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My name is Bella Swan, daughter to Charlie and Renée Swan, step daughter to Phil Dwyer and I am trying to live a normal life. But life isn't normal when you have a paper company tracking you where ever you go.

I have been different ever since I was born, I was just like many of the others out there, maybe they have noticed, maybe not, but I knew I was different when I was able to heal whenever I was hurt. I have only met one other person like me, her name was Claire Bennet. I was only able to talk to her for a second before I had to get on the plane and head to Forks, a place where my father now lived.

You see, when my parents were young, they decided to marry after high school, and then a year later I was born. 6 months after, my mother ran away with me to Phoenix, Arizona. It was 7 years after that, that I discovered what I could do, and then 5 years after that I was taken and then found a day later only to learn that I am now being tracked where ever I go just like the many others like me.

"Miss, we are about to land, could you please buckle up?" I snapped out of my daydream/memory to look at the all-too-happy flight attendant.

"Oh sure," I grabbed the buckles and placed them together, it wasn't long before I felt the feeling of descent and then rolling to a stop after we hit the ground.

Attention all passengers, we would like to thank you for flying American Express, you may proceed off the plane when the seat belt light is off.

I waited until the light was off and grabbed my bags off the plane through the terminal hoping I would be able to find my father before I managed to succumb to any injuries…then again they would heal right away.

"Bells!" I winced at the name but followed the voice of my father to where he was standing.

"Hey dad, how are you?" He asked me as I gave him one of my bags to hold.

"Good, the same as usual, how about you?" He said smiling as we made our way to his car, which happened to be a police car.

Charlie's usual, was work, supper, and a game. And sometimes of weekend he would go down to La Push, a tiny reserve, and go fishing with his long time friend Billy Black.

"Good." I said slowly. Yes, being a teenager who could stand being hit by a train and manage to walk out alive with the remains of blood, my blood, all over my clothes and not a single scratch on me. Yes I was all good.

"How is your mother?" he asked once we were half way home.

"She is doing fine," I said automatically, I didn't really want to talk about my mother with my father. I knew in my heart that my father still loves my mother dearly, but she decided that it was best if they separated, mostly it was her idea, my father loved my mother so much that he agreed and let her do what ever she wanted. Personally I think that he should have fought a bit.

"Bella, I got you… Well I got you a car." He said after a couple of moments of silence. My eyes widen suddenly at the spoken words.

"Really, because you know I was going to save up my own money and buy a new one." I said half truthfully, the other half was that I was saving money so I could travel around the world to meet with this guy name Mohinder Suresh, formally known as Doctor Suresh, as he followed in his father foot step in Genetic Research, why I am like this, and how do I be normal, not that I hated it, I considered it a plus for me, seeing as I can't walk across a flat surface with out falling, or causing some sort of mishap. I had only managed to contact him a couple times, but then lost track of him when he moved somewhere else.

When we got to the house, I saw what my father had bought me, I was a big red truck, it wasn't to shiny, more like rusty, but I could tell that it was reliable. It was also a vehicle that wouldn't get me too noticed in Forks.

While driving back with Charlie I had noticed that most of the cars in forks, were old and rusted like the one right in front of me.

"Bella?" I heard my father ask; I turned around and saw him. He was standing by the front door, which was open, with my bags on either side of him. I ran up to him and gave him a hug.

"Dad, Thank you." I said hugging him, when I pulled away I could see the faint blush that he had on his face.

I picked up one of my suite cases and head to the room that was mine, and has always been mine even though I moved away to live with Renée, only it now had a queen sized bed and a computer desk with a computer on it.

I started off by placing all my clothes in the dresser that was in my room, and some of my clothes on hangers. I then started getting all my books and miscellaneous stuff out and placing them where I needed them to be, and last but not least I took out one thing I hated the most, and two of my prize positions. I took out my alarm clock, the one I hated, set the time and placed it on the night stand that was beside my bed, and then placed my diary of misfortune "Accident," which had every single attempt at hurting my self in it, and the books I read so many times, and maybe other like me as well, Activating Evolution, By Chandra Suresh.

"Bella, supper is ready." I heard Charlie say from downstairs, I placed both books, under my mattress so no one would find it, or at least I hope no one would find it and walked downstairs.

Supper with Charlie was uneventful only that he told me that I would be going to school tomorrow. I nodded and grabbed my plate and placing it in the sink to do the dishes. When Charlie placed his plate in the bubble, soapy water, I smiled at him, and told him to go watch the game while I cleaned the kitchen. He started to argue with me for a little while, but I managed to get him away from the kitchen area and into the living room.

While doing the dishes I noticed that there was a sharp butcher's knife in the sink. I turned around to see that Charlie was pre-occupied with his game to even notice that I had started to slice my arm from the grove of my elbow to my wrist. I watched as a trail of blood surrounded my arm, just looking at it made me dizzy, but watching as my skin healed it self really quickly just sent excitement through my veins. I washed the blood under the faucet to clean the blood before I started finishing the dishes.

"Bella, are you almost done in there?" Charlie asked once I was in there for more then half an hour.

"Yeah dad, just finishing up, I should be done soon." I said as I cleaned the blood on the floor at that dropped from my act earlier.

"Alright," he said, and then I heard the remains of the game as I headed up the stairs. I changed into some clothes for the night and took out my diary.

Oct, 5

Attempt # 75

While doing the dishes I decided to try, Attempt numbers 7, 23, 54, 56, 68, and 70 again to see if I got the same results. Charlie was in the living room while I decided to attempt to fail at a suicidal attempt, but for me it just wouldn't work. Should I consider this a good thing or a bad thing? I really hope I could contact Dr. Suresh, he might be able to help me or maybe Claire Bennet, she had the same ability as me… but then again her father was the one who abducted me and placed the tracker on me. Anyways, I set my alarm clock to wake me up in the morning, Surprise, Surprise, yours truly has school tomorrow.

Yours and Only Yours

Bella Swan.

I tucked my diary under my bed with the other books before turning off my light, crawling under the blankets and falling asleep hoping that tomorrow would bring good sunny days, I snorted at the idea, then fell asleep.

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