Harry sat at the window at midnight on his sixteenth birthday. Harry had been dreading this moment for over a year. Not his birthday but what came that day. A promise he had made in the graveyard. A promise he swore to keep today. The man had offered his help. He knew how to destroy Voldemort once and for all. He knew how to destroy the remnants of the body in the cauldron. All Harry had to do was make one simple little promise. A promise on his very magic. He had known he should not have trusted him. He was a spy he learned from the start, later on. But he had been willing to do anything to save the world. He had. His blood had blown up Voldemort, and the Death Eaters had been captured. Harry had returned to school. He had done as expected; he had lived again and saved the world again.

Not too much to ask for. He had been adopted by Sirius and Remus, now a couple wed last Christmas. Remus was writing texts and Sirius was back as an auror. He had a normal school year with quidditch and friends. He had spent half this summer at the Burrow already and had even been taken to the US. He had a home and family, he was safe. He should have been happy. He was happy. But he had forgotten for a time that promise. To give up his life in a way for everyone else. He had not thought twice. It had been his destiny since he was a baby to sacrifice his life for the world. He had just never imagined it would be like this.

Hedwig arrived to his surprise for his birthday gifts could arrive in the day as normal now. He saw the script. "So it has begun."

Harry stroked the bird's feathers and took the note. There was no signature. The paper had simply read. 'I will be coming at noon.'

It sent shivers up his back. He knew there was no turning back. To break an oath on his magic would be his death. He had made the promise to save lives and he did not regret that for one moment. He could meet this head held high as he had done he rest. He had lived with abusive relatives and faced Voldemort, he could face this.

He was surprised when the door opened and Sirius and Remus appeared. Remus kissed his head. "Happy birthday cub. You know we are so happy for you."

Sirius who was rounding nicely as he was four month pregnant with their first and on desk work handed him a cupcake. "We had a feeling you would be up."

Harry had tears in his eyes as he blew out the candle. They assumed it was because he was happy. In a way he was. He had ended the war. They would not have been married and expecting his sister if he had not made the promise, he felt that. He just prayed when they learned that they would understand. He had dads and the thought of losing them and his unborn sister when they learned was greater then he had imagined. His wish as he blew out the candle was for them to understand.

Sirius stood. "We should let you get to bed. You have a big day tomorrow. There is a big party for you at the Burrow in the morning."

Harry knew it would be a big day but for another reason but he smiled and nodded. "Thank you for this. See you in the morning."

Eating the cupcake and crawling into bed his thoughts went to his friends. They would understand he told himself. They would understand he had done this to protect them and the world. He kept telling himself that. He needed to believe that. He could not have done all this to save them and still lose them because of it.

Author note: Promise the prologue is a lot shorter then the chapters will be. I just wanted you to get the feel for the story. More to come soon.