Good news for people who have an interest in this story, I have been going back over my old file for this and made revisions and edits to format, grammar and some of the story itself. The formatting and grammar revisions are complete, but I'm currently working on the fixes to the story and I hope it will help the flow of the plot as well as make it more realistic. Or at least as realistic as a fantasy story can get ;)

This story is still not complete and as a fair disclaimer I'm not sure it will ever be complete. However, I feel that if I'm going to have this story out there for the world to see, I would like it to be as well done as possible. And who knows, perhaps through my story revisions I will get the bug to continue LoD and see it through to the end.

If anyone has read the story and not yet left feedback, I encourage you to do so. Now is the perfect time for it as I'm working on the revisions. I will be breaking down what I have into smaller, easier to read chapters and uploading them hopefully once a week after my rework has been completed.

Thank you for those who have read this story, and hopefully an advanced thank you to those that will read the revisions once they're up :)