WANTED: Suggestions & Ideas

Okay guys, Cherry here needs a little help. I'm having some trouble placing VK in a time and place.

I'm kinda wondering where Cross Academy could be located in the world 'cause depending on where it is, it'll play a big role on what happens in the next chapter.

I figured that the manga/anime itself thing is more than likely placed in an "alternate dimension" since when I look at it from my academic/historical point of view it doesn't make sense and I can't exactly figure out what they do and don't have in VK or where this is all taking place.

I guess the "time" isn't as important as the "place" in this case. It's actually impossible to roughly estimate what decade the story is taking place in as there is a whole clash of things from the 1800's, 1920's through 1930's, and the present. So time-wise I'm letting it be as it won't have anything to do with H&SC.

However, I'd like to at least have a rough idea where I can plant Cross Academy in the world.

Based on what I noticed in the VK manga/anime is that it all seems to be taking place somewhere in Europe.

I mean, the building architecture of Cross Academy, the nearby town, and the Vampire Hunter's Association, is European.

The fancy balls, clothing, social classes, general society (as in people in the town and etc) are also European.

So I was wondering if it's alright to plant the academy somewhere in Europe or if I should go with the general assumption that Cross Academy is located in Japan, just because the manga/anime is Japanese (I think?).

Anyway, this is where I need your guys' help.

Should I place Cross Academy in Europe or in Japan?

And if in Europe then where?

Any suggestions? Ideas?

Any kind of input will be greatly appreciated.

P.S. If you're reading this and wondering where the new chapter is - go back. It's the one before this post =).