Hey gals! I am back. Sorry for the looong delay. I've been busy, lol. I should probably mention this chapter is very very special. It is also why this story is Rated M. So if this disturbs you in anyway, you are in the wrong story and wrong chapter(:

"Shawn, it's okay." Triple H held his friend.

"I knew it. I knew my sexuality would ruin everything." Shawn battled to keep the tears back from falling., but failed

"You know I love you Shawn." Hunter's shirt was beginning to be see through because the tears were making it wet.

"I know, you're my best friend." Shawn looked up at Hunter.

"No. I mean, I love you." Hunter held Shawn's face in his hands and wiped away the tears with his thumb.

Shawn looked into Hunter's shimmering eyes and saw, what he always wanted. Love. Shawn placed his hand on Hunter's chest.

"You're heart…" Shawn looked up at Hunter.

"Yeah, it's beating fast…for you." Hunter smiled.

Shawn blushed. "Let's take a closer look." Shawn said removing Hunter's white tee.

Shawn then placed his hands on Hunter's abs, moving them down until he reached the inside of his thigh.

Hunter began to harden by Shawn's soft touch.

"Shawn…I haven't done this with a guy before." Hunter was somewhat embarrassed, whispering this to Shawn.

Shawn listened and nodded lightly. Shawn pushed Hunter down on the bed so he was on top. He locked lips with the bigger man.

Hunter slid his tongue into Shawn's mouth after a brief moment. The warmness of Shawn's mouth turned Hunter on.

Shawn let out a moan. He then reached for Hunter's jeans and unbuttoned the button.

Hunter broke the kiss for air, but quickly kissed him again.

Shawn managed to unzip Hunter's pants also, now working on his own.

Hunter started kissing Shawn's soft skin on his neck, sucking to leave a red mark.

Shawn moaned lightly and whispered, "Strip me."

Hunter listened to Shawn's demand. He teased Shawn by putting his hands up Shawn's shirt and gently squeezing his nipples.

Shawn smirked and said, "I'm suppose to be the teaser."

Hunter then stopped teasing and removed Shawn's shirt.

Hunter got lower and licked Shawn's somewhat abs, Shawn let out a moan.

"That's nice." Shawn told Hunter in a sexy tone.

Hunter then began to slide off Shawn's pants. He was surprised to see Shawn so hard through his boxers, since Hunter wasn't that experienced.

Hunter started to feel around Shawn thighs, eventually licking them sexily.

Hunter wanted to tease Shawn, since he's heard Shawn usually teases people.

Hunter rubbed his hand on Shawn's boxers, feeling the hard member.

Shawn let out a loud moan, "stealing my teasing job, eh?" Shawn smiled.

Hunter knew it was working so he took off Shawn's boxers seeing Shawn's naked body. "You're beautiful." Hunter told Shawn as he took off his blue jeans.

Shawn totally forgot about the Rebecca situation. "My turn Hunt, I wanna be inside you."

That sentence gave Hunter Goosebumps. Hunter took off his boxers and laid next to Shawn, waiting for him to go back on top.

Shawn laid on Hunter as their nice dicks rubbed against each others.

"Are you ready?" Shawn asked. He really hoped so.

Hunter gulped and nodded slowly.

Shawn slipped one finger inside of the strong man. Hunter tensed up but quickly relaxed. "Another." Hunter moaned.

Shawn listened and added another. He went slow to cause less pain.

Hunter let out a soft cry. He wanted Shawn inside of him.

Shawn inserted one last finger to get Hunter ready for sure. Shawn released and rubbed lube on himself.

"Shawn…come inside."

Shawn smirked. He inserted himself inside Hunter. Hunter gasped. He went slower though since it was Hunter's first with a guy.

A pain shot up Hunter's back, but it pleased him. "I know you have more." Hunter moaned louder.

Shawn went faster and harder now that Hunter was getting adjusted. Hunter's hips buckled, but he still wanted more.

Shawn again listened and went deeper and faster. Hunter gasped in pleasurable pain. Shawn stopped, "Hunter I am gonna cum."

Hunter responded. "I will take care of that." Hunter then put his hands around Shawn's hard member. He then placed his mouth over it and started to suck the liquids coming from The Heartbreak Kid.

Shawn let out a moan and grasped his hands on Hunter's blonde hair.

Hunter sucked harder, pleasuring Shawn.

Then, all of a sudden, Rebecca and Stephanie walked into the unlocked hotel room where Hunter and Shawn were.

Hunter and Shawn stopped immediately and looked into their wives eyes.

Ya know...Stephanie and Rebecca have bad timing. You don't interupt Shawn and Hunter's time! Shame on you ;D Sorry if it wasn't good enough. I tried!