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Ch. 1 Dreams and Lights

.....What the I dreaming? no....if I was then I should be awake by's so warm..... I can feel something radiating from above...... why can't I open my eyes?....The creature tried to reach for his face, only succeeded in rocking its round container... What is this wall doing here? I can barely move.... The creature tried pushing at the wall to no avail. Its elbows barely had room to shift, let alone enough to hit the sides of its small cell. Muffled voices could be heard outside.... Someone's there.....hello can you hear me?!?! I can't move my's still there I can feel my tongue...wait a minute!!! Am I even breathing? How am I still alive!?!...The creature began to shake violently against its container screaming thoughts in its head. Pleading and begging to be let out and that it didn't want to die. They were rather amusing thoughts to hear, if you were someone who knew exactly what was going on to the semi-young creature inside.

An eternity passed before the creature finally stopped, realizing that, even without him breathing for this long, he was still alive. He felt a new presence outside of its container. The presence rubbed gently and even seemed to emit a new strange light to the creature inside. After falling silent the creature was too warn out to notice the feelings that seemed to accompany the strange new light.

... So warm..... so tired....must escape som.... no, here is is safe.....this is so familiar....A low humming could be heard. This gave the creature the sensation to yawn, even though it was unable to. This light.....this light....what a.....wonderful shade of....the yawn feeling revealed itself again and the word was lost to the young creature. so sweet....feels like.....I can love everything all over parents....together again.... It was on this train of though that the creature fell asleep again and dreamed of good things that made him all warm inside.

(?????? POV)

"That was weird," a boy said to no one in particular.

"Guess its not time for it to come out after all," the boy's companion patted him on the back causing the first to nearly drop his precious treasure.

"It has to be soon," the boy rubbed his treasure again: firstly, to be sure it wasn't harmed, secondly, wishing for the creature would magically fly out like a genie.

"It will come out when it's ready," the companion said as he watched the kid replace the round object into its cylinder-shaped container while continuing to hum the lullaby. He saw that look in the kid's eyes again. The same ones that you would see and hear when your mother tucks you in at night, "but if you feel that strongly about it this time...I suppose we could head for the Pokémon Center and see what Nurse Joy thinks."

The boy's eyes widened with excitement, "oh thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!," he squealed and hugged his older companion, who could do little to protest against it.

(the creature's POV)

...What a nice dream..... am I awake again......or still dreaming.... The radiation from above had returned and the presence seemed to be gone again... Where's that was so nice....I felt like I could sleep forever.... The creature then tried to stretch as best as it could within its limited space... Why can't I....oh right, I'm still in here.....where ever here is.... The creature tried to open his eyes again but found it to be impossible.

... Well, I don't seem to be in any emanate danger.... I'm just trapped in a strange round container, unable to look around, move very much, and I don't seem to be breathing.... Somehow this all made since to the creature as if it happened all the time.

…In fact, if this is death then it sure is a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be......But why am I here? Is this some kind of purgatory.....and while I'm on the subject, how did I die?...... all I remember before this was the usual.....I ate dinner, brushed my teeth, read my book, and went to bed...huh? The warmth stopped coming again......that's back.....there is that feeling of love again....its, I sound like a girl. Hey, there's another light this one's I moving?....

The creature slowly realized that the colors he was seeing were exchanging his cell between themselves. He heard the voices outside again, but he couldn't make out what they were saying. Then a though hit the creature.

... Maybe they don't know that I'm in here....the pink light doesn't seem to give off the same feelings as the other's not as warm as the first one, but it's still nice.... The light stayed on the sides of the creature's container for only a short while before there was darkness again.... Wait, where are you! Come back! Don't leave me here all alone.......................Let me out!!!

(Third person's POV roughly a few minutes before the creature woke up again)

"Well, here we are," the companion said to the boy, "now I don't want you to get too excited. After all this is only the first time that it's moved."

The boy however was already so excited that he looked like he was having a small seizure and could pee his pants at any minute. It was then that the round object jiggled again. The nearly hyperventilating child rushed inside and found a Nurse Joy smiling at him.

"Hello welcome to the Pokémon Center may I heal you Pokémon?"

"Not today Nurse Joy," he smiled back as he placed the large cylinder onto the counter, "I think its almost ready to hatch."

"Really? That's wonderful let me see." The boy turned off the light that was used to keep the egg warm and gently removed it. Stopping only to rub it a little more before handing it to the joyful nurse.

"Now if you would just fallow me."

"Marcus, you could have waited for me you know."

"Professor Iron! I'm sorry. I just can't wait for it. I always wanted one."

"I know how exciting it is for a Pokémon to be born, but there is no need to rush. After all it has only been a couple of weeks."

"And I've been taking really good care of it."

" And, yet again, it only moved for the first time today."

"The professor's right. The Pokémon shouldn't hatch just yet," Nurse Joy watched as the boy's head drop, "but that doesn't mean that I can't give it a check up just to be sure."

"Yea," the boy cheered as they continued to the back room. The room was similar to the average doctor's examining room except there was a type of column standing in the center of the room it was here that Nurse Joy placed the large egg. As soon as Nurse Joy turned around to reach for her stethoscope, the creature inside felt that it was alone without that radiation that had kept it so calm.

~...Wait where are you! Come back! Don't leave me here all alone....~

"Did you hear that," Marcus asked unsure or himself.

~Let me out!!!~

The egg started to shake violently like before. Everyone in the room gasped. Marcus, as if by instinct, rushed to the egg's side to keep it from falling of the pedestal and began to rub it, which seemed to calm the egg down.

.... You're back......the other light....thank you..........why are you so....good to me?.... The presence did not reply but continued to rub the side of the egg lovingly. The creature could feel its concern turn to relief...........did you just save me?.....from something I did...was I.....going to hurt myself?...

The presence stopped rubbing after a short while. The pink presence returned to the walls.

~No! Not you again you'll bring the cold agai....~ at that moment the radiation returned to him. This calmed him down a little more. As the sound of his own heart started to die down both of the lights left him again. The creature could hear those inaudible voices again.

"There we go, safe and sound," Nurse Joy smiled again,"this one sure is strong for only an egg. I can't believe that the incubator light malfunctioned like that."

"Is it all right Nurse Joy," Marcus asked concerned,"though I might have hit it too hard when I tried to save it."

"You did no such thing, Marcus was it. You saved it from a pretty nasty fall and even got it to calm down."

"I did, didn't I," Marcus asked.

... Am I crazy or did it thank me somehow.....but what did it mean by the other light?....was it taking about me?..... But when did I ever leave it?....

"Would it be alright if I held on to it, so it wont move."

"I don't think so. Your hands might make sounds that would interfere with the examination," Professor Iron frowned at him,"Why do you ask Marcus?"

"I just feel like it needs me somehow," Marcus answered letting go of his treasure again.

"I think that's just your motherly instincts kicking in," Nurse Joy giggled at this comment of hers, "but you can stay real close if you like." She then place the stethoscope onto the egg. The creature's heart inside jumped from surprise of the pink light's sudden appearance. He was so shocked that he opened his mouth in surprise and tasted a horrible gooey liquid.

.....funny...... Nurse Joy thought's like it knows I'm here.... She readjusted the hearing tool and the heart jumped again. She repeated this cycle about four more times before the heart seemed to be beating much faster than usual.

"Is there something wrong Nurse Joy," Marcus asked looking in to her eyes," you look frightened."

The nurse took a moment before she answered,"no, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. Just unusual behavior."

"What do you mean," Marcus asked. Nurse Joy gave the stethoscope to him and moved the listening device similarly to how she had before. She only stopped when the boy realized what she was talking about," the heartbeat jumps."

"Yes, but only the first beat as if it's shocked from being touched. This tells me that it has sense that lets it know we're here and that this one seems to be awake inside the egg."

"Wow, you mean that it's close to hatching?"

"Yes and no Marcus," the Professor explained," the egg is simply to young to hatch just yet and since the Pokemon inside is might try to hatch prematurely."

"Is there a way that we can put it back to sleep, so that wont happen?"

"There isn't anyway to do that without causing damaging to the egg," the professor thought for a minute," unless......."

(The Egg's POV)

The creature's heart was still pounding from the second light show that seemed to be like fireworks to it.

...If that was supposed to entertain me it didn't work......there are those voices again...... why can't I hear them,,,yuck..that goo is still in my mouth..... I wish I could spit it out..... at least I know that I can move my mouth now.....little good that will do me.....yelling for help is still out of the question,,,...I need to be able to breath before I can talk......maybe I can use morse what was S.O.S. again?......huh, the warmth is gone again.....are they trying to kill me.....I don't know why but........I need it. help! Lights are you there.... hello?....I need you!.....oh there you are....please you have to help me the warmth

The yawning sensation over came the creature and the word 'gone' seemed to have slipped from his mind as a familiar sound rose from the darkness.

........huh.......that humming......that beautiful tune .....,hum,mmm,hm...

The creature then lost himself in the lullaby along with the loving feelings that swept with the cool glow of his friend the light. The creature was asleep shortly after.

(Professor Iron's and my POV)

Marcus continued to rub egg and hum the lullaby that his mother hummed for him. Like I had suggested. Of course, I had meant for one of the Chansey or Blissey to do it, but the kid was too eager and had to do it himself.

"Do you really think that you can do that better than a Chansey," I asked jokingly, "after all, you're no Jigglepuff."

"It stopped moving a while ago Professor Iron," he told me. ....not to mention its thoughts aren't making since he must be it a he?... Marcus snapped out of his train of thought when Nurse Joy bent down to use the stethoscope again.

"Hmm....heart rate's normal. No jumps at least," Nurse Joy turned to me," I think he succeeded in putting it to sleep."

"I thought so," Marcus couldn't help but smile as another feeling rose from the unborn creature's heart," he's going to be a great partner."

"You can't be so sure that it's going to be a he," Nurse Joy said gigglingly at the young boy's comment," but we will need to keep it here until it is ready to hatch."

"I'm not going to leave him here," he snapped turning the egg away form her reach.

"I didn't say that you had to leave it," Nurse Joy said slightly offended," just keep it here so that we can monitor its progress so that it wont hatch to soon or stay asleep to long."

"Alright, I can live with that."

"I'll call your mother so that she wont be too worried about you," I told him as I left for the videophone.

"Thanks professor." the boy continued to smiled at the egg's vives. Marcus couldn't help but feel like the unborn was feeling the same things that he was: safe, warm, confined, a little scared, but not alone. Never alone, because its light was there. Its savior from the cold.

(Note: seizures are not something to laugh about when someone is really having one, however, that is how Marcus looked to his companion, Professor Iron.)

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