jake."

"I'm hurrying." He went over to the closet he shared with Sam and grabbed his jacket and then threw one, that wasn't as thick as his own, at me. "Put that on."

"I'm not cold."

"There's a big temperature drop tonight so you'll be cold eventually." I grumbled under my breath, but shrugged on Jake's oversized jacket anyways; mostly because I was highly aware of the conclusions Sam was making about me and Jake in his head and the look on his face made it clear that he didn't like the conclusion he came to. Jake walked over to the window and started to climb out. "We'll be back later Sam, but don't wait up."

"Keep the window unlocked," I told Sam as I followed Jake out the window. "Bye."

"Wait!" I was already starting to follow Jake across the lawn, but I turned around when Sam called out. "Um, I didn't—I didn't ask Emily out to the dance. She asked me."

I knew it. Emily lied about Sam asking her to the dance to make it seem like he really wanted to go with her. Sam really just didn't have the balls to tell her no. That fact annoyed me too—did he really have to be such a pussy?—but it was better than the lie Emily told.

I looked at Sam as if the news meant nothing to me. "Good for you."


"I only have two words for you," Jake said, holding up a black leather body suit in front of him. "Cat. Woman."

"Hell. No." I pushed the hanger Jake was holding up away from me. "Try looking for something I might actually wear. Better yet, find your own costume."

"I will, but your costume comes first." Jake hung the body suit back on the rack and started looking through more costumes. "The only reason we're here is to find you a banging costume that will upstage Emily's. Look at this!" Jake pulled another costume off the rack and held it up, grinning like a mad man. "Salt and pepper shakers! We could be a matching set."

"No." I went down the next aisle trying to find some costume that fit that black-and-white theme at the same time I was trying to find one that would help me grab Sam's attention. So far, the only thing that I found that wasn't skin tight or showing my ass were witch costumes and I wanted to get away from my image of being the evil witch. "Go find your own costume and leave me alone."

"No need to get all snippy." Jake put away the condiments and rested his arms on top of the rack, watching me walk down the other aisle. "Besides, I already know what my costume will be. Black pants and a white pirate shirt with some Jack Sparrow-ish accessories thrown in the mix."

"That's boring."

"At least I have a costume." I didn't reply as I kept looking through racks and Jake just watched me. "Hey, you could be a jail burg in black and white stripes." I gave him a blank look. "They could have a sexy version of that."

"I don't want a short, low-cut, sexy-slash-slutty version of a jail burg jumpsuit. I want a fucking good costume."

I absolutely hate the meaning of Halloween now. Now that I'm older and not in middle school anymore, Halloween is just a holiday for girls to find an excuse to put on some of the skimpiest and raciest outfits they can find and get away with it. Halloween didn't seem to be about scaring the shit out of people or getting candy or playing pranks anymore. Now it was all about celebrating the whores in this world.

"How about this?" I looked up from the rack I was searching through and, of course, Jake was holding up a black and white, poofy skirt, polka-dotted dress that looked like it belonged to Minnie Mouse.

"That's fugly." Jake's brows furrowed and I scowled as soon as the sentence left my mouth. It wasn't fugly it was fucking ugly. Fugly was a word that was too cutesy for me. "That's fucking ugly," I corrected myself.

"That's what I thought," Jake said, nodding his head and putting the dress back. "For a second there I thought I lost you."

"Yeah." I slid ten hangers across the rack before I stopped, coming to a costume that caught my eye. I held it up so Jake could see from the other aisle. "You see this? This is a real Halloween costume. If someone popped around the corner in this you'd get the shit scared out of you and that's what Halloween is about—scaring the shit out of people."

"I personally thought it was about the candy, but scaring people comes in a close second." Jake looked at the costume in speculation. "That werewolf suit is pretty awesome."

"It's fucking amazing, that's what it is." I looked up at the costume in admiration. "Now this is a costume I would buy."

"Then buy it."

I looked at Jake as if he was stupid. "The theme is black-and-white."

"Since when do you actually follow the rules? You can just ruin the theme and be an individual."

"And ruin all the hard work that Jessica and the rest of the annoying dance committee put into that theme?" I asked sarcastically with a gasp, my eyes wide. "Tempting, but no." I hung the costume back up. "Damn, that was a good costume."

"Then buy it," Jake coaxed me. "That's too good of a costume to just pass up."

"The point is to get Sam's attention and how am I going to do that in a fur suit?"

"Maybe there's a sexy version of your werewolf suit?"

I looked at Jake blankly. "If you say sexy one more time I might kill you." Jake held his hands up in surrender and I went back to looking for a costume when the costume right next to the werewolf costume made me stop. "Oh."

"What?" Jake stood up on his toes to look over the rack to see what I was looking at. "The cape's red."

"That's what makes it Little Red Riding Hood, dumbass," I said, admiring the outfit. "And there's black and white too and the wolf's there too." I smiled, actually smiled at the thought of myself in this outfit. "This could work."

"You'd look good in it," Jake said, looking back and forth between me and the costume. "Red is a sexy color that only sexy women like you could pull off."

I decided to overlook Jake's double use of the word I had just forbidden him from using, and picked the costume off the rack and draped it over my arm. "It looks like we have a winner."

"Yep," Jake agreed as I started walking to the register. "That's a showstopper."


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