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CH.1 "Demon's die, Imp's appear, a Hero is born."

Konohagakure no Sato, a village literally hidden in the leaves also a place of people called Shinobi. In this village, many people lived in peace under the guard of the shinobi and their beloved leader the Yondaime Hokage. It was a time of peace and prosperity for many and the days ahead looked clear and bright. At least, until the sun began to fall and something happen that would leave many deep scars in this once happy village.

It was at Sunset on October 12 that something happen that the people of Konohagakure would never forget. At the time of sunset of that day, a strange phenomenon appeared in the sky. If one where to ask the people of the village what happen that day would say how one part of the sky began to turn black looking like some kind of hole. Once the whole was big, enough it began to glow with a red light that made it look like a tunnel of some kind. However, what happen next no one could have ever predicted as small black squares began to pour out of the portal in the sky and eventually take on shape. This shape was something that the villagers would never forget it was a demon Fox with Nine Tails, The Kyuubi no Kitsune.

That once bright and sunny day turn to a night of screams and bloodshed as The Kyuubi no Kitsune ripped thorough the army of shinobi who tried in vain to protect their home. In mere hours, the greatest shinobi army in the history of the elemental nations was nearly destroyed. When all hope had seen lost unexpectedly a man with blond hair and blue eyes had appeared ridding a giant toad.

The Yondaime had made his appearance ready for battle. He was ready to put his life on the line and if necessary make the ultimate sacrifice that would save his village but also curse his son as well. The Yondaime stood in front of the fox with a cold glare and began forming seals and at the end he shouted out "Shiki Fuujin." When those words left his mouth a bright light flashed through the area and when it cleared the Kyuubi no Kitsune was gone.

Since his work was done, the Yondaime look at the giant toad saying a silent good-bye as it disappeared in a puff of smoke. The young Hokage landed on the ground and held his chest in pain as he could feel the life being torn out of him, he soon found himself against a tree breathing heavily. He sighed and spoke aloud as if it mattered, "my name is Namikaze Minato, I am the Yondaime Hokage, a proud Ninja, a loving husband," he said this part with a tear ruling down his cheek. He brushed it off and continued "I am the killer of the Kyuubi no Kitsune and a proud father." He said that last part while his voice was crackling and closed his eyes ready for death to take him.

However, the hands of destiny decided to give him a couple of extra minutes as a voice called "so your one responsible for Kyuubi's death!" Minato heard the voice and opened his expecting to see the Shinigami waiting for its payment. What he saw caught the near dead man off guard for the creature in front of him look more like a female Imp instead of a god. Minato figured his mind was playing tricks on him while he was near death and humored it "hello little Imp do you need something?"

The Imp creature in front of him, which he expected to fade away, or something just gave him an annoyed glare "ya, you can tell me what you did to Kyuubi and where did all of his power go?" Minato just blinked at what he heard "your...your real." The Imp just sighed "Yes...I...am...real now tell me where is the power of the Kyuubi?"

Minato looked at the strange creature in front of him not believing that an actual Imp was standing in front of him. He was also silently cursing himself for not being able to prove to his Sensei that he was right about Imps all along. He shook his head and focused remembering that his time was limited "what do you want with that power. No good could come from such an evil power" Minato did his best to shout even with weak body. The Imp though just gave Minato a cold glare "don't you lecture me about that power Light-dweller."

Hearing this Minato gave the Imp curious look "Light-dweller what are you ahhh" Minato didn't finish what was asking has he held his chest in pain and coughed up a bit of blood. The Imp gave him a concerned look "your...dying aren't you?" Minato just smiled "Yes, I am dying in order to defeat the Kyuubi I had to use a technique that would seal him away at the cost of my life."

The Imp just stared at him confused wondering for what reason would anyone do such a thing. Minato could tell could tell what she was thinking and began to explain, "The reason I would do something like that, it's because I have to protect all that are precious to me." The Imp just kept staring not understanding what he was saying as he continued, "the people in this village are precious to me from the smallest child to the eldest person. I hold them close to my heart and would do anything to keep them safe and with that desire I am given the strength to move forward and keep on protecting all that I love no matter what." With those words smiled but also showed tears of saddens "however, I do regret that I will miss so much dying young and I hope he can forgive me for what I did to him and love the village as much as...I...do." With those last few words, Minato had taken his last breath.

The Imp stood in front of the young Hokage trying not to cry, as his words had been really touching for some reason, she felt like she should respect him and gave a silent prier. She looked around and could tell they were in the middle of nowhere around and decided that she should make sure his people found him. The Imp placed her hands close together and focused what little of her power she had until an orb of energy appeared. The Imp shoot the ball of energy into the air and once it was high enough and exploded.

The Imp looked at her work and could tell that someone would see the signal. After observing her work the Imp look down at the dead man in front of her while she still felt sorry for him, she still had a mission of her own. The Imp thought to her-self, 'while I do pity you...I need the power of the Kyuubi and your going to help me.' After those thoughts the Imps body began to change fade out until it was like a shadow and the Imp jump into the dead Hokage's shadow.

3 hours later

After three long hours three ANBU showed up to where the signal had come from to find the body of their beloved leader the Yondaime. The ANBU despite their years of training to keep their emotions in check couldn't help but shed a tear at the sight of their fallen leader. The one ANBU member wearing a dog mask with silver hair picked up the corpse of the late Hokage and made their way back to the village.

Konoha Morgue

The morgue despite it being a place to store the dead was on this night very lively as more and more people who had fallen to the Kyuubi where being rushed in. The staff in charge hand their hands full identifying who was who and contacting any know relatives. However, in one room, it was the worse for it held the corpse of Minato Namikaze and next his body was his predecessor Sarutobi Hizuren also known as the Sandaime Hokage.

The old man looked at his successor full of great sorrow at seeing someone so young and whose life was just starting was gone and already leaving someone behind who needed them. Sarutobi while sad that Minato was gone was also upset that he didn't let someone whose life was nearing it's end to take his place while he continued to go on. Yet, there was nothing he could do for Minato was gone and he would have to take on the role of village once again and bare with the responsibilities it brought, along with the headaches...and paperwork. With one last sigh, Sarutobi took one final look at Minato "I hope you knew what you were doing when you sealed the Kyuubi into him Minato."

With that Sarutobi began to walk out the door but failed to notice the shadow move from Minato's corpse into his own.

Council Room

Sarutobi along with his old teammates, shinobi clan heads, and major civilians who had survived the Kyuubi's attack where brought to an emergency meeting. Many had gathered hoping that a new Hokage had been chosen already so they could get on with better things such as burying their dead.

Sarutobi stood and cleared his throat to get everyone's attention "everyone I'm glad you were able to arrive despite the important needs of conforming your love ones are safe I will make this short as possible. The Yondaime has indeed fallen in battle." Hearing this many of the members of the shinobi council look down in grief of there while some of the civilians seemed pleased he was gone.

After giving everyone, the time that was needed to adjust Sarutobi continued, "fear not though for I've decided with the approval of the council to come out of retirement and retake the title of Hokage." Hearing this many of the council members began to talk amongst themselves, but agreed to it anyway.

After that was settled one of the members of the shinobi council one Inuzuka Tsume looked at Sarutobi with a questioning look "Hokage-sama if I may, what of the Minato's son?" Sarutobi looked at the canine looking women knowing she would this since Tsume and Kushina were very close friends some would go even they were as close to sisters in personality.

Sarutobi took a deep breath "Tsume...Minato and Kushina's son is alive and well." Tsume let a sigh of relief at hearing this she felt great pain knowing that both her friend Kushina and her husband were gone but was glade their son had lived. Sarutobi could see the relief in the women's eyes; he looked around, and saw the same thing in many of the other shinobi members eyes as well. One member who was also a close friend of Kushina named Aburame Shibi looked at Sarutobi "Hokage-sama tell us where is Kushina-san and Minato-san son now?"

After Shibi had said that a knock at the entrance door was heard which lead Sarutobi to smile "that should be them now."

The door open and a figure began to walk in and seeing this person, many of the civilian council members began to seethe in anger at seeing who was holding the child of their Hokage. It was none other then the "Snake-bitch" Mitarashi Anko. One council member a who was a civilian member decided to voice his stupidity...loudly "WHAT IS THE FUCKING SANKE-BITCH DOING HOLDING THE SON OF ARE YONDAIME HOKAGE THAT FITHY WHORE WILL CORRUPT-." Anko interrupted the man "SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH WILL YA, I JUST GOT HIM TO SLEEP!" Hearing this many of members just realized that their was a baby in room and began to looked down in shame like children who had said something wrong.

Unfortunately, it didn't matter as the bundle in Anko's arms began to stir catching the attention of many everyone in the room. The blond haired boy managed to get his head out of wrapping that covered him and looked around. Everyone looked at the boy amazed how much he looked like Minato. The boy opened his eyes and began to look to see who was holding him and began to squeal at the sight of Anko.

Hearing this Anko began to panic not having the slightest clue what to do and looked towards the Hokage with a pleading look. The elderly Hokage just laughed along with many of the other members who had children and remembered what it was like holding their son and daughters for the first time.

Sarutobi looked at young women with a kind smile "Anko there is nothing wrong he seems to like you." Hearing those words Anko felt some kind warmth in her chest, she began to wonder if this was what a it felt like to be a mother...and with that thought Anko quickly dismissed it 'I'm to young to be a mother...now an elder sister.'

While Anko was lost in her thoughts, Sarutobi began to explain what was to be done with Naruto. Many of the clan heads wanted to adopt Naruto to honor Minato and Kushina, but many of civilians also wanted that to gain political favor. Some of members wanted Naruto to put into training right away and straight into the shinobi life, this was quickly silenced by Sarutobi much to Danzo and some civilian members dismay.

After many hours, it was decided that Naruto was to be put into an orphanage and raised like a normal child and that he was not to be told of the Kyuubi until he old enough. There where some protest to this even Anko offered to take Naruto in but since she was a still a child she couldn't.

The meeting soon ended and everyone began to take their leave after they had a chance to hold or play with Naruto. After the last member left Sarutobi decided that it time for him to also get some asleep along with Naruto and Anko.

Sarutobi Household

Sarutobi brought Naruto and Anko to his home offering them a place to stay for the night. Anko wanted to object but remembered the young life in her arms and just went along with it. The old Hokage took the two into a small room that a regular size crib and a bed next to it, as if everything was set up with a few hours.

Anko put Naruto in the crib the small child was asleep and she herself was barely awake and was ready to turn into the night. She went over to the crib and placed her hand on the cheek of the small boy and smiled 'Naruto-kun...I swear I'll be the closest thing to family. I will make sure you are safe and happy to matter what it cost me.' She placed small kiss on the boys cheek and went to her bed was soon asleep.

However, if Anko had been a bit more alert she would have noticed the strange shadow that was following her and Naruto. For out of the shadow the small imp-like creature had appeared once again this time, it came into light and showed it-self. The Imp looked somewhat like a child with her body. Most of her skin was black with a bit of white covering her some of right leg, stomach, chest and leading to her jaw. She had strange light-green symbols on her arms and legs and her elf like ears. Her face was covered by strange stone like mask covering one of her eye's while the other showed it to be yellow with a red pupil. Her hair was in a ponytail with orange hair with blonde tips.

The imp looked over the boy and just stared at him as if checking him for something abnormal. Eventually, the imp reached out her arm towards Naruto stomach as if to grab something but was soon stop by what appeared to be a barrier and a seal on his stomach. The Imp sighed seeing there was no way she could obtain the power she needed and looked at the small boy. She looked at the boy below her and could see the resemblance of the fallen Hokage and understood why he choose this boy to seal such a dangerous power 'make sense what man could ask another to use for such a thing.' The Imp gave one final look she noticed something strange on the boy's forehead and look to see a white symbol she thought only to be in legend.

She stared at the boy in wonder now and put on a devilish looking evil grin "well since I can't use the power of the Kyuubi myself, I'll use you to accomplish my goals." She slowly brought her hand down to Naruto check and began to rub it "you and I are going to be good friends little beast Eee Eee." The Imp gave off a child like laugh and brought herself near Naruto tiny ear "so remember this name Midna Eee Eee"

With that last word Midna merge with Naruto's shadow so that she could watch him and see his observe him.

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