I opened my eyes to a vast horizon. It looked like I was in a desert. Everything was bare and red. My senses seemed stronger than usual. There were sloping mountains far off in the distance. The heat seemed unbearable, but somehow my vampiristic homeostasis never wavered. I was sure that the sun was beating down on me, but my skin wasn't sparkling. In fact, it seemed different than usual. Instead of the glistening white that it usually was, my skin was a dull, ashen gray. Looking down at my skin, I realized what I was holding. Bella, as beautiful as ever, was lying in my arms. I examined her, and it seemed like whatever was happening to me would be solved because Bella Swan, the love of my existence, was here in my arms. Then I realized she was dead. My shrieks of pain and agony did not mask the fact that my mouth was at her neck, draining her sloppily of life and blood.