I sat at the kitchen table picking at my oatmeal with a scowl etched onto my face. I hate school, everything about high school makes me nauseous. Ill-equipped teachers bossing you about, trying desperately to make you feel inferior. Skanky, self-absorbed, whores torturing you're every decision. And guys that are looking for one thing and if you aren't it, they don't have the time for you. High school was hell, and I was one of the damned.

I lifted my head to look out the window, wondering whether or not it was sunny yet. I hadn't been to bed yet. I was a night person by nature, and the fact that I had to actually sleep at night bothered me to no end. To my dismay the sun was creeping across my front yard and filtering into my kitchen, splashing my face in bright gold. I shuddered.

Fuck. This was going to be a rotten day, I could feel it in my bones. The only thing I despise more than high school, is Phoenix. And guess where I live…that's right folks, Phoenix. I lived with my mother Renee, an absentminded teacher with the heart of a six year old. Don't get me wrong I loved her, I just hated playing parent and with Phil out of the house so much, that was my role.

My mother wandered into the kitchen sleepily rubbing her eyes, "Morning baby."

I forced a smile, "Hi mom."

She wandered over to the high-top table and pulled out a stool. I went back to picking at my oatmeal.


"Hmm?" I replied without looking up.

"Do we have any juice?"

I sighed deeply, I knew where this conversation was going. "Yeah mom, we do. What kind would you like?" I asked sliding off of my stool and wandering over to the fridge.

"Apple juice. Orange juice gives me heartburn." She folded her arms across her chest and harrumphed stubbornly. I shook my head.

'My mom the two-year old.' I thought cynically.

"'Kay." I poured her apple juice in her favorite glass. It was one that Phi bought from her at Pier 1. I can remember the look on her face when he told her where it was from.

"Oh Bella, it's so adult, don't you think?" She had cooed. I shook myself out of my reverie and sat the glass down in front of her.

She took a large swig and cleared her throat. "Are you ready for school, dear?"

"Yes, mom." I shoveled some oatmeal into my mouth before it was too cold and hard to digest.

"Good, and have you finished your homework?" I rolled my eyes at her attempt at parenting.

"Yes mom, I finished it last night. Remember you were painting?"

She furrowed her brow, "Oh yeah. I thought that painting would be a good stress-reliever but it's not."

I sighed, "What are you stressed about mom?"

She flushed and dropped her eyes to her glass, "Uh…I don't want to talk about it right now Isabella."

'Uh oh. Full name usage and full face blush. This cannot be good. The last time she did that kinda thing she told me she was marrying Phil in Disneyworld." I shuddered at the thought of another trip to Disneyworld.

"Mom," I hedged, "You're worrying me, won't you please tell me what's going on?" I smiled the sweetest smile I could muster.

"I don't like your hair that way Bella, take it out of that ponytail." Shit. Subject changes were never good.

"Mom, stop trying to distract me…or yourself for that matter. What do you need to talk about?"

She sighed heavily, the blush returning to her face. "Well, uh…you're not going to school today."

I sighed with relief, "Really? That's it, that's what you were worried about? Well, don't be Mom, I'm thrilled. I can get some shut-eye after all." I smiled, genuinely happy.

Unfortunately Renee did not smile, "That's not all Bells."

I frowned, "Oh?"

"Okay, promise me you won't yell." Her eyes were boring a hole into the table.


"Just promise okay?" She snapped. Renee was never short with me so I was quick to agree.

"Sure mom, just tell me what's happening."

"Phil, got signed with another baseball team for a lot of money. It's a huge break in his career."

"That's great mom, but I have a feeling that's not all."

"Yeah, you're right it's not. The new team is in Florida."

Fuck me running naked up a tree, I knew it was Disneyworld bad.

"Mom," I whined, "I hate Florida, I hate the smoldering heat. It's bad enough we live in Phoenix, I don't want to move somewhere hotter."

"I know that Bella, that's why you're not."

Hold the phone, "Excuse me?"

"I said that you're not moving to Florida?"

"So you're leaving me?" I whispered, my voice dripping with disgust.

"No! Not at all honey, you're moving in with your father."

"With Charlie?" I cried, "But, I haven't seen him in months."

"I know dear, that's why this will be good for you?"

"Good for me?" I laughed humorlessly, "No Renee, this will be good for you. Ever since you married Phil, it's been all about your whirlwind romance. I'm just the girl who mothers her mother."

Shit fuck. I hit a nerve. "W-what? No, baby you're wrong. I love you with all my heart. I'm just trying to do what 's best. You used to love Seattle."

"Yeah, I did Renee. But if you can recall, Charlie doesn't live in Seattle anymore. He moved to Forks four years ago."

"He did? Wait, you can't call me Renee, Isabella. I'm your mother."

I was furious, "Then act like it damn it!"

"Bella, please. You just said you hated Florida, right?"

She had me there, "Yeah."

"And you then went on to say that you hated Phoenix, correct?"

Where was she going with this? "Yeah but—"

"But nothing Isabella Marie, I figured that Seattle, or Forks…whatever, would be a change of scenery for you. It's not hot there at all." She visibly shuddered, "So you should enjoy yourself somewhat. And I know you're unhappy with school, now you can go to a different school, with different teachers and different people."

I sighed, she was right. Maybe I could use a change. It didn't change the fact that I felt as if I were being thrown away, but at least I wouldn't have to play Mommy-dearest anymore. 'No more wire-hangers!" I thought sarcastically.

"When do I leave?"


My mouth fell open, "But I still have to pack!"

She shook her head, "I took the liberty of packing for you."

"But…how? I was awake all night."

She smiled, " I know, so was I. You were down here on the computer all night so I went to your room and packed everything away."

I laughed quietly, "Since when did you become miss responsible?"

"Since my 'mom' is moving away." She said quietly.

I frowned, "I'm sorry mom. I didn't mean it." 'Liar'

She smiled, Renee was so easily swayed. "I know honey. I will miss you."

"I know mom, I'll miss you too."

"Look on the bright side of things" She said cheerily.

"What bright side?" I scoffed.

"I got you a present!" She cried.

"You did?" I asked, baffled.

"Yup, hold on I'll get it." She shuffled out of the room and came back with a thin box. And placed it gently in my hands

"What is this mom?"

"Open it and you'll see," she goaded.

I carefully opened the box and pulled out a thin silver object. My mouth went slack.

"Oh my god mom! This is too much." In my hands was a Mac Air. A miniscule laptop that I had been eyeing in the Apple store.

"I thought that since we were going to be thousands of miles away, this would make contact simpler."

"Oh this is too much." I cried.

"No it's not. I'm moving my baby across the country, you deserve this."

I wiped a tear from cheek, "Thank you mom. I..I don't know what to say."

"Say you love it!"

"I do, I do love it."

"Good, I knew you would. Now let's go shopping!"

I groaned, she knew I hated shopping. But I went along anyway. After all I only had a few more hours with my mother slash daughter. I was going to spend it making her happy.

If I was going to be moving to Forks, I'd have to let the only person worth knowing there know, that I was coming. He was my first everything there, friend, kiss, fuck. We hooked up every time I visited. So I sent him a text.


Guess what? I'm moving to Forks!

I'll prolly be there tomorrow. Get ready for a wild ride!


I smiled to myself thinking of the trouble he and I would get into once I was there. Maybe this wasn't such a terrible thing after all.

My mom dragged me from store to store, picking out warm clothes I would need during my time in Forks. We went to my favorite restaurant China Palace and talked about this and that. I noticed that she had a mischievous grin on her face.

"What's up mom?" I asked, instantly worried.

"Do you remember how I told you that Phil was getting a significant pay raise from his new team?"


"Well when I told him that you were going to live in Forks, he thought we should you a present."

"You did mom. The Mac Air."

"Yes, we did get you that. But Phil remembered something else you had your eye, but we could never afford it before."

"Mom…you didn't waste money on me did you?"

"Not at all, we didn't waste a dime."

"What did you buy?"

"Wait till we get home. Phil texted me to let me know it was there."

"Okay mom." I rolled my eyes, it was probably a camera or something. So I wasn't too worried. We finished lunch and headed out to do more shopping. I ended up with six band tee shirts (much to my Renee's dismay) a couple of long sleeved shirts, two hoodies, a pair of faded blue jeans and three new pairs of chucks.

"Mom, this is too much!" I cried on the way home.

"No honey it isn't. Phil is making enough money that I was able to quit my job and buy you all of this stuff, plus your new present."

"Wow, he must be doing well."

"He is."

We were silent for the rest of the ride home. When I got home, Phil ran out and gabbed all of the bags and Renee ushered me into the house.

"You stay put, Phil's gonna bring it around."

"Bring what around mom?"

"Your gift."

It felt like an eternity waiting for my 'gift'. I wasn't necessarily excited, I was curious really. Phil ran in the house and called for us to come outside. Renee covered my eyes and walked me to the edge of our lawn.

"Are you ready sweetie?"

"As ready as I'll ever be mom."

"Okay, one, two three." She let go of my eyes and my mouth hit the floor. Before I could react fully I fainted.

About ten minutes later I was being fanned and was aware that I was still lying on the front lawn.

"Oh Bella! Are you alright?" Renee cried.

I opened my mouth to say that I was fine but that isn't what came out. "A fucking Gallardo!" I screamed.

"Bella watch your mouth," Renee instructed, "And yes it is the Gallardo."

I couldn't believe it. I had wanted this car the second I found out it existed. It was a 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo. It looked like Batman's car. I about creamed my pants before I fainted. I jumped up, almost careening into Phil and ran over to my car.

"Thank you so much mom!" I practically wept.

"It was Phil's idea."

"Oh Phil, she's beautiful!"

Phil looked at me, "She?"

"Yeah cars are girls and she is so sexy, she has to be female. Her name's Roxy."

They both laughed, "Who knew you had all this car stuff in you Bells." Renee joked.

'He knows. He's the one who got me into cars.' I thought.

"Wait!" I cried.

"What's wrong Bella?" Phil asked.

"How am I getting Roxy to Forks?" I was suddenly panicked.

He chuckled, "I'm leaving now Bells, I'm driving her there. You'll still beat me. But I thought you'd like to see her now, instead of me having her shipped there."

"You're were totally right Phil, you're the best." I had tears in my eyes.

This was gonna be kick ass. He was gonna fucking come when he saw Roxy. I practically did. I suddenly couldn't wait to be in Forks. I kissed my baby and went inside to get my phone and call him.

'I can't wait!' I thought anxiously. He didn't answer his phone so I decided to call Charlie. We talked for awhile I told him about Roxy. He said that only I would be excited about a car like that. I furiously disagreed. He said that he'd talk to me later, he was getting things ready for me.

These will most likely be the best years of my life. Or so I thought…