Hey. I made this 'cuz I heard that Kakashi died already (Gosh, So soon?), Anyway, I think it's sad. For me, not for you. Joke. So if interested, read on!

Disclamer- I don't own Naruto. I just drank my money.

(Important?) Note- Hints of Sasusaku.


People stood around Kakashi-sensei's coffin. Especially Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto.

"He was the greatest sensei ever" Naruto sobbed

"He was a good man" Sakura sighed as she looked as his death white face.

"He taught us well." Sasuke murmured as he put his hand on Sakura's shoulder.

Kiba, Hinata and Shino stepped forward and offered rose petals. Neji, Tenten, Lee and a wailing Gai-sensei offered lily petals. Lastly, Ino, Shikamaru and Choji offered jasmine petals.

"I thought you were so strong you'd make it through whatever,

It's so hard to accept the fact you're gone forever…"

"Why? Why? What did I do wrong? Huhuhuhu!!!" Gai cried while pulling Lee into a big bear hug.

"Every one has their time. You just have to say 'Bye-Bye'." Sasuke said firmly.

"I never knew I could hurt like this,

And every day life goes on like this.

I wish I could talk to you for awhile,

I wish I could find a way not to cry,

As time goes by…"

As the coffin was buried, sobs could be heard and sadness can be felt.

"It's hard to say bye Bye-Bye, Bye-Bye, Bye-Bye.

So c'mon somebody sing way up high,

'Cuz this is for my people who just lost somebody.

So this is for everybody, just lift your head to the sky,

We will never say Bye-Bye"


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