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"Talking" 'thinking'

CH.4 Politics over Ramen. I

Walking through the village the Hokage along with a the heiress of the proud Hyuuga clan, along with three demons, a giant snake, a highly trained kunoichi and her little brother who was covered in bruises and glaring at his older sister with pure hate in his eye's.

Anko however, rolled her eyes at her little brother's antics "will you get over it, already. I said I would buy you ramen to stop being such a baby, already." Naruto just kept up his glare while Anko was losing her temper and was about to give the little brat another beat down when she noticed the Hyuuga and the demon moving forward. While she was suspicious of the what the Hyuuga would try she was worried about what the demon would do so she kept her eye on them.

Hinata and Kyuubi both walked up to blond Kyuubi a little more forward then but Hinata was the one who spoke first "N-Naruto-kun…I'm…s-sure A-Anko-san didn't mean to h-hurt you t-that badly." Anko and Naruto scoffed at this while just stared at her weirdly. Seeing this Hinata began to blush and was getting nervous with everyone's response.

Kyuubi however, could see Hinata was trying to help and decided to give her hand "while I can't speak for Anko-san, I can say that many demons would have nothing but respect for you by walking away from a beating like that." Hearing this everyone looked at the Kitsune demon confused, Kyuubi saw this and began to explain "In the demon world, if there is anything we can all agree it's that all demons all have a love for fighting and more damage you can take, the more your respected." Hearing this Naruto began to smile feeling a bit better and began to smile. Kyuubi saw this and was happy she made him feel better "also many female demons find scars to be very attractive." At this everyone was now staring at Kyuubi, the demon noticed this and realized she what she said and began to get nervous and turn a little red as well "well…we…we should hurry and get some romen or whatever" and took off.

Naruto just stood their confused as did Hinata and Lucy, while the adult's just stood there with a smirk and Nyu gave a giggle and ran forward to catch up with Kyuubi.

Ichiraku Ramen shop

Arriving at the ramen shop the blond haired boy had a huge grin on his face "Here we are ladies, THE best place to get food in the whole village, Ichiraku Ramen." Anko and Sarutobi just rolled their eyes about the blonds exaggerated statement of "THE BEST RESTAURANT". The other members had their own opinion about the little shop. Emiko seemed relaxed as she slithered around the seats and fell asleep. Naruto was ecstatic about being at his favorite place in the whole village. Hinata and Kyuubi were both curious about what kind of food such a…small place could serve. Nyu was excited about trying something new and foreign while Lucy thought she was wasting her time and really didn't want to try something as disgusting as human food.

Each of the children took a stool while the adult had to stand to the limited amount of seats at such a small restaurant. It wasn't long before the chef of the restaurant Teuchi emerge from the kitchen "welcome to Ichiraku…Naruto is that you?" The blond smiled at the old man who just smiled back and noticed he had guest including the Hokage and guest. Showing his respect Teuchi bowed to the village leader "Greetings Hokage-sama."

Seeing this Sarutobi just smiled and waved him off "its fine Teuchi-san theirs need to bow."

Hearing this Teuchi just smiled at of embarrassment and rubbed the back of his head and noticed the three demons in front of him mainly the young fox demon who stood out. Teuchi smiled at the fox demon who noticed he was staring at her "And this most be the mighty fox demon everyone is talking about." Kyuubi's ear picked up at this wondering what the people were saying about her. Teuchi could tell the Kitsune girl was nervous and about what was being said about her. However, Teuchi's smile never left his face "they say that another terrifying and blood thirsty demon had returned to slaughter us all. Hearing this Kyuubi began to bite her lip out of nervousness, afraid that everything she was trying to was would be in vain before she even started. Teuchi walked up to the fox demon and could see what he had said was bothering her so he just grabbed her check and kept his smile "what they forgot to mention that this dangerous demon that their so afraid of happens such a cute little girl." Kyuubi blushed as this while Nyu and even Lucy began to sinker.

After he let go of Kyuubi's check Teuchi pulled out a pad of paper and pen "okay, it's not everyday I get to be the host for a group of ambassadors and the heiress of the Hyuuga clan as well." Hinata blushed at getting the attention. Teuchi chuckled at the group and began to take their orders after he had set up another set up spare tables for the rest of the group, Naruto ordered his usual everything while Anko ordered something dumplings and Sarutobi ordered a medium beef ramen. Hinata and the other girls were a bit hesitant about their orders, Hinata had never any food that wasn't prepared by high class chiefs and the others, Kyuubi and Nyu didn't know anything about human food and Lucy didn't care. Sensing the tension with the girls Teuchi just put on a friendly smile and offered them the basics to get them started and they agreed to it, expect for Lucy. Writing down what he needed Teuchi looked towards the kitchen "Ayame get ready for a big order here."

After that a young girl appeared from the door way with a big smile on her face "is Naru-chan here Tou-san" the young pre-teen asked to the embarrassment of said blonde. It didn't help that Anko started laughing out loud and was soon followed by the giggling of the many young girls around him.

The blond soon glared at young ramen chief "NI-chan I told you not to call me that" that blond pouted childishly which only made the girls giggle more.

Sadly Ayame wasn't done as she pouted "awhh Naru-chan, you don't like me calling you Naru-chan, Naru-chan." The blond just turned a brighter red while everyone kept laughing, while they were doing this Ayame noticed the other members that were with the young blond. She noticed one that one of them was a Hyuuga and the other's were the must have been the demons that were on the lips of nearly everyone on in the village. However, Ayame who was one to never based anything on just rumor decided to get to know these four and more importantly tease Naruto later on.

She looked at the four girls and gave a friendly smile "Hello I'm Ayame, Teuchi daughter in nice to meet you." Each of the girls save Lucy gave a friendly greetings to the waitress who smiled. After Teuchi and Ayame had started working on the food and were giving a moment to rest Ayame decided to try and get to know Naruto's new friends. She looked around and at her favorite blond was bouncing around his chair excitedly waiting for his ramen. She was used to seeing this since it was his favorite food but unlike those other times Naruto seemed actually happy and not trying to cover it up like he usually was. Despite Naruto's attitude Ayame had to know the boy long enough to read him like a book and usually he seemed happy but so lonely and now it was like he found a long lost relative.

She eyed each of the girls wondering what their connections were to the young blond. She noticed that the Hyuuga would catch a glimpse at the blond and then turn away and blush when he looked at and would only talk when she was spoken to. Kyuubi seemed to have no problem speaking her mind and asking question's she seemed like a very curious, sadly she was getting her answers from Naruto so they couldn't be very useful. Next was Nyu, she was like a blend of both Naruto and Kyuubi, she was full of energy and also very curious about the world around her. Then their was Lucy, she was very different then her sister, while Nyu seemed sweet and open, Lucy on the other hand seemed very cold and distant and would only talk if she felt like she needed to answer and didn't seemed to care about other's thought especially if they were human.

Seeing that the food would be soon Ayame decided to bug Naruto one time as she walked up the kids "so Naruto, it's nice to see you with a couple of friends." Naruto nodded at this happy as well about meeting his new friends. Ayame smiled at this "and their awfully pretty young girls." Naruto nodded at this as well didn't really following and got nervous when her saw Ayame's grim grew bigger "so…are you going to ask any of them to be your girlfriend, you little stud."

Hearing this Naruto turned a bright shade of red and began to stuttered out sounds that seemed like words while a even redder Hinata looked like she was about to pass out. While the three demons just looked confused at about what was going on and trying to figure out why Anko was on the ground holding her sides and crying.

Each of the three demons looked at each other and at everybody else getting confused and annoyed that they were out of the loop. After enough time Kyuubi got fed and asked "what so funny, what's a girlfriend supposed to mean, anyway?" She looked around to anyone to give answers and wondering how Hinata could glow like that.

Ayame and Anko tired their best to stop laughing and answer the young demon but they were having trouble breathing but eventually stopped and responded to the pouting fox demon. Ayame tried to explain "K-Kyyubi-chan…a-a girlfriend is term given to when a young man and women or courting." The three demons still looked confused until Anko came out with a blunt response "she's asking if the brat is going to mate with any of you." This caused the three demons to look at the blond with curiosity in their eye's and a blush on their faces for Nyu and Kyuubi, Lucky however, looked like she wanted to slit his throat.

With all of the tension that was building in the air, it was then that Teuchi decided to bring out the food. Placing the food on the table Teuchi wished everyone a good meal and completely missed all the drama within everyone else.

Everyone but Anko and Sarutobi ate in silence as the children all refused to make any eye contact with each other. Even Naruto who usually inhaling the dish in front just took tiny bites and kept muttering "baka Ni-chan." And would look over to his left and catch Kyuubi staring at him and turn away, after that he would look to his right and see Hinata also looking at him and turning away from him as well.

While they were doing this Nyu noticed this and let out a giggle "Kyuubi-chan you and Naruto-san would make lovely mates." Her grin only grew when she noticed Kyuubi's tail's stiffen up.

Kyuubi looked at her friend and glared "Naruto-kun I are just friends, nothing more, right Naruto-kun?" Said blond just nodded his head dumbly while Nyu rolled her eye's and Lucy gave a look of disgust at what she was hearing. Kyuubi then took a deep breath "besides Nyu, you know that I'm already taken."

Everyone went silent and looked at the fox demon confused while many just started not understand until Sarutobi asked "are you betrothed to someone Kyuubi-san?"

The demon fox looked at the old man and nodded her head and stirred her noodles "My…father…he made it clear that in any case that he came across any enemy that he couldn't defeat, that his first born daughter would marry the first son of his enemy as a treaty for peace and since I'm the my father's fist and only daughter I have to mate with whoever this person is."

Many went silent to Anko who got over her shock the fastest clearly showed her out rage "son of bitch, what kind of parent put's their only daughter through that kind of bullshit and for what, to save face when ever he loses a fight just so he doesn't look like a god damn pussy." Everyone just looked at Anko strangely except for Lucy who had hearts in her eyes as Anko continued "If I meet this bastard I swear I'll use his heart as a hackie sack."

Kyuu looked at the purpled haired woman and just gave a sad smile "thanks' Anko-san but that's not necessary, my father…is dead and has been for about six years."

Everyone went silent when they heard this and Lucy and Nyu just looked away showing that already knew the whole story. Hinata looked at the demon with sad eye's and asked "what..What about your mother Kyuubi-san?" The demon's reaction wasn't any different, if anything it was worse as she lowered her head "she died…giving birth to me." Hearing this Hinata tired to apologize but the demon stopped her before she could "its fine Hinata-chan, you didn't know and It doesn't really bother me that much, if it did I wouldn't be here trying to form an alliance.

Everyone but Lucy and Nyu looked at the demon confused and interested, especially Sarutobi and Kyuubi cursed herself for saying to much. Seeing no other way out of this she knew she would have to explain herself. She at least had to tell the Hokage the whole story, she just wanted to put it off until and official meeting had taken place between the two. Taking a deep breath Kyuubi decided to tell her new friends and allies the reason why she was there "my father, Nukpana Kyuubi no Kitusne, was the same demon that attacked your village six years ago." Almost everyone gasp at hearing this except Sarutobi who stood up and glared at the young demon almost daring her makes some kind of excuse but before he could do anything Kyuubi simply raised her hand "Hokage-sama, I would advise you to calm yourself before you risk and international incident and an act of war against the demon world." The elder village leader took a clam breath a sat back down at his table but his looks demanded an answer.

Kyuubi took a deep breath and relaxed her shoulders knowing she wasn't going to like this and began her tale.

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