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Early in the morning, in Shin Makoku, where the golden sunrise floods the whole castle.

"Oi, Anissina, are you sure this is safe?" Günter was caught by the 'genius' Anissina for her experiment.

"Of Course, I, Anissina and my creations never fails!" she carefully place on a helmet like machine on Günter's long lilac hair.

For several reasons, I don't feel really safe right now...this may be it...good bye, my dear Heika... a drop of dramatic tear pours down from Günter's beautiful eyes.

In no time, a huge flash of explosion surrounds the top of the Blood Pledge Castle as the sun finally rose up and warm the warm country.

"Günter, are you ok?" Yuuri looks down on the badly wounded Günter with his hair partly burnt.

"Haika...I'll be fine, I-I..." His voice fainted away, leaving Yuuri worried.


"He's fine, only his hair is burnt, the rest are just light bruises." Gisela enters the room with a smile on her face, greeting the king with her mood only towards him.

"ah, that's good news...Anissina might have went too far this time...ah, what happened to Gwendal?"

"He locked himself up in his room, Anissina was going to drag him, but Günter was around at the moment so..."Conrad was beside Yuuri the whole time, leaning against the wall.

"Günter, I feel so sorry for you...and Gwendal too-"

"eh? Yuuri...?" Conrad walks over to him, the king felt s sudden rush of danger approaching his direction, having the confusion about either it is a good thing, or bad.

"I sense...danger..." Yuuri's body shivers all over, loud running foot steps grew louder and louder, rushes into the room was Anissana, with an energetic smile on her face...the smile to another death for others.

"Wolfram!!!" the poor bishie was Anissina's new target, since her other experiment targets are either wounded, hidden or almost dead [Dacauscas's been through the worse]

"W-what?!" Wolfram step back from the sudden outburst form Anissina.

"I...need you for me new invention!" she grabs a hold of his wrist and drags him back to her lab, also known as the torture chamber of doom.

"Yuuri!!!!" Wolfram pleaded for urgent help, Yuuri ran after him, hoping he could help his poor 'friend' before it's too late for him too...

but all was too late...

"I call this, Chara-swap-kun! The name says it all, you stand over here, the ray will change your character for a short while, it's useful in many ways." Anissina place Wolfram in a tube made of strong glass and shuts the door tight.

"Oi! Let me out!" Wolfram tried to knock the door down, but it's made specially too strong for him.


"Wolfram!" Yuuri made it just in a nick of time, but always a second too late.

"activate." Anissina press down the ruby red button, with a huge flash of colors filled the lab, Yuuri had to shed his eyes before he went completely blind.

"Wahhh!!!" Wolfram screamed like hell, his voiced echoed into the room, maybe Greta would be able to hear him in Yuuri's bedroom.

"Wolfram?!" Yuuri moves his legs slowly and bit by bit, towards the poor prince.

"Get me our of here you wimp!!!" the glass that filled with strange haze that covers Wolfram.

"ah, this one's a failure..." Anissina stares at her failure invention wearing sunglasses before throwing the remote out the window,

"Bad Omen!" one of the strange vultures caught it by accident and flew off.

Not long after, the flash of bright light faded away...the smoke in the glass tube Wolfram was trapped in didn't fade away, it seemed to be waiting for an air-hole to be freed.

"Wolfram? Are you ok?" Yuuri calls for him with worried tone of voice. The door slowly squeak open, the smoke escapes slowly to the opened air, a shadow figure makes his way out with no hurry.

"Wolfram?" to Yuuri's surprise, a feline figure appeared.

"W-what is this?!" A gorgeous slim body, small waist and normal sized chest, the only thing that doesn't change, was Wolfram's head.

"W-wolfram?!" Yuuri fell on the ground with great surprised, Wolfram had turned into a girl!?

"Of Course it's me you wimp! W-what happened to me!? What are these!?" Wolfram looks down on himself, seeing him in a frilly pjs [he didn't change into his uniform.]

"It seems that my experiment has changed gender instead of character...that's interesting."

"What do you mean interesting!? I'm a girl!!!you turned me into a girl!" Wolfram stormed to her with great anger that his turned into a girl, with his face red from the anger and the blushing because Yuuri's around.

"Don't worry Wolfram, there will be a way to change you back...but I'll need my remote back, which I accidentally threw out of the window..." Anissina stare at the window, with a bad omen bird crying

"Bad Omen" past her, the silver remote shone at them when it flew past the sun light.

"The remote!" Anisinna was just about the grab it, but it fell when the bad omen bird lets it go, the crashing sadness scatter all over the garden's green emerald grass.

"It...broke..." Yuuri pokes his head out of the window, looking down at the broken remote before it exploded again.

"What am I going to do!? This is so far the worse situation! " Wolfram grabs a hold of Yuuri's collar, driving him insanely like Yuuri did something wrong...again.

"Kyaaa!!!"a happy like squeal echoed into the room.

"H-Haha-ue!?" the previous maoh Cheri claps her hands together with the joy of having her son turned into a daughter.

"Kyaaa!!! Wolfram!!! you looked just like me when I was your age!!!" she swings her arms around Wolfram, drowning him with love.

"HaHa-ue!!! this is not time to be happy!!!" Wolfram wanted to push her away but felt too embarrassed to.

"Ehehe!!! This is great!!! I'm so happy!!! Please don't let your mother feel sad, I haven't had this much fun anymore!!! oh dear! I just remembered!!! I got this dress and it would look SO PERFECT on you!!! well, since you're a girl now, why don't you cope with it for now? Hmmm?" Celi was too excited to see the down side of this tragedy...well, to Wolfram that is.

"Noooo!!!!!" Wolfram's sorrow scream cried hopelessly through the castle...poor Wolfram...

"what is with the meeting Gunter?" Gwendal asked with his usual 'pissed-off' expression on his face, the rest of the castle staff and members sat around the tables, only the noble family members that is.

"Well, y-you see, something happed that has to do with Anisinna's experiment, you see-"

"Wolfram turned into a girl!" Anisinna appeared into the room with a confident look on her face before Gunter could finish.

"And this is all because of YOUR fault." Gwendal points out, the word would hurt Anisinna, but she doesn't really care much about embarrassment.

"I have found a solution to turn Wolfram back, but it'll take awhile to complete this gamble...I need an assistant for me to test on. Gunter-"

"Oh~ Oh dear lord, my head! My head!!! I feel so weak, I've got to lay down...." Gunter does a dramatic pose, with his hands waving in the air, sliding away with an excuse to his room.

"Well, I see Gunter's not fit enough, Gwendal, since you have finished all your work, you'll be coming with me." Seems like there's no longer an escape for Gwendal, he kept silent all the way, the others whispers to each other, saying and feeling sorry for him.

"Everyone! May I present you all, my precious son/daughter, Wolfram!!!" Celi opens both sides of the door, A pretty princess stood there with her/his head looking down on the polishes marble floor, the dress is orange, with yellow flower decorations, the headband that Wolfram worn to sneak in to the castle as a guest was oddly similar, except this one shines, the dress fits and shows the curves of the body, this person will be crowed the most beautiful woman in the world, it's too bad it's Wolfram...

"Haha-ue!This is embarrassing!!! I'm fine with my own clothes-"

"no no! A lady shouldn't wear such clothes! You're too cute!!! besides, the dress is too adorable on you to be wasted!" Celi opens her arms to embrace him/her.

"Right, I'll get to work now, Gwendal! Let's go." and so he had no choice but to follow...

"argh, this is such a bad time to be turned into a girl! There's somewhere I have to be and NOT in this body!" Wolfram pulls his long dress up so he would be able to walk properly, being in such a fowl mood couldn't be blamed...

"Oh hush, this is a great opportunity for you Wolf!"

"Huh?" wolfram looks at her with confusion.

"Bring the groom in!" Celi claps her hands together to send off a signal, the door was opened for Yuuri who stood there for a while.

"Huh? I-Is something wrong? I was calle-Wowly!!!" Yuuri widen his eyes at the beautiful princess in front of him.

"Hey, Celi-sama, does Wolf have a twin sister or something? is this another set up for me with her instead? Because now is not a good time for me to find a new bride, since Wolfram just turned into a girl and stuff..."

"So you are going to betray me you wimp!" soft fingers made it way to Yuuri's cheeks and pinch the maoh.

"W-wolfram!? Y-you!!!" the words that jumbled in Yuuri's head can't be spoken, he's too surprised about Wolfram's make over, and the thing that scared him the most, Yuuri's actually falling in love with the new Wolf...

"Oi, Yuuri...what are you staring at?!" Wolfram's face was about an inch away from Yuuri's, making the maoh blush like bad when he realizes that.

"'s just that, let me remembered the time when I first met Sara, that's all."

Bad answer...

"You wimp!" the prince/princess have a huge push to Yuuri before running off in his/her beautiful made dress, his face's red with light tears, that sure broke his heart now...

"w-wait, Wolf! I-I-"

"Shut up!" The heels Wolfram was forced to wear beats away, slamming the door behind him.

"What did I say to make him so mad? I don't get it!" always stays being a moron, it's understandable why he can't get any girls through out his 16 years of teenage life.

"Oh need training Heika, you should know Wolfram better than anyone else." Celi shows a 'gasp' expression on her face.

"seriously, what?"

"You know how much Wolfram despise King Saralegui, well, for him to be in that situation where he's in a body which reminds you of the person you hate is just so horrible...poor Wolfram..."

there's nothing else the previous maoh could do but walks away.

"Hmph, Stupid wimp! Argh!!!" Wolfram pulls out a few clothes he finds non-boylish and girlish looking to be able to wear,

"And what IS with these stupid things in blocking in my way?! How does haha-ue does that!?" looking around, he found some strips of cloth and decided to tape his chest.

"It's still not helping...argh!" Wolfram is NOT in a good all.

"Wolf?" and here comes the idiot that will make things even worse.

"What do you want, wimp!?" Yuuri enters the room with great caution, hoping hie fiancée won't kill him by any chance.

"W-well, Y-you know how you said you're going somewhere...I-I was wondering where that might be, a-and if I may be any assistance to you or something..."

"NO! You're not welcome there!"

"Aww come on Wolf, since you can't really go anywhere with that body of your that YOU can't cope with, I might as well tag along to help you out."

"I said NO! You'll just...make things even worse." Wolfram didn't even turn his pretty face to Yuuri when he tried to stop Yuuri from getting anywhere further about the location he's heading to.


"If you won't shut up, I'll read you one of Gunter's love dairy." the blond pulls out a book from his luggage, flipping to a page where he left off.

"Heika smiles at me with his teeth sparkle 'I have returned to you, my lovely Gunter' his soft hands reach out to me..."

"NO!!!!!" Yuuri jumps up in the air towards Wolfram, his body crash on top of him, reaching for the book and making Wolfram stop.

"che, get off! I'll torture you even if it kills me! 'I accepted Heika's hands, he leaps his noble steed like an angel falling from the sky, I have never felt so alive-'"

"Stop it!!!" Yuuri's legs was tangled trying to reach for the book, a sudden intrusion interrupted the two couple.

"Erm, am I, is this a bad time for me, I-I'll just go..."Yozak, again had entered the room at the wrong time, but this time, it seems worse, because Wolfram's skirt way half way up to his knees.

"Y-you guys continue." the door closes in a click.

" awkward..." the silence continues to grow...

"!!! I've got it!" Wolfram sprang up in the air, Yuuri fell of with a thump on the floor.

" could have warned me..."

"Yuuri!!! I've just got an idea!" Wolfram's expression changed in an instant, showing his energetic adorable face.

"W-what's with that face...o-okay, I change my mind about going-"

"che, don't be a chicken toy whimp!now listen to me...I'm going to the human country, it's not like I want to, it's my mission to find out about my family history, so listen closely...You and I will travel to Nerodawn[I just made this country up ok, it's fanfiction...]and then to sneak into the king's castle, we'll have to dress up as married couples, this body will help me take that advantage." Wolfram had everything planed by now, the only one that fears about no other than Yuuri himself.

"W-well, what about Gwendal? And Conrad? What will they think about this?"

"They won't know anything about this, keep this a secret!" Wolfram is DEAD serious about this, Yuuri shouldn't even try to escape when Wolfram's mind is 100% made up.

"-sigh-fine...when do we leave?"


"What!?you should have told me this ages before!"

"get back now." Wolfram's way too 'excited' in a way to listen to Yuuri, he runs out out the room in his girly dress, well, at least this time, Yuuri's actually going with a girl...