Lily's feet padded softly against the damp ground as she sprinted home. There really was no other way to do it. Driving actually took longer, because of traffic, and there wasn't a bike trail. She couldn't walk. She would just have that much less time to spend with Amelia, Dexter, and Marcus. Every afternoon, when she was done working at the bakery, she ran home as fast as she could, always on the same route. It seemed that her life had fallen back into routine, albeit a lovely one. Every evening she made dinner. In the morning, she would send her children off to school and kiss Marcus before he left for work. She would do as much housework as possible before she had to leave for her job. Though her job remained relatively the same, roll, flatten, spread, fill, it varied a bit each day.

Lily practically jumped through the front door of her cottage. Marcus caught her and kissed her as she snuggled into her husband's rough arms. He kissed her again and held her to his chest. Marcus and Lily never lost any of the insane passion they'd had as adolescents falling in love for the first time. It was the reason why Lily's monotonous life so intrigued her. Marcus always loved her and wanted her just as much as he did fifteen years ago. Their fiery romance had only strengthened with marriage and kids.

Dexter and Amelia playfully tottered into the family room. Dexter's shock of black hair was overgrown, sneaking past his pale ears and hiding his green eyes. Amelia's dark hair was soft; it seemed to hide her as well as declare herself. Her eyes, though exactly the same color and shade as Dexter's, were thinner, wiser, than his. They were both six years old. "Mommy!" yelled Amelia. She and Dexter grabbed onto her legs. They were both exceptionally short for their age, always seeming more like four or even three years old.

"Hey, D-bear!" she said, using Dexter's nickname affectionately. "Mia-mi," she added, squeezing Amelia. The children laughed and plopped down on their mother's legs, forcing her to drag them across the room like shackles. Lily laughed. She loved her family.