Public Announcement

We interrupt your regularly scheduled, yet more than likely mind numbingly retarded programming, for this public announcement.

Shadow: Hi, I'm Shadow Shinobi. As you may know, I have been inactive for the past few months. This has been a great misfortune, and I am thoroughly kicking myself. But I am bringing this bit of news for you. I hope to keep the Q&A War going. But as it is, it is dying. That's why I'm asking of all the hosts out there to keep it going, and all of the fans out there to support them. I hope to return to the field soon, but recent developments have kept me…uh….busy…

Krystal: Is he blushing?

Shadow: N-no! Anyway, I'm bringing this to your attention so you may pursue to keep the Q&As running. Thank you all. I apologize for the long wait.

This concludes our public announcement.

Shadow walks off stage, drinking out of his canteen, looking overly stressed.

Krystal: Seriously, why were you blushing?

Shadow: Shut it, I'm not saying.

Krystal: Is it personal?

Shadow: Why would I be blushing if it wasn't?!

Katt: Is it something awesome?

Shadow: W-well…No. In fact, it was embarrassment of not being able to update.

Fay and Miyu: Suuuuuuuuuuuurrre…

Shadow: Ya know, they might as well cast you two for a remake of the Shining.

All the girls: TELL US!!

Shadow: NO!!!

He flies off.

Katt: Yeash….What a douche.

Krystal: With what that kid goes through, it's nothing.

Katt: You read his mind, didn't you?

Krystal: Yes.

Katt: Tell me!

Krystal: NO!

She runs off.

Katt: UGH!

If you must know, the blushing was a part of the plot. Don't know why I expressed it like I did, but you'll find out later. Again, sorry for the long wait. I'm putting this up to let you know I'm alive and sorta well. So, to all of you awesome people out there, good luck and Godspeed.