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It was simply amazing how accustomed one grew to murder. Every nerve in my body singed and crackled as I drove the knife into the man's side. Pure ecstasy. The look in his eyes as the consciousness drained from his weary face - better than any drug, any high. This was the world I reveled in, a world of blood and solitude.

I buried the knife deeper into his damp flesh, and a mist of sweat broke over his brow like breath in cold air. His lips fell apart in pain, while mine contrasted his in a smile. A dark tear trickled from his mouth, red and luscious. I knew he was almost done with, mine for the taking. I could simply stash the corpse in a nearby dump. I didn't worry about such trivial matters; there were enough inanimate bodies in the street without my hunts.

The man in front of me was a weak obstacle - how disappointing. If he hadn't been in the wrong place at the wrong time, I would have let him live. But he knew too much about me. He was keeling over in agony, no sound escaping his bleeding mouth. I twisted my dagger slowly, documenting his reaction as it spun like a minute hand: slowly, slowly, slowly. Every tiny movement sent shivers of pain through his spine, causing his back to hunch closer and closer to defeat.

Why kill the man? Well, I say, why not? He, too, was a criminal, and a major threat. Not to society. No, what did I care of those wretches and bastards who left me to die? The fool was -I grinned at the past tense smugly- a threat to me. My authority, my power, was at risk with this pathetic exile roaming the sewers of city streets. I didn't make my targets a secret. I liked the chase.

Nor, I thought as I yanked the dagger from his neck, watching him fall to the ground, did I make my motives a secret. I hated the entire kingdom. I hated them for turning their filthy backs on me in my one moment of need. For everything I had done for them. Every last one of these people was guilty in my eyes, and if they challenged me, they would be silenced.

No exceptions.

I slipped the knife back beneath my cloak and retrieved my bow. I wanted to shoot and leave. Having to wipe my precious rapiers of his blood would be a hassle, and I was tired of this particular challenger. He had hardly put up any struggle, and I was bored with him. I aimed the bow between his eyes, drew my elbow back, and finished the poor excuse for a man. I ignored his last cry and turned towards the streets. No witnesses. Good. Most people headed indoors when they saw any one who might be a Creant. I however, would never work for those dogs of the Castle.

With a final flick of my dark cloak, I disappeared around a corner, ducking into a dark alley, and headed towards where ever my feet took me. As long as my glamour lasted, I was fine. My normally rose-brown hair fell in flaming scarlet locks beneath my hood. The image of a Gerudo was intimidating enough to avoid any contact with other criminals and perverted drunks. I didn't feel like killing any alcoholics tonight; they weren't worth the effort. Plus they brought back bitter memories.

A gust of wind encouraged me to pull the cloak tighter around my thinly clad body. It seemed the winter would be draping us in frigid weather early this season. Gerudo women hardly needed armor, and the dessert didn't require any heavy clothing. Time and time again I'd considered escaping back to the dessert, but my magic wouldn't hold up a glamour for more than a few hours at a time. Even though the Gerudo understood my hatred of men, they wouldn't let an outsider live in the dessert with them permanently. My amateur magic wasn't enough to deceive the dessert women. But even if I could find away around that problem, I didn't trust them anymore. They were friends, until their King began to thirst for more control. The lone Gerudo male had a lust for power even I could not ape. He was a dictator in the making, and I found his swift rise through the ranks thoroughly disturbing. And now…

I didn't want to think about now.

My eyes flicked through the grimy streets, searching all the crevasses and hiding places I could find. No one could hide for me. A rough life in the streets had prepared me for everything: attacks, drunks, rapes, murders. I had seen everything by the time I was fourteen. I was thrown to the dogs when I was twelve, and now, seven years later, I was ready for my revenge. No one I loved had been murdered, I didn't want to reign over Hyrule, nothing had been stolen that I wanted back. I simply wanted revenge on all of those who had put me through the horrors of the slums. And anyone who got in my way wouldn't last long. Of that I was sure.

No one in the dumps, I speculated while scanning. Back alley's empty, so are that tenement's windows, and the ne-

I stopped in my tracks, every hair on my neck standing on end, like I had been stuck by lightning. My fingers found the hilt of a rapier, an instant reflex to whatever was behind me. Slowly, creeping, I turned to face my new challenge. I loved a chase. I loathed a surprise.

The figure was tall, with dark hair slicked beneath a heavy hood. I saw a pair of coal-black eyes glinting from beneath the wool. I guessed from the heavy build and thick arms that it was a male. He was standing with his head cocked to the side, arms raised, and every nerve in his body on alert. But what I eyed the most was not the hulking man, nor the Castle crest below his left ear, but the needle-sharp arrow skillfully pointed at my skull. A Creant. The Castle must have gotten wind of my actions. All the better, I thought.

"Good evening, Highness" he growled, a grimace in his voice.

"Please," I smirked, my lips spreading over sharp canines in a malicious smile. I pulled my hood back and drew my rapiers from their black scabbards. "It's Zelda."

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