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The Z Fighters were all gathered at Capsule Corporation for one of Bulma's many gatherings when they all suddenly heard a tremendous crash.

"What was that?!" screamed Bulma as she grabbed onto Trunks for protection. "Vegeta!! Go check what's going on out there." As she saw Vegeta's look of indifference she quickly added, "NOW! Or else it's the couch for you tonight!"

Vegeta mumbled some stuff under his breath before Goku, Trunks, Goten and himself went outside to see what had made the loud crash. The group waiting inside suddenly heard Goten scream and the rest of them ran outside to see what was going on. When they got there they were all surprised to see a large contraption that looked like a bigger version of Future Trunks' space ship.

"It`s a space ship!" yelled Bulma. "Do you think Trunks is back?"

"Why would he be back though?" asked Gohan as he hugged his pregnant wife, Videl.

"Who knows, but I'm sure whatever he has come to tell us obviously is not good news." Bulma said before she walked over to the ship examining it and taking into consideration the many differences between this ship and the one Trunks had appeared in many years ago. 'I wonder why he would come in a ship so much bigger if he's just coming to warn us about another horrible enemy. This ship looks like its intended to hold many more people than that.' Suddenly Bulma had a thought. 'Wait a minute! What if this isn't Trunks' time machine, but a space ship instead!?' Quickly she backed away from the ship looking a little frightened.

"What's wrong with you woman?" asked Vegeta when he saw her back away from the ship.

"I think this might be an alien space ship!"

Vegeta rolled his eyes, "It says Capsule Corp on it, idiot."

"DO YOU WANT TO SLEEP ON THE COUCH VEGETA? OR HOW ABOUT I DESTROY YOUR GRAVITY MACHINE FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH! WOULD YOU LIKE THAT?" Vegeta quickly looked apologetic and Bulma began to speak again after she thought about what he had said. "You're right Vegeta, it does says Capsule Corp on it. But it isn't any of the models that we've produced. Maybe it's another visit from Future Trunks."

Trunks of the present rolled his eyes, he hated listening to stories of how his future self came to warn everyone about the androids. And how heroic he was. And how dedicated to getting stronger he was. And how handsome he was and blah blah blah!

"Hey, is anyone else concerned with why nobody has exited from the ship yet?" asked Gohan. "Whoever is in there is probably quite shaken up after a crash landing like that"

"Why don't you look inside hunny?" asked Videl as she held her still tiny stomach.

"Um... I just think it would be better if I stayed beside you and made sure nothing happens to you." Videl rolled he eyes at her goofy husband who she knew was only pretending to be scared.

Vegeta walked right up to the ship, "HEY! Open up in there! Come out and show your face!"

"Vegeta, there is no need to yell! I'm sure whoever is in there is friendly and someone we can trust."

Vegeta suddenly blasted the top of the ship off and jumped inside. Everyone on the outside heard him scoff, "There's not even anyone in here. They sent us an empty ship. Maybe it's supposed to be a sign for you to get with the times woman, and invent something better." All the surrounding people covered their ears as Bulma let Vegeta know exactly what she thought of his idea on the situation.

"Hey you two!" Quickly Bulma and Vegeta turned to look at Trunks who had walked around to behind the ship. "I found someone, or rather, some ones."

Everyone looked at the two unconscious girls lying on the ground and gasped. Both girls looked to be about 5"7 but were quite different in looks. The first girl that they noticed bore an uncanny resemblance to Bulma. She was slender with beautiful shoulder length blue hair. Her outfit consisted of a pair of tight jeans and a cute light coloured t-shirt.

"Who do you think they are?" asked chi-chi, admiring how much the second girl looked like herself when she was younger. The girl was also very slender just like the first, but you could see that this girl had muscles and kept herself in really good shape. The girl had black hair that was held up in a messy pony tail. She was wearing a torn up blue fighting Gi.

"I have no clue who they are." Said Bulma, "Do you think we have anything to worry about from them?"

Vegeta rolled his eyes, "Doubtful. They're two teenage girls. They're probably just employees of yours in the future who miscalculated something and accidentally sent themselves here." After he finished talking he started walking towards the gravity chamber without saying anything else.

"They look a lot like you two," said Goten as he pointed to his mom and Bulma. "Maybe they're from the past rather than the future? Man Bulma, you sure were cute!"

Chichi glared at her son, "I think I remember what I looked like at that age Goten. Yes it's true that these two young woman look a lot like how Bulma and I did as teenagers, but they are definitely not us."

"Plus Goten, I don't remember ever having access to this type of technology when I was 17."

Goten laughed sheepishly, "I guess that's true, I still think they both look a lot like you two though, I guess it's just a coincidence. We should probably take them inside, wouldn't you think?" Goten walked towards the Bulma look alike and bent down to pick her up.

"Trunks, help Goten bring the girls inside. We'll question them once they wake up."

The boys brought the girls inside Capsule Corp and put them both inside a room together where they could be comfortable until they woke up. After placing the girls inside the room they went back downstairs to where the party had started back up, the new comers pretty much forgotten.

About two hours later the Bulma look alike woke up startled. 'What's going on? Where am I? What happened?' The girl looked around and noticed her friend lying beside her in the comfortable guest bed. "Pan!" she whispered, "wake up, please."

The other girl began to stir as she slowly opened her eyes, "Bra?" Pan's stomach began to rumble and she laughed. "What happened?"

"I'm not completely sure. But I am pretty confident in assuming we're at Capsule Corp. I'm thinking something went wrong with our landing and caused us to crash and be knocked out."

"But if we're at Capsule Corp then does that mean that the Z Fighters of this time have already found out about us?"

"I really hope they haven't Pan. We didn't have any ID on us or anything though, so I don't think there is any way they could have found out who we are or what time we come from."

"But if they found us inside the ship then they probably know that we come from the future."

"More than likely, but at least they don't know who we are. This is bad though Pan, if we crashed our ship is obviously going to be damaged. We weren't supposed to interact with anyone on our visit. How are we supposed to repair our ship and NOT interact with people who already know we're here?" Pan could tell that her friend was starting to panic, so she tried to put on a cheerful smile.

"Don't worry Bra, I'm sure everything will work out."

"What should we tell them Pan? They are going to ask who we are, ah! What do we say to them?"

"I think we should pretend we don't know who we are or who they are and what they can do."

"Do you think that's a good idea? I mean, what if they find out that we're Saiyan, then they are going to be really mad at us for lying, since obviously if we're Saiyan we could have handled that landing and not actually lost our memories."

"We are girls though Bra, and not full Saiyans. Maybe if they find out somehow, which they won't, we can just convince them that we're weak!"

"Speak for yourself, I am weak Panny" Both the girls laughed as they sensed everyone downstairs. "I guess we should head downstairs. Let's see who's acting is better." She teased.

Both of them got out of the bed and quietly walked down the stairs of the well known house. When they reached the bottom of the stairs, the only thing anyone could do was stare at them. It took a moment before anybody in the large group of fighters spoke.

"Who are you..?" was all that Gohan managed to say.