Hunters and Witches

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"Hey Chris. Wait up. We really need to talk." I called to Chris.

"Why? Didn't we already talk? Oh yeah that's right you ran out on me in the pouring rain where something could have gotten you."

My temper got the best of me and I responded with animosity taking over my voice. "I could just tell you were oozing with worry with me. Tell me. Do you fuck a guy every time I disappear or do you actually give a shit?"

"That was a low blow 'Mione and you know it." Chris said angry tears filling her eyes threatening to fall over the brim.

"Yeah well I don't give a shit right now. Maybe if you actually took the time to get to really know what I went through and am going through I would be more sympathetic toward what I say to you."

Dean stepped out of Chris's room just then and decided to defend Chris. Figures. "Hey now 'Mione. Come on she's your older sister."

I cut him off before he could continue. "Shut the hell up. You don't know shit. Don't pretend you know anything about me or my relationship with Chris when you don't." I immediately regretted the words as soon as I saw the look of hurt and shock cross Dean's face. I knew it was better that I wasn't involved in their lives. Everything around me always got fucked up. I turned around and headed to my room. I started throwing clothes, money and other essentials into one bag and my own personal stash of weapons and books into another. I packed everything up and headed out to my other car, a red '69 Ford Mustang. I was about to pull out when Sam came out with bags. I simply stared at him as he put his bags in the back and sat down beside me.

He sat there for a while and finally spoke. "Aren't you going to drive? I thought you were in a rush and if we don't leave now Dean will be able to catch up to us." He noticed me staring. "What?"

"Why?" He looked at me a confused expression crossing his handsome features. I proceeded to explain. "Why did you come after me? If you haven't noticed everything around me gets screwed up."

He shrugged. "I thought we established you were my girlfriend. What kind of boyfriend, even though she can take care of herself, would let his girlfriend go on a hunt alone? Besides you can't get rid of me that easy. Now that that's cleared up I say we go to Detroit. Kids have gone missing only to have worms found in their beds."

I nodded and started pulling out of the driveway and kept the music down until we were well outside city limits. I looked at Sam only to see that he was desperately trying to stay awake. I smiled at him and said, "Sam you can go to sleep. Even with my driving we won't get there until tomorrow late afternoon."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, besides since I haven't gotten shit for sleep. I need someone to take the wheel and you're no good if you aren't rested."

"Are you're sure?"

"I'm sure." As soon as those words had come out my mouth Sam dozed off. I had been driving for a few hours contemplating my relationship with Chris and how maybe I should have just stayed in England. There are even less hunters over there and let me tell you England, Scotland, Wales, and when I went to Ireland had a hell of a lot of creatures and demons that definitely needed to be killed. I smiled as I remembered fellow hunters, some magic like Oliver (Wood), some not like Chassidy. I frowned as I thought about them and couldn't help but feel as though I had abandoned them and even more had lied to them. "Dammit." I muttered hoping not to wake Sam. Unfortunately, I found, when on alert for a hunt he was a somewhat light sleeper.

"What?" He exclaimed as he jerked up from his sleep.


"Seriously, what's up? And is it seriously 2 in the morning." He asked glancing at the clock.

"Just thinking. And yes we have been driving for seven hours. We'll hit Frankfurt in about an hour thanks to my driving. I figure since it's the capital it's bound to have something open at three. Then you can drive from there and as long as you go at least the speed limit we should get to Detroit at around 9 A.M."

"Wow, you do drive fast."

"I like fast. No time to think about things just what's going on otherwise you miss something."

Sam gave me a look thankfully didn't push his thoughts on me. He instead started to talk about the hunt instead. "So have you gotten any ideas yet? I have a theory but nothing that could be concrete."

"Not really." And with that we dropped the subject and started to talk about random stuff. We talked about memories and little habits we had and I was disappointed when he told me about Stanford. For some reason, I felt as if he were holding back on me but decided not to dwell on it. I knew Sam would tell me when he was ready just like I would with my past and my powers. That was something else I thought about and I wondered how Sam would take it. I chose, just for the time being, to put it in the back of my mind and not worry about it for awhile. We got to Frankfurt and just stopped at a McDonald's. We got out and switched positions as I fell asleep wondering about my life and the hunt that was set before me.

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