Hunters and Witches

Dislaimer:I do not own the character excpet for Chris and any more fictional characters I might create as the story goes on.

Me and my sister, had just finished salting and burning the bones of a very nasty, violent spirit, one Zecheriah Burnsteen, who killed in such a way I would not care to describe, but let's just say it will take me at least two hours to get all the blood out of my hair. I was to become his next victim but my older sister, Chris was not about to let that happen and I'm glad. I'm sorry where are my manners? My name is Hermione Granger yep one third of the used-to-be Golden Trio and I'm hunting with my little known about sister Chris. My parents sent her to Beauxbatons for God knows what reason. The war has ended but it took with it Harry and Ron and my parents. My sister is all I have left that's close to me.

"We kicked evil's ass." My sister said with a smile. She always loved the thrill of the hunt; I on the other hand like the research more and learning about new things. I am truly a bookworm. I guess that's one thing that hasn't changed. But what has changed is my sister's and I use of magic. We don't use magic unless necessary and hunt evil the muggle way.

"Agreed. Now let's get out of here before people start asking questions." I said as we headed towards her 1962 Chevy Comaro.

"Alright, onward to another little town with a shitty motel." Chris said with a look of disgust on her face.

"They're not all little and shitty. Remember when we went to Milwaukee."

I countered.

"Oh forgive me. They're not all little but if they're not little then they're dirty. At least the spots we stay in."

"Well it's not like we can afford anything else. We don't get paid for this. Hell, we're lucky if we even get a thank you. The only way we have money is through credit card fraud and we, on occasion get caught and have to spend a night in jail and when we don't get caught I feel kind of guilty or if some people, mainly guys, are stupid enough to take us on in pool and then when we win we get accused of rigging the game."

"Whatever let's just go."

"Okay. Wake me up when we stop." I said as I put my shades on.

"Alright." She said as we hightailed out of Normanna, Texas Metallica blasting all the way.

"Hey 'Mione wake up." Chris practically yelled as she shook me awake.

"Where are we?" I said groggily.

"I have no idea but they have a diner that looks like they have edible food compared to the Darwinism you try to feed me." Typical Chris. Thinking of her stomach rather than more important things like where the hell we are.

"Yeah well your cooking isn't much better than mine." Unfortunately for us neither got our mom's gift of awesome cooking but rather our father's ability, I guess is the word for it, at making the simplest meals into something even Chris wouldn't eat and that's saying something.

"Never said I was little sis." She retorted as we walked into the diner. Everyone stared at us as we waited to be seated. I guess they weren't use to visitors in Sanatoga, Texas according to the shitty postcards. I mean really in a town of like 600 people and you have post cards. Wow is all I have to say.

The elderly lady behind the cashier welcomed us and said in a motherly tone, one Mrs. Weasley would use, "Come dearies and sit wherever you like, and please ignore the stares. She said the last bit loudly so everyone could hear her. As soon as the chatter had resumed she told us " Forgive them, we're not used to strangers and what with the accidents you can't help that they're curious and somewhat suspicious.

"Accidents?" Chris questioned.

"Yes, tragedies really. But nothing you sweet girls have to worry about. Now why don't you go sit down and I'll send your waitress right over."

"Thank you." As Chris and I exchanged a glance.

As soon as our waitress, or slut really, took our order Chris started talking "Do you really think that they're normal accidents?"

"I don't know. Maybe." I replied.

"Well I think that this is definitely a job for us." Chris said confidently.

"Come on, are you sure that you aren't just looking for another hunt? I mean sure the possibility is there but I'm skeptical." I said unsure.

"Whatever. I'm just saying that maybe we should look into. Hello. Hotties 3 o'clock. I peered over to where she was looking, staring really and saw indeed there were two handsome men. Already, I could tell she was attracted to the shorter, older and tougher looking one. But the taller, younger and almost cuter in a geekish one was the one who drew me in.

The short one caught us basically drooling over them and said something to the tall one making him look over at us. I caught his eye for a short moment but ruined it as I looked down blushing furiously. Chris though was doing the exact opposite. She was exchanging flirtascious smile and winks with older one.

I snapped my fingers in front of her face while saying, "Hey, yo Chris. Snap out of it girl. Undress him with your eyes later."

"Yep we should definitely look into this as something possibly out of the ordinary."

"Does this have something to do with there might being an actual hunt or does this have to do with that cute guy over there who you don't even know if he's into you?" I inquired.

"I am appalled you would say that 'Mione. Do you have that little faith in me? Of course this is about there being a possible hunt. The hottie is just an added bonus. And as to him not being into me, not even a possibility. He wasn't looking over here for nothing and he's not into you and since my gaydar is not going off we are definitely going to be shagging in the near future." Once again, typical Chris only thinking about food, shagging and occasionally hunting.

"How do you know he's not into me?" I queried.

"Because the other one is. I looked at her with doubt written all over my face. Chris saw this and said in an almost cocky way. "You'll see while I'm having the best sex of my life with my guy you'll be getting laid by your guy for the first time in 6 years."

I still doubted her but instead of voicing it I said "Hurry up and eat and then it's time for work.

Chris groaned to which I replied "Hey the sooner we get this done the sooner you can have quote "The best sex of my life'.

"Fine." Chris grumbled. I could tell this was going to be the happiest hunt ever. Not.

A.N. Hey I know not the most eventful but what do you expect it's the introductory chapter. If you couldn't tell the two guys were the Winchesters. Well that's all for now. Please let me know what you think I should keep or change or just your thoughts in general.