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Ch. 14 Not Who He Was.


(Marcus's POV)

"What's going on here? I thought that you said your name was Morgan," I was getting suspicious of the girl part of Absol.

"I am," Morgan said, "my nickname is Angel."

"Where could you possibly get a nickname?"

"Trust me," she stood with the small child, "it would be best if you didn't know."

The small child walked up to me. I recognized his Miltank-lick. He looked just like Bobby when he became human last time, only younger. Maybe only seven years old. He stared at me innocently.

"Who are you mister? You sound familiar....," he asked, then his eyes widened, "you were there when that other monster attacked."

"That's right Bobby," I said as Bobby stepped closer to Morgan, "Morgan, what's going on? What exactly is wrong with him"

"Bobby, the Bobby that you knew for the past two days, is being taken over by his instincts. He's losing everything that makes him who he was..." she said sadly, "in truth, its my fault that this is happening. I shouldn't have said what I did. Ahhh!"

"What's wrong," Bobby shrieked, "you're bleeding!"

"I'm fine," Morgan cringed, "it's just all in our heads after all."

"Yes, but simple suggestions can trick the body into thinking other wise," a dark voice said, "especially if you were already injured in the real world." Suddenly, the dark Pokemon appeared. Before she could react, He smacked the human Morgan across the yard.

"Not you again," I said to the Creature, "Bobby, quick, ring the bell. Then he'll run away like last time."

"No," Bobby backed away from me shaking his head, "no, no, no. No. I-I-I c-can't. I don't w-want to f--for-forget her again."

"Hehehe! Looks as if I wont be running away this time," the ghost glared.

"Who, Bobby," ignoring the monster's comments, I placed both hand on his shoulders, "who are you trying not to forget?"

Bobby looked at me.

No, he looked past me. Turning my head and saw a woman standing next to that Creature. She was dressed in strange clothes, that I've never seen before. At her sides were three small children that all looked younger than Bobby did at the moment.

"Bobby," I turned my attention back to Bobby, who at this moment was about to cry, "who is she?"

"Mommy," Bobby bursted into tears.

"Bobby, I'm right here," I didn't understand, "why are you crying? Who is she?"

"Mommy! I don't *wheeze* want to *wheeze* forget," Bobby started breathing harder. Tears and (other liquids) were flowing from his face.

"I don't understand, forget about what?" I said before realizing that he was wheezing and wasn't breathing right, "Bobby, calm down."


(Morgan's POV)

After the Creature hit my human half, my entire attention was snapped into my Absol half. She, er I had just pinned Riolu to the ground. He was down for the count. Our battle was one of wills, so it would only make sense that I would win.

"Now stay down," I said just as my human half snapped back and I realized what was happening, "Oh no, They're in trouble."

"Who are," Riolu asked from under me.

"Bobby and Marcus are being confronted by that Creature," I said without thinking, which is very easy to do when one is inside of a dream.

"Mommy's in trouble," he struggled to get up, "Let me go. I have to save Mommy!"

"No," I pushed the fighting pokemon down harder, "you can't help them. If you see Marcus then I might lose my Bobby forever. Besides, they beat that thing last time and they can do it again."

"No, they can't," Riolu cried, "last time he was scared away by the bell."

"The bell," I asked, "do you mean the one that Bobby is wearing?"

"Yes, that's the one," he nodded, but started crying again, "let me go! I have to save mommy!"

"But you said that all they needed to do was ring the bell," I was getting angry with the dog, "why would they need your help."

"Because that Bobby doesn't care.... about Mommy....... enough to," he screamed at first, but then he began to huff, wheeze, and turn bluer than usual.

He was dying.


(Kelso's POV)

"(So what's going on with Boss)," I asked on of the Chanseys that had just sat down for a moment to rest, after Absol's shoulder wound had reopened itself.

"(No one knows)," the Chansey said, "(this is the first time that it has affected someone who was awake though.)"

Both of the Nurse Joys called for everyone's attention. and the room almost robotically fell silent.

"Chansey, thank you all for working so hard," the Night Nurse Joy told all of the other Chanseys.

"But it doesn't look like they are going to wake up either," her sister stated, "the best thing we can do for them now is to keep them as comfortable as possible, until the transport gets here."

"Poor little guy," Officer Jenny was stroking Bobby's head. I couldn't tell if it was to comfort him in his nightmare, or just because she wanted to stroke that weird scruff of hair that he grew overnight. Ether way, the beeping machine connected to him slowed down.

"(Hey, Chansey?)," I thought out loud, "(why aren't we affected by this? I mean, I was in the room too when this happened.)"

"(None of us Chansey were ever effected either.)," the Nurse Pokemon just shrugged, "(such a pity too. They both owe me.)"

I was about to ask her what she meant by that, when one of the beeping machines suddenly picked up speed and beeped louder than ever before. Bobby's body started gasping for air. He was bending in many directions. Jerking around in pain.

"Nurse Joy," Officer Jenny screamed. She raised both of her hands in the air, in fear that it was her fault. Both of the Nurse Joys ran over to the wheezing Bobby.

"Oh my," both said as one of them picked Bobby up and started rubbing his back, "he's having a panic attack!"


(?????? POV)

My target was having trouble breathing. I couldn't let him die. Not like this. I looked to the woman and children that stood beside me. They weren't moving. My target had said that this woman was his mother. She had to be a fragment of his imagination. The fear of losing this fragment seemed to be the cause of his lack of breathing. Surely, if I shatter this fragment... No... the travelers have a hard enough time returning to their own respective worlds.

I looked around the yard that his mind had created. The Absol had turned back into her human form and was holding the real Riolu in her arms. He seemed to be having trouble breathing as well. They were connected now. I had to take my target now before they both die. I returned my attention to the boy. He had my target in his arms.

"Bobby, It's okay. I'm here. I'm here," he said rocking the child back and forth. His hand still grasped the cursed bell, so that it wouldn't ring.

I could have taken them both. Him and the girl, who I recognized as one of my missing targets.

But then the real Riolu would still be suffering from the attack and surely die.

I froze. I couldn't let that happen, but I didn't know what to do.


(Marcus POV)

"It's okay. Bobby everything will be fine," I forgetting about everything else around me, "listen to my heart beating. Listen to my breathing."

It wasn't working. I was so scared. I couldn't think about anything else to do. So I started humming. Bobby slowly stopped wheezing and was falling limp in my arms. A few moment later, Bobby was breathing in and out harder than he should be but at least he was breathing. When the song was halfway done, Bobby was breathing normally again.

"That tune," Bobby was in a daze, "it's so pretty, so familiar...... Do I know you?"

"Bobby, it's me, Marcus," I told him almost crying myself, "don't you remember me?"

"M-Mar Marc-cu cus-Mar M-Marcus," Bobby looked at me with those clouded eyes, "w-what's a Mar-cus, mister?"

Bobby seemed to be getting smaller, younger. He was now the size of a five year old. His eyes slowly closed and he collapsed in my arms.

"Bobby," I didn't have time to take in what had just happened, before a figure approached us.

"Now, hand me the child, boy." the figure growled, "I will take him to where he belongs."

"No! You wont be taking Bobby anywhere," I jumped remembering the enemy before me.

"He doesn't belong here, boy."

"He belongs with me," I interrupted, as I tried to pry the bell from Bobby's sleeping hands.

"You are mistaken, boy," he backed away as Bobby's hand finally slipped from the bell.

I ignored the last sentence and readied my hand to strike the bell.

"Strike that bell and there will be consequences for your actions," the creature warned, but I wasn't about to listen to that monster.

I flicked the bell. The vibrations of the bell vibrated across the yard. Everything around us became distorted. My cloak began to disintegrate. As expected of the creature, it cringed and grasped it's head. Bobby, however, was still growing smaller and younger.

"Bobby," I held up the now three year old, "what's happening to you?"

Bobby opened his eyes and looked at me. His expression quickly changed from curiosity to happiness, to fear and horror all within the same moments. Bobby swiftly tilted his head to look upon the woman. She was disappearing.

"Mom. Mommy," he cried, "Let me go! Let me go! Mom!" He tried to get loose from my arms, but to no avail. Only when the woman was completely gone, did Bobby fall silent. He fell limp in my arms again. Darkness seemed to come as the storm clouds gathered again.

"Did I not say... that there... would be... consequences," the dark creature recovered slowly, "now give me the child, before any more damage is done."

"Damage," I just stood there, keeping Bobby close to my chest, "you mean, I'm doing this to Bobby?"

"No," the creature hovered closer, "but you are preventing the help that he needs."

"Marcus," Morgan cried from across what used to be the yard, "don't listen to him. He's a lier. A trickster."

"I am no such thing, child," He stared angrily at Morgan, "I do not deny that I possess a dark and painful power, but I make no attempt to deceive anyone."

"You're the reason that so many people can't wake up," I yelled at him, "so many people are suffering because of you!"

"It's my fault," a small voice said.

Everyone fell silent. The dark Pokemon landed on what appeared to be his legs. Arms at his side. I looked down at Bobby. His young face was looking out to space. He had tears in his eyes.

"It's my fault," Bobby repeated himself, "that they are all suffering. Isn't it? If I had just come with you in the first place then they wouldn't be... and mom would be.....," Bobby clinched my shirt. He was shaking. I tried comforting him as best as I could.

"Come with me child," the creature offered his hand, "I will take you home."

"Home?" Bobby looked up. A light began to break through the clouds.

"Yes, child, just take my hand and I will take you home. She will be there, waiting for you." There was something honest about the way the Pokemon was talking, but Bobby moved back into the position he was in.

"I couldn't even keep her safe. I can't remember her any more. She's gone....."

"Bobby...," I didn't understand. Who was that woman? The clouds had gathered again and flashed with stored lightning.

"If I can't even keep my own mom safe then..... then I don't deserve to exist," Bobby raised his hand to the bell on his neck, "now, everyone go away!"

"Bobby, no!" I was too late to stop Bobby from flicking the bell. Everything after that happened so fast that it was as if lightning had struck.

The Creature was shot back as space became distorted even more. The colors began to swirl around. The yard was becoming a tornado. I held onto Bobby as best as I could, but he turned ghostly and slipped from my grasp. Morgan was already having trouble keeping her grip on the other Bobby as well as what was left of the solid ground below her. Riolu had escaped her grip the same way that Bobby had from me. They both spun like balloons in the air.

"Bobby," we both cried as the storm sucked up the two life forms that were flying through the air.

Morgan was no longer able to hold her human shape. Her dark hair was already turning white. Her fingers grew long and black. In almost an instant her hair whipped around her whole body. In an instant, she changed completely into an Absol. She made use of her claws and sped towards me. Just as my grip slipped, she was there for me to grab a hold onto.

"What's going on Morgan," I yelled at her, "this did not happen last time."

"My best guess is that it's a bad case of writer's block," she yelled back.

"What?" If that was supposed to be a joke, I certainly didn't get it.

"Bobby's mind is unstable! It doesn't know what to do! So his mind is trying to make since of itself! Anything can happen, so Hang On!"

Our surrounding began to change. One second, we were in a house were the two year old human, Bobby, was learning how to walk, the next a family picnic. There was another where Bobby was riding a tricycle and he was barked at by a big Black and Brown Pokemon that I had never seen before. We were going through one strange memory after another. We were still griping the ground below us so the raging storm wouldn't take us in too.

None of the memories seemed to be that of my Bobby's, but the two were strikingly similar. For one thing, I saw that this Bobby loved barbeque chips as much as mine did. He was scared of the most ridiculous things as a kid, such as something called a Boogeyman. He also ran a lot in his life and he had a small passion for boxing.

In these memories, I saw that same woman from before, except she was with a certain man most of the time. Time after time again, she just appeared. One by one, those three children joined the picture. The memories seemed to be slowing down and showed more details the longer we stayed there.

There was one of when a man and that woman were arguing. Bobby watched them from his hiding place. He was crying. The next slowed memory displayed a car trip to the beach. It was a vacation that lasted only seconds to us, but a week to the child.

They continued on like this until we came to one of the fresher memories. There was darkness. Bobby was alone and scared. Then there were these lights. I'm not sure why I did, but I recognized these lights. They made me feel warm, even in the coldness of the storm's winds. Then, there was a white flash and then... nothing.

The storm had stopped.


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