A week later Megan, Rose, and Sage were all preparing for the party in Rose and Sage's room.

"Megan, thanks so much for supervising this party for us." Rose gushed as she fixed the strap on her one-of-a-kind, silver, Zac Posen dress.

"Sure. No problem." Megan grinned.

She honestly hadn't minded when Laurel had "suggested" that she supervise the twins' party. It'd be fun to go to a party…get her mind off things. Charlie. Her father. Will. Lily. Everything that so…wrong could be right. She sighed, happy to be relieved of her woes and worries.

"Yeah, thanks, Megan." Sage smiled.

"Yeah." Megan smiled back, secretly proud that Sage had thanked her. Maybe she was getting through to her, finally.

"So. I'm so excited about tonight." Rose announced as she slipped on her high shoes.

"Whatever." Sage rolled her eyes as she stared at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a glittering gold Vera Wang cocktail dress and a pair of very high Jimmy Choos.

Megan was wearing a gorgeous lavender dress, a pair of high heels, and her hair was pulled back into a high pony tail.

"You look fabulous, Rose." Sage commented, looking at her sister.

"Thanks, Sage, you do, too."

"So. Let's go!" Sage grinned.

The girls walked out together, with Megan behind them. They strolled outside where everything was set up. The party was already buzzing with people, all the white tables were set up and the All-American Rejects were already on-stage performing "Dirty Little Secret".

"Oh my gosh, there's Lily!" Rose whispered, excitedly to Sage.

"Um. I think Megan can see that." Sage snickered.

Megan was gaping at Lily, angrily. Lily was looking stunning in an emerald green dress, her blonde hair had been curled perfectly and was cascading down her thin, bronzed shoulders.

Megan could not believe that she was there. How had she managed to be invited to yet another of Rose and Sage's parties? Was it another vicious plan hatched by Sage?

"Hey, Megan." Lily's velvety voice interrupted her musings.

"Lily, hello." Megan replied, frostily.

"Ugh, whatever. I come over trying to be nice and you are just so….entirely Megan." Lily rolled her eyes and sipped her red drink, angrily.

"What are you talking about 'so Megan'? And I was not being rude. I was being polite." Megan spat angrily.

"Yeah, whatever. You're just angry because you know that you messed up in our relationship and with dad." Lily retorted.

"Oh seriously? Are we serious going to do this again?" Megan asked her.

"Do what?" Lily yelled.

"Make a scene at a party. A party where I work." Megan answered.

"That's all you care about, isn't it? Work?"

Megan couldn't even believe Lily. Of course she cared about work. It was how she made money! Money to eat, and live.

"No, Lily, that's not all I care about. But I do want to be responsible something, obviously, you know nothing about." Megan snapped.

"No what is that supposed to mean?" Lily wanted to know.

"It's supposed to mean that you don't care about anything. Other than yourself that is." Megan screamed.

"Oh yeah?" Lily cocked her head angrily and glowered at Megan.

"Yes, Lily. You don't care about anyone other than you."

"Ugh! I hate you." Lily screamed.

"I have to go, excuse me." Megan rolled her eyes and walked away from Lily.

"Oh. My. Gosh." Rose gaped at Megan and Lily as they walked away from each other.

"Genius plan, sis." Sage told her, sarcastically.

Rose gulped. "This is so all my fault."

"Rose, don't be stupid." Sage laughed. Rose always felt guilty for everything. This fight was definitely all Megan and Lily. They really hated each other. Sage wondered what had to have happened for that to have happened.

"Hey, do you know where Megan is?" A guy walked up to the two girls. He had blue eyes, light blonde hair, and was wearing a blue polo, and khaki pants.

"Um, no." Rose blushed.

"She just left, I think." Sage shrugged.

"You're Charlie, right?" Rose asked, smiling.

"Yeah. Rose?" Charlie thought that this one was Rose. She was the shorter twin and the nicer twin.

"Yeah, I'm Rose. That's…Sage." Rose giggled.

"So, this is your party, huh?" Charlie looked around at the glamorous surroundings and sighed. He wished he lived like this all the time.

"Yeah. Sage and I are going to perform later." Rose told him.

"Speaking of which…we have to go." Sage informed her.

"Right. Totally." Rose nodded, still staring at Charlie.

"Well, I'm looking forward to your performance." Charlie told her and left them alone.

"Let's go." Sage dragged Rose over by the stage.

"What? When do we go on?" Rose asked Sage.

"" Sage rolled her eyes at Rose's ignorance.

The girls stepped onstage and the crowd cheered.

"Introducing…Rose and Sage Baker…" A woman announced.

"La, la, la, la, la, a material, a material, a material girl…." Rose began.

Sage was sitting on a wooden stool, playing the guitar to accompany Sage.

An hour later the girls were back at the party, among the guests.

"You were great." Charlie enthused when he saw Rose again.

"Thanks." Rose replied, happily.

It was definite she, Rose Baker, was in love with Charlie.