Intro. Summary and Teaser


Well here we are, the final story in the Transformers Generation 1.5 universe. Almost. Wow if no one has read the first few stories (why not?) or missed one the summery should help you catch up. Don't worry, the advantage to this series is how self contained each story is... or was because now everything has hit the fan and the fan has been pulled through a hedge backwards!

In effect this is the combination of about four years of writing and plot threads. I'll try to make it accessible so don't worry if you're not up to speed, you don't have to be.

I own non of the shows or cannon used in this story. Transformers is owned by Hasbro. Stargate SG-1 by Gecko and MGM, Buffy by Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. Kim Possible by Disney and Smallville (Superman) is owned by DC. (welcome to crossover soup)

Summery of the story so far:-

The problem with starting a story at the beginning is finding which beginning to start from. After around four million years of inactivity the great ship known as the Ark awoke. It's commander, Optimus Prime, in a desperate effort to destroy the Decepticons that had boarded his ship crashed it into a small remote planet known as Earth. A lot of things changed over the time those aboard spent sleeping. Not least of which a race called the Ancients, against all odds, survived their own trek across the galaxies and settled on the same remote planet.

After a time the Ancients achieved the ultimate goal of their existence, ascending into pure energy. Their descendants, known as Humans, were unfortunately then spread across the galaxy as slaves to those that replaced the Ancients as rulers of the Galaxy. A race of parasites known as the Goa'uld that posed as their gods and used humanity as hosts and play things.

The reviving Ark was soon found by a group of humans known as Stargate command, who's job was to protect the Earth from these other worldly attacks in secret. Soon after meeting the humans and Autobot crew of the Ark created an alliance. Unfortunately their sworn enemies also awoke.

Both sides, giant robots with the ability to mimic other machines of all shapes and sizes, began a secret war. The Autobots, lead by Optimus Prime, fought desperately against Megatron and his band of evil Decepticons. Six years later the two sides were still in a stalemate. Stargate Command was stretched to breaking point protecting Earth and humanity in general were still ignorant of the truth.

Then a third aspect entered the war. While the Autobot / Decepticon war was very much above the human understanding of the world this third aspect was below. The original inhabitants of the planet, known as demons still fought to regain their long lost home. Pushing against this reality from those places they were banished to the Demons would long since have won were it not for a hand full of guardians. The mystical God and creator of the Autobots, Primus, sent perhaps the greatest of these guardians a vision. Leading them and a mystical energy source called the Key to Optimus Prime.

There, combined with the power of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership was a new God born. Known as Optimus Primus the new God struck down Primus's ancient foe Unicron.

Now unified the powers of the mystic plane and those of the Autobots were more than a match for Megaton's Decepticons or the demonic forces that were still out there. In two great battles the unified power defeated both. Stargate command became public knowledge as did their allies.

New allies and friends joined from across whole galaxies, including the last son of Krypton and the Asguard. Saved from extinction thanks to the intervention of the Autobots. The Goa'uld were no match and humanity across the galaxy became free.

Unfortunately in this time of gods and aliens many people forgot that the greatest evil could come from greed. And so did the multibillionaire Lex Luthor hatch a foolish plan to control the fate of the alliance. Using the damaged body of Megaton.

Lex put his hands in his coat pockets. 'We've waited a long time for today professor and it's taken a lot of money.' It had, measured in the billions even Lex's vast resources weren't inexhaustible. 'If this doesn't work...'

'It will Mr Luthor. I can assure you we have prepared for every eventuality and planned accordingly.' The lead scientist answered.

Lex looked over the gantry and at his ultimate warrior. Once Megatron this was now Zero-One. His once dull grey armour was now a dark purple, the cannon strapped to his arm had been stripped down and rebuilt from the inside. it now looked completely different. Other changes, big and small hid it's origin as a Deception just enough. If anyone asked it was "inspired" by the infamous monster.

Where better to start with the ultimate warrior. More impressive was the technology Luthorcorp had learned from this thing. within the year the fusion particle cannon would be available to mount on Earth warships. The anti-gravity engine would revolutionise transport and the thermal shielding armour could launch a whole new industry. All those systems worked, even if there were problems those trinkets alone would make Luthorcorp the business leader of the millennium.

Still compared to this thing they were trinkets and there was still one problem. how to power Zero-One. Turning around Lex looked at the stock pile of refined Meteorite Rock. Autobot energy was Energon, everyone knew that but no human understood it. It was fortunate that he knew of another energy source no one truly understood. The technicians busily attached the connections and capacitors to Zero-One's throne chair.

'As you know Mr Luthor, we're going to start a low power test and if the unit responds positively we'll continue at that level for while. This may take some time, we don't know how much useable power is within the Meteorite Rocks'

'Yes. Just get on with it. I have a meeting in two hours and I don't want to be late.'

'Of course Mr Luthor.' The professor tapped at his console. 'All technicians, estimated completion time is now. Section heads report.'

'Capacitor one, online and ready.' A little light lit up on the console as the radio crackled. One by one each radio sprung to life and a light blinked on.

'We're ready Mr Luthor. Do you want to throw the switch?' It was a rhetorical question. Lex already had his hand on the leaver.

'I think I will.' Taking a deep breath he threw the breaker switch. At first nothing happened. 'Professor?'

'The charge is building, capacitors are reaching maximum and... there power transfer is...' the scientist trailed off. 'What is, according to this he still has... but that's not possible.'

Lex turned on him 'What do you..'

Something screamed. It wasn't a scream of fear but pain and rebirth. Like someone was crawling back from the depths of hell across broken glass. Lex spun, it was Zero-One. Raging like a caged animal, green lightning danced across him. Showers of sparks and flame exploded over the chair. Like King Kong shattering the chains that held him the scaffolding and supports built around Zero-One bent and buckled and then his eyes opened.

Great red plates of glass twisted in madness looked right at Lex and the scream changed, no longer born of pain it began to break up. Like he was laughing. It took Lex a moment to realise the Robot could see him, really see him like there was something still alive deep inside.

No there was... Megatron was still alive! 'He's still ALIVE?!' Lex grabbed the professor. 'You didn't tell me he was still alive!'

'I didn't... I...' he stammered.

The Decepticons laugh became booming, 'Human's how predictability arrogant! To think you could control ME?'

Lex had one hope, the programming he had installed. 'Zero-One stand down!' he shouted.

'Urm... No.' The Decepticon said, green lightning still dancing across him he laughed. 'You didn't honestly think that would work did you?'

'Megatron! Stand down! Lex shouted again over the sound of twisting metal and electrical discharges.

The Decepticon stood up instead. Chuckling all the way. 'Wrong name again Lex.' Stepping back the billionaire felt the railing press against his back. At his feet the professor was cowering. 'I am no longer Megaton. I. Am. Galvatron!'

As he crowed to the heavens, as if to spite them, Lex watched his eyes twisted into something beyond madness the bright red eyes changed, like spreading cracks green forks pulsed into the red. 'And I am more powerful than EVER!' Galvatron shouted as the green lightning died, plunging the hanger into darkness.

Leaving two Meteorite Rock green eyes pulsing in the dark and an echoing chuckle.

End teaser