This is my first fanfic. I've read a lot of fanfiction and I pre-wrote this in a notebook, so it should be edited fairly well. My friend and I made a theory about Shawn and Hunter ending up together and Rebecca and Stephanie. So this is what I wrote about! (: The rating is M because of Sexual Content. I know none of these people are gay/bisexual. Well I hope you enjoy my story!

I own no one in this story. They own themselves.

"We want DX back." Vince told the two men in his office.

"But wasn't I going to get a title shot?" Hunter questioned as Shawn sat there listening.

"The fans seem to like Cena, so we want to keep him champ." Vinnie Mac told Hunter.

"Whatever." Hunter groaned.

"Shawn, are you okay with reforming DX?" The Chairman asked the quiet man.

"Of course, I'm not doing any special storyline." Shawn said softly.

"Okay, good. Next week we will reunite DX and if the fans like it, we will keep it going." The boss smiled, he was proud of his idea.

Hunter and Shawn left the room. Hunter stops and asks Shawn, "Are you okay? You were quiet in there, and you Shawn Michaels, are never quiet."

"Well...I feel bad. I want DX to return, but I didn't know it would take away your title shot."

"Shawn, my friendship with you is worth much more than the title. Good news, we can hangout more now." Hunter smiled and patted Shawn's back.

"Yeah, and I get to share a room with you and Steph." Shawn giggled as dirty pictures went through his mind.

"Well, you and Rebecca are the same!" Hunter argued back.

"Is not!" Shawn told Hunter

"Is too!" Hunter said back.

"Is not!" Shawn replied back, thinking he would win.

"Is not!" Hunter tricked Shawn

"Is too!" Shawn stopped. "...Hey!"

"I gotcha!" Hunter laughed but hugged the smaller man.

"What is all that noise?" Stephanie said as she walked out of her office and saw Shawn and Hunter laughing.

"Sorry Steph!" Hunter and Shawn said at the same time but continued laughing because Shawn ran into the wall.

"You two act like little girls!" Stephanie yelled.

"Then you must like little girls." Triple H said as he walked over to The Million Dollar Princess and kissed her.

Stephanie blushed, "...Maybe I do." She hugged her lover and kissed him back, into a makeout session.

"Get a room!" Shawn yelled making sure they would here.

"That's a good idea, maybe we should." Hunter smiled after stopping the makeout session.

"No Hunter! Let me call Becca and make SURE she got us separate rooms." Shawn took out his blackberry and called Rebecca.

"Hello?" Becca answered.

"Hey, it's Shawn."

"I know who it is! What's up?" Rebecca laid down on the soft bed.

"Did you get us separate rooms? Hunter and Stephanie need one." Shawn looked at Hunter and Stephanie.

"Yes I did." Rebecca laughed, she imagined Shawn's face watching Hunt and Stephanie.

"Thank the Lord! I'll be there in a few!"

"Room 112&113, bye Love yah" Rebecca hung up the phone.

"Okay love doves! You get room 113, seeya later." Shawn said as he started walking away until he got stopped by The King of Kings.

"Shawn, DX is back so I think I need a little more than a seeyah." Hunter said as he winked over at Stephanie.

"What do you mean Hunt?" Shawn had a bad feeling about this.

"An old DX kiss, Steph doesn't mind and Rebecca probably won't." Hunter said as he leaned towards Shawn.

"Hunter, wa–" Shawn was cut off by a short kiss from the strong man.

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