Short little blurb inspired by finally watching through what exists of the series so far in animated form. Spoilers abound.

Summary: Because for that second, you were warm and whole and not alone. Slight SteinxMedusa. Spoilers.

Just one fleeting moment--that's what it took for you to fall. The snake, poised in all her glory and acting as innocent as she pleases, grants you a dance.

You are not used to dancing. Especially not with a woman, and not this close. You pretend not to bristle at the contact but you do (but hide it oh so well) when she pulls her form, all curves and beautiful pale flesh so close to yours. You keep up the charade for a moment, but you grow tired of it. Bored. And uneasy with someone so close. Solitary pursuits really suited you better, didn't they?

But no, this nurse--terrible nurse--reveals herself as you knew she was, and she's all charms and misleading turns. And your front wavers, but still stands.

One hot breath in your ear, baiting you to follow, and it begins to crumble.

Her warm breath, wine-sweet ghosts over your lips and it falls. Alone? It was never you, was it? Could someone be allowed in? Would they stay?

It seems like eternity she stands there, full weight leaning into you and breath sweet on your face and you simply want the torture to not end, but it's only a few seconds, and the school knows, and she is gone.

And for a moment you think you're fine, but you know that you are not.

Marie turns to you, timidly asking if you'd like something to eat. Shaky hands and shaky eyes tell her no, and she is quiet. You are sorry, though you don't recall much anymore. About BJ. They don't think you did it, but, you don't even know.

And some terrifying clear point in your mind knows that it is all your fault, and you will always be alone. Just like before, it will continue, in an endless curve, which she is not--she is hard angles and rough stops, and she haunts you, spectral arms draped across your shoulders as she tells you you will be alone. (And you know that she is 100% correct)