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"Rose! Rose!" Sage angrily snapped her fingers in front of her twin sister's eyes.

"What?" Rose looked up from her copy of Pride and Prejudice.

"What are you doing?" Sage snapped.

"It's the book Megan said to read." Rose shrugged.

"Whatever, you do know there's a movie, right?" Sage laughed at her twin, pretending she found the entire situation comical. But, honestly? Did Rose have to, like, idolize Megan so much? She was just a tutor. It seemed with her around Rose didn't appreciate her fabulousness.

"I know." Rose, shrugged again. She wanted to get into Duke, that couldn't happen if she always let Sage pressure her into taking the easy way out.

"Hey, how goes it?" Speak of the devil, Sage thought grimly as Megan popped into their bedroom.

"Okay. I just, this book is sooo boring." Rose complained.

"Pride and Prejudice? I love that book." Megan stared at her in disbelief.

"Um, yeah." Rose giggled. It was so old it was practically written in a foreign language. She was bored out of her skull reading it, and desperate to party with Sage. But she did want to go to Duke, she had to keep reminding herself of that.

"The movie was great, loved Keira Knightley." Sage grinned, letting Megan know that she hadn't done the assigned reading. She wanted her to know who was in control.

"Sage, you can't keep taking the easy way out, it's not fair to Rose and it's not fair to you. You're just cheating yourself." Megan sighed and plopped down on the bed.

"Yeah, fortunately, I don't care about being cheated. I'd rather do something a little bit more fun, you know?"

"Fine." Megan jumped off the bed and retreated from the room. She walked the extensive hall down the spiral stairs and into the kitchen.

"UGH!" She groaned when she sat down at the counter.

"What's wrong?" Marco asked with a sigh.

"Sage. She won't do anything I ask her to." Megan complained.

"Haven't we already crossed this bridge?" Marco raised an eyebrow and handed Megan one of his chocolate chip muffins and a mug of coffee.

"Yes but there is another bridge, just like it and apparently I haven't crossed it."

"Okay, understood. But, what about Rose?" He asked her as he sat down with her.

"She's doing fine, it's just Sage is making this beyond hard and now Charlie won't talk to me and…everything's just complicated." She complained.

She wished that she could talk to Charlie about all of this, but he was ignoring her. He never returned any phone calls and refused to show up when she asked him to come to dinner with her, her sister, and her father.

"Ah, yes, Charlie." Marco sipped his coffee delicately and waited for Megan to continue.

"Charlie's…still angry even though I don't know what I did." Megan sighed, exhausted already. Nothing seemed to be going right.


"Hey." Rose entered the kitchen in a turquoise bathing suit and Sage followed her, in an orange one.

"Where're you going?" Megan asked them, curiously.

"The beach. Why?" Sage challenged.

"It's just, I thought Rose was doing her reading." Megan tried, as calmly as possible. Obviously, Sage wanted to drag Rose down with her. She didn't seem to care that Rose would fail if she didn't study and work hard. Sage didn't seem to care at all that Rose wanted to get into Duke.

"She'll watch the movie tonight." Sage laughed.

"I promise I'll read later." Rose replied, quietly, looking at Megan.

"Fine." Megan sighed, unwilling to get into a fight with Sage and Rose. She just wanted to keep the peace with them and hopefully they would learn to listen to her.

"We'll be back around lunch, Marco. Smoked salmon and lobster would be delicious." Sage winked and turned around with Rose behind her.

"Understood." Marco stood up and finished off his coffee.

"What're you doing?" Megan asked, alarmed. She'd assumed they'd chat for the remainder of the morning.

"I have places to go, people to meet, seafood to make." Marco laughed.

"Okay." Megan agreed, reluctantly. She decided she may finally be able to get some writing in, after all. She could write a new article or something.

"I'll be back." Marco warned and left the kitchen.

Megan slumped upstairs to her sumptuous room where she turned on her laptop and opened a new document. She stared at the empty white computer screen and watched as the cursor blinked. Megan groaned, at her current realization. She had nothing to write. She was out.

Maybe, I'll just…go get something else to eat, Megan mused, knowing full well she was just procrastinating.

She slid on her fluffy blue slippers and clomped down into the empty kitchen. She grabbed a second double-chocolate muffin and made herself a mug of extra-chocolately peppermint-caramel hot chocolate.

"Delicious." She uttered as she sipped it, sighing with contentment.

If only there were a cure for writers block….

On the beach, Sage and Rose were lounged across the white sand, their gorgeous dark hair fanning behind them.

"You know, it's just not fair, Megan's trying so hard and we kind of blow her off all the time, I just wish she were more into the whole partying scene. Then we could all have fun together, you know?" Rose slid her Gucci sunglasses off her eyes and onto the top of her head.

"I don't really care, Rose." Sage replied, cuttingly.

"Okay." Rose quieted and stared at the cool, wild ocean.

"Rose, I'm sorry, I just…sometimes I get jealous of her, you know? Just because you, like, like her more than me." Sage confessed.

"Sage, we've been through this. I trust you so much. But I like Megan too, she's nice." Rose told her sister.

"I know. I'm sorry for being such a jerk to her this morning. I'll read the book." Sage compromised and grinned.

"Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Rose grinned and giddily clapped her hands together. Things seemed to be working out well, Sage was finally interested in doing work. Now, she could study hard, earn great grades, and…get into Duke with Megan's help.

"Yeah. Anyway, I can't wait until the formal, it's going to be amazing. I mean seriously, our school, has, like, the best dance committee." Sage went on, flipping through a magazine.

"I know! Who're you going with? Anyone asked you yet?" Rose pressed.

"Hello? If someone asked me you'd already know." Sage laughed as she pulled her long, dark hair into a pony tail.

"True." Rose giggled.

"Has anyone asked you?" Sage demanded. She briefly wondered if Rose ever kept secrets from her. She couldn't. They were sisters. Best friends, always.

"You'd know. Of course, not." Rose rolled her eyes.

"Right. Just checking. So, anyway, what's with Megan and Will have you noticed anything weird going on lately?" Sage changed the topic.

"Sort of, Will seems kind of cold to her." Rose agreed.

"Yeah, I know." Sage sipped her frozen iced tea and closed her eyes, basking in the sunlight.

"I was thinking," Rose started, "what if we have a party, like, with Laurel's permission, this time, and totally invite Lily and Megan's dad, and Will and Charlie. Megan would be so happy and maybe she and Lily could, like, make up. Then, everything would be fine."

"Rose, why do you want Megan and Lily to be friends so badly?" Sage wondered aloud.

"I don't know. I just want them to have what we have. Sisters and best friends for life." Rose smiled.

"Yeah but they hate each other." Sage pointed out, pessimistically.

"True but if we can help them maybe they won't." Rose suggested.

"Like that'll happen." Sage replied.

"It can! If we try." Rose fought, persistently.

She wanted Megan to be happy, to finally have peace with her sister. That's why she would throw the party with Sage. She had to for Megan's sake. If she didn't fix their relationship, no one would.