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Jarod watched as his mother and father interact with Angelo, Sydney, Broots, Debbie, Miss Parker and Thomas. He couldn't believe that it was over. The Centre had fallen and he was happy to be reunited with his family.

After finding Nathan and reunited him with his parents he made contact with Miss Parker and Thomas again. He also got into contact with Angelo and he had told them that he had lots of files that he had gotten from one of the sublevels. While some of them were Jarod's files there was also a lot of files that held incriminating evidence of what they did at the Centre and all they had to do was take those files to the right authorities. Of course they didn't give them Jarod's files, but they gave them the rest of it.

The government had destroyed the Centre and when that happened Miss Parker and Thomas came out of hiding. They watched along with Jarod, Sydney and Broots the Centre fall into nothing. A week later his father contacted him and told him that they had found his mother. That was a joyful reunion for Jarod and his family. There was no reason for them to settle down and pick up the pieces of their lives that the Centre had destroyed. His mother and father were happy that they had one of their sons back. There wasn't a day that they wished that Kyle were with their happy little family. In time both his parents learned to forgive Sydney for keeping Jarod locked up. It wasn't easy at first, but they finally forgave him.

Miss Parker and Thomas had married and Jarod was glad for the happy couple. He was the best man at the wedding and Major Charles had given the bride away. Miss Parker was sad to know that her father was in jail, but she knew that was the place for him. She remembered the lies that he had fed her over the years. The only thing that he had done for her was keep her name out of the Centre business and for that she was grateful. The authorities never knew about her and that was fine for her.

Angelo was staying with Sydney for now and was getting the treatment he desperately needed. He was happy with that arrangement and Jarod had visited him from time to time.

Jarod was truly happy now. He had friends and family and all was right with the world. He kept doing his pretends because he knew he could help and he wanted to keep doing them.

The End