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"Haha-ue...I feel ridicules!!!" Gwendal was forced into a pair of little kid's clothes, wearing a little suit with a little matching tie to go along.

"Oh, you look so adorable again! And with those wrinkles gone..."

"I turned into a BOY!!!That freaking woman turned me to a freaking 8 year old boy!!!" panicking like a mad cow, jumping up and down and throwing a little boy's tantrum.

Everyday since Anissina turned him into a boy, he has to sit on extra thick books just to mark the paperwork, having to share a ride with someone else, and also, having Celi to dress him up when ever she gets the chance to.

"Aww, but aren't you enjoying the moment now? It's not like you can change your childhood again." Celi clap her hands together with a smile on her face. With Celi seeing right through Gwendal, he can't help but gave in, finally settling down.

"-sigh- I guess you're right...my wrinkles are seriously pissing me off...."

"See, a mother is always right!" felling pride in her, embracing her son and swinging him side to side.

"Haha-ue! I can't-"and in a poof of smoke, the little chibi Gwendal turned back to his original state, except his clothes stretched and ripped after a while.

"It's....so cold!" shivering with only the ripped pieces of cloth on his body, he curls up into a small kitten.

"Gwendal! You turned back!" she still swings him around like nothing has change.

"What happened? I heard a booooM!?" Gunter was the first to charge into the room, his narrow eyes burst open when he saw a almost naked Gwendal under his mother's arms.

"Gwendal! You changed back!" not being disturb about Gwendal's appearance, he dives into a group hug.

"Get off me!!!" but both Celi and Gunter's strength combined are still too dtrong for Gwendal to break free...beside, it's warmer that way...

After Gwendal's dressed and with everyone gathered for the meeting, Anissina was the first to break the silence.

"From what I've heard form Celi-sama, after Gwendal admit that he wants to get rid of his wrinkles, he immediately change back to his original state...it seems that the machine I've created is not a failure after all! I shall rename it is 'Make-a-wish-kun'!" everyone's face turned into stone, except for Murata who's glasses only shine to cover his eyes. Anissina's strange naming that disappoints everyone...

"Make...a wish?" Conrart was the last to arrive the family meeting, since he just came back from a mission.

"Yes, The machine fulfills the wish and you will only change back if you admit you made the wish, let's put it to a test again shall we? Geika" all eyes turns to Gunter in his terrified look.

"Why me!?" Murata was surprisingly being the 'lucky' man to be chosen for this experiment.

"Because it's only fair for you to be experimented on, Gunter and Gwendal has taken their part and now it's your turn." Anissina sneakily holds out some rope behind her, ready to tie him up and throw him into the machine she was about to dispose, that is before Gwendal turned back...

"No, no...NO!!!" his last scream for help didn't help at all, maybe crying for someone would...withing minutes, the glass door once again squeaks open with the smoke escaping everywhere.

"Geika! Are you alright?" Conrad moves forward closer and closer, hearing loud coughs and Murata was reviled.

"EH!!!" Everyone was surprised by what wish Murata secretly wised for. His glasses hanging at the corner of his ears, with a funny fringe across his forehead and his long shiny silky hair blowing behind him.

"wha-what happened to me?...my hair!" still feeling a bit dizzy, he realize his head feeling a bit heavy , pulling some bits of his coal black hair and everyone's jaws dropped, with only a small laughter from the corner of the table.

"Wahahahaha!!! is THIS what you wished for Daikenja!?You've got to be kidding me!!!" the little version of Shinou was killing himself, rolling on the table with tears at the edge of his clear blue eyes.

"You know Shinou, I can now strangle you..." with furry of rage burning behind him, holding his hair long enough in his hands. Shinou took his hint by trying to shut up.

"you guys snap out of it! It's not so surprising!" shaking each of them to snap out, Conrad was the first to wake up, almost holding his snickering back.

"So, is this what you really wished for, Geika?" Anissina question him with her hands on her waist.

"...yes, I wish for my long beautiful hair to be back, you happy?" then again in a poof, his head turns back to normal.

"My prediction is a success."

"ya...and my hair's gone." sitting on a chair, sulking about his long wish for long hair is now gone in a poof of smoke.

"Stop sulking daikenja...it'll grow back, some how, haha." standing on the great sage's shoulder and mocking him.

"wait...didn't wolf turned into a girl when he entered the machine?" Conrad points out, everyone looks at him almost immediately at once,

"That means..."

"Wolfram's secret wish is..."

/he wants to become a girl!?/ they all form a little bubble above their head.

Back with Yuuri and Wolfram, they're now sneaking around the library in tip toe,






"I said SHHH!!!!" Wolfram gave in, turning around to yell at Yuuri.

"I-I'm sorry, it's just that...I think we're lost in the library." the whole library was dark, with everything black and nothing else,

"We should have bring a candle with us...at least." feeling like idiots, the walk around with their senses.

"Ouch! Yuuri, quit that!"

"sorry..." slowly and carefully, watching their step, but not careful enough, Wolf and Yuuri walked straight into a bookshelf, with all the heavy books tumbling onto of Yuuri, who's protecting Wolf.

"Ouch...you okay Wolf?"

"Ya, I'm fine..." he sat up still, dusting his clothes off.

"Thank you...Yuuri."

"You're welcome...if only we-"the door opens with the light entering the library, Wolf and Yuuri's body cramps together once more, hiding behind the shelfs.

"-sigh-this is no fun...I should be enjoying my time but noooo..." the light came closer and closer to the table. The two sticks their head out a bit to see who it was, no one special, just someone, but someone came behind him, giving the poor guy a fright.

"Geez your majesty, stop scaring me like that."

"hehe, sorry." Kuno appeared behind him.

/what's kuno doing here?/ yuuri's eyes looks around, making sure there's no one else.

"what are you looking through?"

"the one and only existing file I was forced by YOU to read..I've heard rumors that the only prince of the 24th Lord von Bielefeld is going to sneak into our castle, I'm just looking through the files before I burn it."

"che, that's awfully smart of you...not."

/shit, he's going to burn it.!/

"what are they talking about?" Wolf pushes him aside carefully, sticking his ears out and heard the part about von Bielefeld and burn.

"that guy's going to burn the documents!"

"Wolfram!!! shhhh!!!" they're lucky they're too far off for them to hear him.

"Isn't Lord von Bielefeld dead?heard he's the most useless one in the von Bielefeld family?what a shame..." Wolfram's whole body froze, including his breathing.

"Ya, even his own brother doesn't acknowledge him as a member of the family." Kuno added.

"Yuuri...move." Wolf's voice grew deeper, with more anger and rage.

"Oi, Wolf, don't, we'll get caught."

"I don't care...move." his head still looking at the floor,

"No, don't, ignore them!" trying to keep his voice down as possible, but they still continue.

"-sigh-I bet the previous Maoh felt pity for him." Kuno and his butler continues snickering, mocking about Wolfram's father.

"Shut up-"

"Shhh!!!" Yuuri gave a warning by covering his mouth,

"Ya, what a useless lord alright hahaha!" with more loud laughter, just makes Wolfram's anger boils.

"Shut up!!-" Wolf pulls Yuuri's hands away from his mouth, screaming with frustration.

"Who goes there!?"

there's no answer, only pitch black darkness... the man and Kuno decided to take a look, getting closer and closer to Yuuri and Wolfram.

"Your majesty, the guests are expecting you for your speech now." a servant of the castle enters the room with a slight bow.

"Yes, I'll be there...let's go Hernas you should enjoy the party too."

"oh, now you feel regret." the man so called Hernas follows him, closing the book before leaving it on the table. The light that shines through the entrance of the door shrinks smaller and smaller, until a confirm click.

Yuuri's holding Wolfram close to him, his grip tight and his face burning, Wolfram's eyes' stain with tears, his lips was crushed by Yuuri's before he could speak out to Kuno and Hernas, they stayed that way still after awhile, until Yuuri lets go of him.

"S-Sorry..." feeling embarrassed and ashamed about himself, his face once again glows bright red. Wolfram was speechless the whole time, his head still lowered, with his hair covering his face.

"Oi, Wolf, are you okay?", no answer.

"He's not dead..."


"He's not dead!" Wolf gave a strong push at Yuuri, tears streaming down his glittering yet sad eyes


"He's never the useless one, haha-ue never pity him." having words to comfort himself, Wolf continues his mumbling about his most respected father. The helpless Yuuri stared at him, being the first time seeing Wolfram this sad, except this was the second time Wolfram felt like this, the first when he cried with his heart and Yuuri didn't see how deep that wound is. The maoh's hands stretch around Wolf's shoulders, holding him closer to himself, with the blond's head on his chest, calming him down with the sound of hi heart beat.

"I believe you..." stroking Wolf's soft wig carefully... Wolfram closes his heavy eyelids, letting the tears drain away first, the feelings he kept for along time.

"I'm fine now Yuuri..." he wipes his tears away with his gloves, and showing a small smile to Yuuri, telling him not to worry much. Yuuri smiles back, and answers with a slight nod.

"Let's get that book before he burns it..." Wolf walks over to the table with great caution, luckily, Hernas left the lit candle by the files. The first thing Wolf did was flipping past the first half of the book, tracing the words to words.

"there isn't much about chichi-ue[another way to say father]..." flipping to the next page, there's something being torn away.

"shit, the page about father's present day's ripped... I can't do anything anymore." he shuts the book with enormous anger, making the sound echoing the whole room.

"Shhh!!! be gentle Wolfram!"

"who cares...we're leaving now." again with the roughness, stands up in an instant, making disturbing sounds that could possibly alert the others.

But this time, Wolf cooperates, sneaking back to the door, looking left to right if there's any guards around, surprisingly...nothing, no one and not a single soul.

"we're safe...let's go." Yuuri tried to open the door and cause less noises, Wolf's behind him, following along with the book close to himself.

"We'll be able to sneak back into the party, stay-"

"Ah, Miss Clyde, I was looking all over for you." Kuno appeared from the middle of the crowd, with the same charming smile on his face, letting Yuuri and Wolfram have a great shock.

"Y-yes...what ever."

he turns away slightly, having a 2 in 1 move.

"Take this with you and wait for me back home." he whispers to Yuuri before Kuno pulls him away.

"May I have the last dance? Please." Yuuri took this chance to walk away, squeezing past guest by guest.

"no, I don't want to, now get lost." trying to have another escape from him, Kuno caught him...again.

"Is that a way to talk to a king?"shooting at another glare, Kuno continues to smile.

"I don't think so...so shall we?" letting him go, he bows to show an invitation, Wolfram with not much choice, accepts it.

/I hate dancing.../ cursing under his breath, he made no eye contact with Kuno what so ever.

And again, like de ja vu, everyone applause.

"a-ak, you're not going to leave yet...I have something to announce." he twirl his finger around, with a small wink that gave Wolf goosebumps.

"May I have your attention please, I would like to announce something." everyone turns their attention to the throne, where Kuno is and Wolfram being dragged along beside him.

"I, Kuno Ciele Christhrone, here by announce that this woman, Jennifer Clyde shall the queen of Nerodawn." a lot of girls gasp with shock, the elders clap, and the applause grows louder and louder. With a lot of guest congratulating the king. Wolfram's body stoned, his eyes popped out with fear and confusion and his lips turned ice cold.

"What the hell is the meaning of this!?" Wolfram snapped in front of everyone, and everyone looks at her with their eyes barely blinking.

"I have decided that you will be my queen, according to the rules, there is nothing the chosen woman can do when she is decided to be the queen of Nerodawn."

"Except for me! I'm not going to be your queen! Dream on!and you this? I'm engaged to someone else, you can't marry someone else's fiancé! " he holds up the ring Yuuri slipped on, shining with pride and love, then he stomps off to the entrance of the castle,t he guards stops him.

"Where do you think you're going? You're staying here now..." Kuno took his time walking down from the throne to him.

"Come, let's have a celebration shall we? My lovely queen..."

"Get the hell away from me! You unreasonable bastard."

"Hmph, if you know any better, you have no escape, dear, sweet Jennifer, if you know what's safe for you and your 'escort', do as you're told by me." moving his lips closer to Wolf's ears, he whispers something that lets Wolf's eyes widen, making Wolfram send him a kick on the shin and this time, he manages to run off, stealing one of the chariot waiting for their master.

"catch her!" the captain of the guards orders, with his followers picking up their weapons.

"No, let her be...she'll return to be, you'll see." with such confident, Kuno returns back to the ball with his smirk turned into an evil grin.

Yuuri had been waiting impatiently in his rent room, standing and sitting back up and down, worrying about Wolfram, holding the book with him as if it'll fly away, the door swings open and closes back hard again, the tired Wolfram collapse on his bed, breathing heavily.

"Wolfram! Thank goodness you're alright, why are you so tired?" Wolf turns his head to the side, looking at Yuuri more detailed. His eyes soften a lot more, taking a deep breath before speaking again.

"Nothing...nothing happened..." his heart ache with pain, unable to tell Yuuri about Kuno's request,

"I'm glad...the book's safe, I'll put it in a safe place okay, you look really tired, do you want to change back?"

"No, I'm fine...oh and Yuuri, I think you should return back to Shin Makoku with the book." the prince's head rests comfortably with the soft pillow above his head.

"Why? Aren't you coming back with me?"

"Sorry...I have something to sort out first...by the way, we should tell the others about us quitting..."

"Okay. Well, you rest up, I'll pack my stuff." Yuuri place the book carefully in his bag, underneath all the layer of clothes he brings along.

"Mooorrr" Morfig had been ignored for the whole time, complaining about mostly everything.

"Stop whining, you're the one that wants to come along." Morfig replies with an annoyed look and finally kept quiet.

"Night...Yuuri." having the voice of Kuno, and his message ringing, echoing in his head...

"I have everyone's eyes on you Jennifer Clyde, beware about your safety when you're asleep...and you're precious escort too that is." roaming over and over, Wolf hold back his anger and sorrow, only able to mumble,

"Sorry...Yuuri." where everything is going to end between the two of them, having an ignorant, selfish king to force Wolfram. Having to cry himself to sleep, today was Wolfram's most disappointing day, having to be hurt more than once.

"Good night...Wolfram." Yuuri brush part of Wolf's hair aside, placing his icy lip on his left cheek, leaving a memorable kiss with him when the prince's asleep, with tears on his face he wiped off before he's suffering by his wound in his heart.