Sins Of The Father

"The sins of the father shall be reflected upon the son."~ Unknown

Jack Fenton had worn a mask all of his life. The mask hid all of his darker sides and emotions. Outside he was the loving husband,embarrassing father, and a a great lover of fudge or anything kind of treat. Yet inside he was a darker soul. His obssestionwith ghosts lead to dark happenings. He never regreted any of his choices, that is all except one. The question 'Is it possible to kill a ghost?' he answered thirteen years ago.

"Danny was innocent..."his conscious reminded him as he stared at the grey walls of his cell. Tears began to flow freely. His son Danny faced the consequences of his actions. True, they were the same person. It boiled down to his karma. He had ignored his own son all because of his need to capture a ghost.

Phantom was running out of energy. He had been hunting down the ghost boy for three hours,now.

"Please stop! I'm not the bad guy here! I'm a hero!" Phantom shouted while attempting to keep focus on his surroundings.

"Lier! You're nothing more than a slimy ball of ectoplasm! I'm going to tear you apart molecule by molecule." He hollered back.

Jack froze the memory there. He had torn the ghost boy apart molecule by molecule. Yet, by the end of it all there was more blood than ectoplasm. He murdered his own son and was so blinded that he didn't stop when he transformed before his eyes and back again. He didn't even realize what he had done before Jazz and Maddie came rushing down the stairs to see what all of the screaming was about. After that everything became a blur except for a few details. Such as the blank look on his face as he signed the divorce papers, the numbness he felt at his own son's funeral, or the sound of the blood covered scalpel falling to the floor.

He pulled away from the memories and looked out through the small window in his cell watching the stars. Danny had wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up. Jack silently prayed that he would see Danny Phantom flying through the skies not a care in the world.

"The sins of the father shall be reflected upon the son." He whispered. His obsession of ghost turned his only son into one. He was to spend life in prison while his son creased to exist.

Chalk another one up for dark and depressing. I don't hate Jack but they make his chararcter such an idoit when I don't think he really is. Also chapter one for my other story Supermans' Dead is coming soon.