Anyone hear Never think by Robert Pattinson? yeah? Okay, well you will get it then :)

Never Think

I walked into our small little fairy tale cottage, and looked quickly around for Renesmee, who was supposed to be watched by Edward today, as I went out hunting with Rosalie. Ever since I had chosen Renesmee's life over mine, we had become closer, and she had become just as much my sister as Alice always was.

But quickly I realized that Renesmee was not here. My heart would have skipped a beat if I were still human, and I froze, to shocked to even comprehend what I was seeing in front of me.

Which was Edward, the love of my existence, standing in front of a microphone, with Jasper's guitar carefully held in his hands. Then, the lights grew dim, until there was only one light still on, a large portable spotlight that beamed onto Edward's shoulders like an alien spaceship would.

"Don't worry Bella, Nessie is with Jacob right now." He said uncertainly, clearly worried by my frozen appearance. I relaxed, and he smiled at me a bit, and started to strum a little on the guitar. He leaned closer to the microphone, and said, "This is for you, Bella."

I had the sensation of butterflies in my stomach, as his lips pursed as he waited for the time to begin singing. A piece of hair fell into his eyes as his mouth opened and began… well, mumbling. A beautiful mumble, maybe, but I couldn't even pick out the individual words, not even with my new and improved hearing.

It was at times like this when I was glad Edward couldn't hear my thoughts.

His forehead wrinkled a little, as he moaned some mysterious phrase. I was so confused. Was this Edward's idea of something romantic? He strummed the guitar quickly, moaning a bit louder. Then he slipped into a really high warbled note, as he leaned closer to the microphone, getting louder with every bar, as if his confidence in his "singing" was getting higher.

He started moaning louder and louder, until I couldn't handle it anymore. There is one thing about writing a song for someone, but just moaning into a microphone was something completely different. I don't even know if there were lyrics, the way everything was blended together.

"Um, Edward," I whispered, interrupting his extraordinarily long mumble. All of a sudden the lights boomed back on, his singing stopped, the guitar flung to the side, breaking off part of the handle, and Edward was on his knees at my feet.

"Are you okay, Bella, are you in pain? Was it the song? Did you hate it?" He asked, barraging me with questions. He looked so sad, so pitiful, so completely adorable. I looked lovingly into his confused eyes, and made my decision.

"I loved it" I breathed out, puling him upwards so that his knees were at an 165 degree angle. His face was perfectly level with mine. "I loved it so much, it's just that, well…" I sighed, looking at him in the eyes, "you looked so sexy up there. I just couldn't stand it anymore."

I raised my eyebrow, and bit my lip, as his face lit up in a way that reminded me that he was forever trapped in a 17 year olds body. He grabbed me and kissed me harshly, before quickly pulling away.

"I'll call Jacob," Edward said speeding his voice up accidentally, "You get the fishnets."

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