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Author's Note: This was inspired by an AMAZING piece of artwork by GodsHellSing called "Kidnap Kira"—a crossover between Death Note and The Nightmare Before Christmas. So go check out her stuff! And particularly the picture itself: httpCOLLONSLASHSLASHgodshellsingDOTdeviantartDOTcomSLASHartSLASHkidnappDASHkiraDASH92681831

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Warnings: Spoilers for the end of the series.

Dedication: For GodsHellSing. Thanks for making my day. XD


Capture Kira


To the Tune of "Kidnap the Sandy Claws"


All: Capture this Yagami Light?

Mello: I wanna do it!

Matt: Let's not fight.

Near: Roger said to work together

Mello: Three of a kind

Matt: Birds of a feather

All: Now and forever!
La la la la la la…

Capture Yagami Light
Throw him in a jail
Rub his face in all his crimes
Refuse to give him bail

Mello: Take his sister as the bait
An' fly her over to the States
When he comes to get her back
We'll let the building detonate!

Near: Wait! I've got a better plan
To get this shinigami man
Let's catch his minions in the act
Of killing and pin him with that!

All: Capture Yagami Light
Trap him in our web
Laugh as his plans crash and burn
He'll be as good as dead

Near: Then our dear ICPO
Can test his blasted murder-Note
They'll be so pleased to learn the facts
They'll all come crawling back

All: Wheeeee!

Mello: I say that we take some guns
And hide a bomb inside his lair
When the time comes, pull the trigger—
Watch it all explode in air!

Near: You're so stupid, think now
If we blow him into smithereens
We'll never get the proof we need to
Show this was his dirty scheme

All: Capture Yagami Light
Pop his devil eyes
Break his fingers and his hands
Then see if he cries

Because our detective L,
He was the smartest guy around
If you were on his Kira-list—
I'd get out of town…

Near: He'll be so pleased by our success
One day he'll thank us too, I'll bet

All: Perhaps he's at the Pearly Gates
As we solve this case

We are L's successors
And we take our job with pride
We do this to revere him
And avenge the way he died

Near: I wish my cohorts weren't so dumb.

Mello: I'm not the dumb one!

Matt: You're no fun.

Mello: Shut up!

Matt: Make me!

Near: I've got something, listen now—
This one is really good, you'll see
We'll find and stalk this 'Mikami'
And make a copy of his keys
Now, once we have them we will switch
His Death Note with a fakery
He'll write all names except his God's—
We'll have Yagami
One, two, three!

All: Capture Yagami Light
Chop him into bits
Pick apart his twisted brain
Learn what makes him tick

Capture Yagami Light!
We want him— live or dead
For murdering our precious L
We'll take his stinking head

Capture Yagami Light!
We swear that he will be—
Sealed up in a dirty cell
For eternity!