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Sydney watched as Broots worked trying to find Jarod. After Miss Parker had yelled at him for being slow in tracking Jarod she stormed out and she hadn't come back yet. She said that she needed to go home for a bit and would be home in half an hour. Sydney looked at his watch and frowned noticing that it was an hour and a half. She was never late after she said she would be back when she said she would be back. He was worried. He knew that she was seeing a man named Thomas, but he was working.

"Broots I think we should stop looking for Jarod and see what's taking Miss Parker so long."

Broots glanced at the clock and then back to the computer shutting it down. "She's never been this late, Sydney. Do you think that she's alright?"

"I don't know Broots, but lets check."

They left the Centre and made their way towards Miss Parker's house. They noticed that a fire truck was in the driveway and so they got out. When they got there they were in for a shock. The house was burnt to the ground and it was still smoldering. They both looked at each other in horror and then made their way towards the firemen.

"Excuse me. What happened to the people inside? Did they get out okay?" Asked Sydney who asked the first fireman he saw.

"Do you know the person who owns this house?"

"Yes, we work with the woman who owns the house." He replied.

"I'm sorry to say this, but they didn't make it. A neighbor saw the woman and a man go inside and then the house just blew up. We're sorry they didn't make it."

"No, that couldn't of happened. They had to make it." Said a disbelieving Sydney. He stared at the fireman in horror trying to process the news that he had just been given. He turned to Broots who had the same expression that he held on his face.

"I'm sorry about your loss." The fireman said watching the two in front of him.

Sydney nodded and walked away with Broots in tow. They got into the car and just sat there.

"What am I going to tell Jarod? He's going to be devastated." Sydney said as he looked out the window.

They took one more look at the horrible shambles that was Miss Parker's house and then drove away. They went back inside the Centre and just sat there.